Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Using Santa as a Weapon?

Does anyone else find themselves using Santa as a weapon? Or a bribery tool?

I do...

Here's a recent argument with Brady:

Lily: Screaming/crying/whining (whatever you want to call it)
Me: Brady, give that back to your sister!
Brady: No.
Me: Brady......NOW!
Brady: No. (with a smirk on his face)
Me: Brady.....she had it first. You are older. (This kills me to say as an oldest child myself.) Share, Buddy...come on.
Brady: No!! I was playing with it. It's mine.
Me: Santa's watching, you know.
Brady: It's Mine.
Me: That's it - I'm calling Santa.
Brady: Fine! Here Lily.

I hope I can use this Santa thing forever. Maybe Christmas should come a couple times a year, or maybe not...I can't afford it to come that often. But...I don't think Santa is as effective when I have to say...Santa is coming in 10 months from now.

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Karen said...


Since Santa began, Mom's have been using him as a threat at Christmas time. It works pretty well for grown ups too.