Tuesday, April 28, 2009

26 Candles

Meet Ashley.
(& her hubby Brett)

Today is her birthday.
She turned 26.

She is 1 of 2 reasons I yearn for Lily to have a sister.

She is beautiful.
She is funny.
She is loud.
She is quiet.
She is my therapist.
She is cutie #1's godmother.
She is a role model mommy.
She is one of the cuties other mommas.
She is my sister.
She is my best friend.

I love you Ash!! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Athletic?...um...Not So Sure

When I was around 10 - I decided to play softball. My parents signed me up for SMS - Scottsdale Miss Softball. I was placed on a team of girls all around the same age, yet I didn't know anyone.

My mom was an all-star softball player. In her younger years she was part of a traveling team...so it was in the genes to be rather good. The pressure was on - but I loved it.

Luckily, I joined a great team of girls that were all just starting off, too. The first year...I can't say I was that good - in fact...I'd say I was pretty bad. Our team, Brennan's Babes (yes, that was our name) stayed together for the next several years and we only got better and better.

Those years are a part of my life that I never want to forget. I loved softball - and most of the time, I was pretty good.

For the last few years of my playing, I was a pitcher. I seemed to have been given my mother's gift of softball - well, not as good - but, still pretty good. I could field, pitch and hit relatively well. I definitely wasn't your power hitter, but I could be counted on for a single or double.

When I reached high school - I stopped playing and traded in my glove for a cheerleading uniform. I loved cheerleading - and yes, I still think it's a sport. But...someone definitely should have told me I couldn't get a scholarship for cheerleading - maybe I wouldn't have quit softball so quickly.

Seeing that I have been out of high school since 1997 - I guess it has been a good 15+ years since I have played softball.

But, it's like riding a bike right?


This weekend, my awesome employer rented out the Scottsdale Stadium for a team building event of softball. It was super fun. We all persuaded our spouses and (older) children to join in on the fun. We had 2 teams of around 15 - coed.

The Hottie and I, of course, jumped in on the fun. And, fun it was.

I did not have a glove - so luckily my brother lent me his glove. I really meant to hit the batting cages beforehand...but, you know how that goes. We arrived early to toss a few. And boy...did I ever need it.

I am not quite sure what happened to me. I can still catch - thank goodness. My hitting is okay - definitely not great, but at least I was able to make connection. But, sheeeeeesh-ka-bobs...throwing. Ugh. To say I "throw like a girl" is giving me too much credit. I think Brady can throw better than I can. Luckily, the hottie was willing turn our "toss a few" into "toss a ton." I was starting to somewhat get the hang of it at the end of our practice. But, still - it was em-barr-a-ssing!!!

I used to think I was athletic. Now I'm starting to think I was fooling myself. Was I ever really a softball player? I have the memories...but, were they dreams? Nope - I have the pictures to prove it also. Hmm...what happened??

I have NO IDEA!! I have vowed to join a co-ed team ASAP...any takers? Hopefully, I can recruit some of the fam to join in on the fun. I have to get myself back into the athletic gear. I have told the hottie we need to get me a glove and practice. And...I'm serious!!

Needless to say - the game was super fun and I really hope to do something of that sort again in the future. Our team did get our tushies kicked - but, it was all in good fun anyways. Bryan did get a home run and he couldn't have been more excited. Me - I was 0 for 2. No strikeouts, though - so I was okay with it. It was 90 feet to 1st base...enough said!

Moral of this story = You do lose it if you don't use it.

p.s. - it's the day after...and I'm sore. from throwing a softball. W-I-M-P, WIMP!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Does Easy Really Mean Easy?

Many, Many moons ago...I begged and begged for none other than a sewing machine.

Why, You ask?

I have this dream of being homemaker-y. Yes, I do love my job. Yes, I do have to work. Yes, I do want to work. But...I still, in some ways, want that Leave it to Beaver picture.

For Brady's baby shower - one of my longtime, very good friends sewed me some baby blankets. They were adorable. Nothing fancy. Not perfect. Just super special and rather cute. I then decided - I shall sew.

That was over 5 years ago.

Right after Brady was born, the Hottie gifted me my very own sewing machine. To say I was excited was an understatement. I quickly opened the sewing machine and began dreaming of the masterpieces I would soon create.

The thing I didn't realize was this...sewing is a talent, it is a skill - you CANNOT be gifted a sewing machine and automatically have the ability to sew. You may have the machine - but, you must also have the knowledge and skill to use such machine. And...I did NOT have said knowledge and skill.

My sewing machine - the beautiful wanted appliance, sat.

And sat.

And sat.

For Brady's 1st Halloween - I was determined to put this machine to use. I was able to coerce my friend Stacy into helping me (making me) a costume for Brady. Not only did she "help" me, but I stole her costume idea. Brady was a baseball - and I must say...we (and I use that word loosely) we made a heck of a costume.

Following the one-time usage of the sewing machine. I carefully packaged the machine back up and gently placed it within it's very own carry case.

We moved soon after.

The machine moved with us and was given it's very own home in one of the garage cabinets.

The machine sat.

And sat.

And sat.

For years. Literally years.

My hopes of the homemaker-ness never dwindled - but, my faith in myself did.

Recently, I have been doing a lot of blogging, and etsy browsing. People all over sew. They are crafty. They make things. I wanted that, too.

I remembered my carefully packaged sewing machine sitting ever so gently in it's very own garage cabinet. I was determined to make a go of it.

I began to browse the fabric and patterns at Walmart. Did you know Walmart even carried such items?I started off thinking I would make Lil and myself a matching dress/skirt combo. I couldn't get ahead of myself. I would start basic. I found a cheap, yet cute pattern for what seemed to be a simple toddler dress pattern. The pattern even said - *easy.

I brought home my hopeful supplies.

They sat.

But, only for 1 short month.

Finally, one night I decided it was time to tackle the machine. I called out to Bryan, "Can you get me my sewing machine from the garage?"

He almost fell over in hysterics.

"I'm serious. I am going to sew Lily a dress." I fumed.

As the hottie grabbed the sewing machine (while laughing, of course) I set up a small card table. I grabbed my cute little sewing kit, the pattern, the fabric, and the iron/ironing board. Since I had already washed the fabric - I decided I should iron out all the wrinkles.

I figured a couple hours maximum - the pattern says *easy, right?

I opened the pattern. I was dumbfounded.
Wrong side?
Right side?
Different stitches?

I took a deep breath and read through the directions multiple times. I cut out the pattern pieces. I ironed them. I pinned them. I cut the fabric. I ironed again. I was ready to sew.

Wait...oops...I had no idea how to use the machine. Yes, I had dusted it off, and cleaned it even. I made the cute little card table into a sewing center. I had all the needed supplies. Yet, I had no idea how to use the machine.

No worries. The machine has an instruction booklet and a video. No time for the video - the hottie was watching TV. And...we don't even have a VHS player - so it really was no good anyway. I read through the instruction manual - and actually easily understood what I was reading.

I was getting it!! I beamed.

I began to sew.

The first few steps were *easy. Then, I got stuck. Baste/gather/slip-stitch? I had no clue what I was doing. I ran to the computer - thank goodness for youtube...I watched some videos on different stitches and seams and sewing methods.

I continued sewing. Around 3am - I was only 1/3 of the way done. I had been working on this *easy dress for 6 hours now.

I gave up for the evening and went to sleep.

The following day - I took another stab at the *easy dress. I worked for a good 4 hours. Sewing. Making mistakes. Watching youtube. Ripping seams. Trying again. Sweating. Crying. Laughing.

I gave up and played with the cuties.

Day 3 - one last try. More sewing. More youtube. More mistakes. More ripping of the seams. More attempts. It was finally coming together.

Finally, I was done. I had completed the *easy dress. And, it looked rather good. Not perfect. But good. I didn't care - I was just glad to be done. This *easy dress had taken me 3 days. Over 12 hours.

I ironed it (again). I hung it in Lil's closet. I had to find the perfect time for her to wear it. As a working mom, the best outfits I like to save for the weekends. This way - I get to enjoy them, too. Is that weird?

Finally, this past Sunday - the hottie's birthday - I proudly dressed Lily in her *easy dress. It looked good. Not perfect. But good. I was proud.

We celebrated the birthday at Bryan's Sunday night softball game. The whole fam was there. I showed off my masterpiece and explained the difficulty of the *easy dress. No one even noticed the minor flaws, or rigging I had to invent to complete the dress.

As we left the ballpark that evening - I re-thought my decision on choosing this day for the *easy dress reveal. It was filthy. Stained with popsicle, candy, and orange dirt that did not in any way coordinate with the fabric.

Oh well, I can now say that I sew. I may not be speedy or down with the seamstress lingo or perfect. But, I can do it. Sewing is a skill. One that takes practice. And studying. And lessons. And patience. And a new language.

*Easy definitely doesn't mean easy to everyone.


I'm a lucky girl. My sisters help me out by watching the cuties 2 days a week - each.

Check out Jake and Lily...

If I didn't know better - I would swear they were twins.
6 1/2 weeks apart.
They pretty much are twins.
Only, they came from two different mommies.
But, those mommies are sisters.

Aren't cousins the best?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am MIA.

Where am I???

Here are some hints.

Any Guesses???

Yep - in Good ol'

I am in Austin for the first part of this week. Working. Missing the cuties and the hottie terribly, but enjoying the quiet/alone (what's that??) time. I am counting down the minutes until I arrive home.

In the meantime - tonight I'll be exploring. Hopefully we get out of work with enough time to see some of Austin in the daylight.

I've heard if you're gonna live in Texas - Austin is the only place to do it. I've been to Houston...and so far, I agree!! Austin = waaaay better! No offense Houston - I know a lot of people that struggle with Phoenix, too. Not everyone can be desert rats like me.

See ya'll later!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Look Who's 32!!

It's The Hottie!!

Happy Birthday Bryan!!!

Sheesh...I met Bryan early in 1999. So...I guess that would have made him 21 and me 20. Wow - I remember being 20. Seems like only yesterday...yet, oddly I don't remember celebrating birthdays without Bryan. It feels like he has always been there. And, I like that.

Weird. You kind of just grow together like time never existed before. Oops...sorry to digress - this post is supposed to be about the Hottie.

Back to the Birthday Boy...32!!! Wow. And, I thought I was old...JUST KIDDING! I only say that because he is feeling a bit anxious about getting towards the mid-30's. I keep telling him I remember when my parents were 32...I don't think that is helping one bit.

Reasons Bryan is DEFINITELY not old:

1. 32 is the new 22.
2. If he's old, then I'm not too far behind him.
3. Softball - home runs...need I say more?
4. Old people have grey hair...oops!
4. The Cuties = Super Active...and he can keep up!
5. Old people drive slow...oops!
5. Some of his best friends are YEARS younger...and most of the time, you'd barely know.
6. He tends to get carded before I do.
7. He's H-O-T, Hot.
8. And, finally - even though his 401K has gone to the crapper...he really doesn't have to worry because he has FOREVER until he can even use it!

We plan on celebrating the big 3-2 by eating with the whole family at Big League Dreams prior to the 6pm game. I don't think it could be any better of a birthday for him:






Weekend - No work

All Bryan's favorite things. The only thing that would make this better is if the weather was warm enough for him to take a "summer shower" after the games. Or, maybe if he was playing at Fenway vs. Big League Dreams.

Happy Birthday Babe!! Enjoy your day!!

Repeat After Me: 32 is not old. 32 is not old. 32 is not old. 32 is not old.

It works for me!

ps...I love you tons and tons and tons...and so do the Cuties.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What are Band Aids Really??

I get the biggest kick out of kids when they get an owie.

That didn't sound too good, did it?

This is what I mean. Brady cut his toe during a scooter adventure at Aunt Ashley's house. No worries, it's all good. It was bleeding and he was crying. Ashley coddled him, cleaned it, and bandaged up his toe. Brady quickly forgot about it while playing with the rest of the crew. A little while later as he is laughing hysterically with Rylee - Ashley catches his eye. Brady realizes he is no longer showing any sign of pain. Almost like it no longer existed.

Guess what he did.

Turned his head, looked down and sighed,


When I arrived at the Babcock residence, Brady and Lily excitedly met me at the door. Wait- so did Jake. But, he was crying as he didn't want the cuties to leave just yet. As I was collecting their things, Ashley tells me about Brady's owie.

Guess what he did next.

Turned his head, looked down and sighed,


Then, he limped around and begged me to carry him to the car. He had suddenly become disabled. I guess it was a delayed reaction.

Needless to say - I carried him to the car. I figure, I'm not going to be able to do that much longer. The kids is almost my size....well, at least in height.

When we made our way home, I carried him into the house where he jumped and played all over.

Funny how that works out, right?

The cuties jumped in the bath and quickly dressed in their comfy clothes. I re-bandaged the toe with a Spiderman band aid. But, of course...only after a 10 minute decision on just which band aid was privvy to this very injury.

The best part of it all is this...Lily suddenly now has an "injury," too. It's like band aids are contagious. She cries out for "biderman" and together the cuties pick out a just right finger decor for Lil. That's all I can really call the band aid in this case, for it is not truly doing anything other than decorating. Lucky for Brady, she picked Sesame Street vs. "biderman." Lil then walks around for the rest of the night as if her arm is in a sling and she cannot move it.

Band aids = Bandages AND Accessories.

Who would have thought?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's Been Going On???

Dear Journal,

Sorry I have been neglecting you. I have been wrapped up in this:

It's gotten even worse. Since I last wrote, I purchased the 2nd book - New Moon. Finished it. Then purchased the 3rd - Eclipse. Finished it. And, you guessed it, the 4th - Breaking Dawn. Finished it today during lunch. I loved the series. It literally took me by surprise at how much I enjoyed it.

I am fascinated by the author. Twilight was her first book - she dreamt about a scene in the book, woke up - and turned it into a novel. 4 books later...she had a series. To only be so creative....


It's baseball season - so the Hottie has been spending a lot of time here:

That's a good thing. He loves the game, gets to watch a ton of it, and gets paid for it. He'd do the job even if he wasn't paid...but don't tell his boss that!

Baseball season leaves me and the cuties at home alone...a lot. Tonight, I have snuck away to write down some thoughts as the kids make a fort behind me. I remember making forts as a child on my bed. Brings back so many memories as I hear them discussing their "house just for 2, Mom."

I decided to dress us in coordinating colors for Easter. The Hottie thought I was crazy. I bought him a new outfit. He was excited. He told me...well, it's probably a good thing I got a new outfit. I don't think I've bought one in 2 years.

Of course, my mom planned several games to play at Easter. We won the potato sack races. After the adults played - the kids got a turn. Brady, frustrated with himself after losing, pulled an "Uncle Brett" and stormed off in his competitive ways. It was hilarious. Rylee and Lily - froze during the race - and just stood there wearing the sacks vs. jumping to win. Jake would have won the $10,000 prize on America's Funniest Home Videos when the Easter Bunny jumped out and scared him. Is it cruel that we all thought it was just oh, so funny?

The night before Easter, my mom and I braved the rain and attended the Easter Vigil. It was nice and calming.

Finally, we've been sucked in once again to American Idol. I can't help it - LOVE that show. I seem to find myself happily crying each week. There is just something so magical about the show making dreams come true.

My vote is for Adam Lambert. Pure brilliance.

Don't know who he is? Watch this.

Well, that about says it all for right now. Off to tuck the cuties into bed. Then, to review a teaching lesson for tomorrow at work. Then, to greet the Hottie after he arrives home from the game. Then, to cuddle up and watch American Idol. Then, finally to tuck us both into bed to prepare for tomorrow.


The Blue Family

Happy Easter!!
Yes, I know it's way late.
Better late than never!!

All the Campbell Cuties celebrating the Easter Holiday at the Majercin abode.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I've Got a Problem...

Remember this and this?

I'm addicted. Exactly why I do not read many books...let alone a series of books.

As I type this, I have just finished book 1 in the Twilight series. Yes...I purchased this book yesterday from good old Walmart. I excitedly read almost 300 pages late into the night on Wednesday...or should I say early into Thursday morning. Laughing. Crying. Frightened. Excited. That was me throughout the book. Jessica told me it would be that way...she knows my reading style. She said I would have all 4 completed within 1-2 weeks. And, now...I am sure she will be right. Tonight, I finished the book.

Yes, all 500 pages. Done. Finished. Finito.

I even read the sneak peak that was included for the 2nd book, New Moon. Sheesh...I wish I hadn't. I am literally forcing myself to type this post and then turn in for the night, rather than mosey on up to the 24-hour Walmart to pick it up.

Crazy? Yep.

This is why I don't read...much. I become obsessive.

At the Twilight party I reluctantly attended last weekend, I was reminded of Jessica's tween love for the Sweet Valley High books. Do you remember those? My love for those books was no different. I would stay a weekend with Jessica and we would read. Seriously. Maybe we'd get through a couple books a day.

Obsessive? Exactly.

So, what did I think about Twilight?

Easy read? = Yes.
Interesting? = No doubt.
Scary? = At Times.
Comical? =
Yes, it had that, too.
Love Story? =
For Teenie Boppers only? = No way.
Is Bella crazy for loving Edward? = Weirdly, No.
Should I have read the series long ago? = Yes.
Do I still think it is strange that people I know of all ages and gender also read this series? =
Definitely Not. And, I sincerely apologize for previously laughing at them for their choice of books/movies.

Once I complete this series - I'll be taking a break from reading. I'd been contemplating a book club. It seems many people I know are involved book clubs I could join. My blogging friend, Em, started one a while back. I was thinking of partaking in a virtual book club.

Sorry Em...as you can see - I've got issues with reading. I love it so, but once I start, I just cannot stop. Hmmm...I guess kind of like what Edward Cullen fears?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Happy...


Today is my Father-in-Law's Birthday!!!

This is Glen.

Today is his birthday.

We miss him tremendously.

Remember when he was just here? And, he seemed to kick Bryan into full gear around the house? Well...I need him back. I've got a list of chores for Bryan and he doesn't want to start them. I'm even want to help out!!

Anyways - Glen...good ole' Glen. The man is awesome. When I first met the Hottie, many, many moons ago - they lived together. They were father & son, roommates, and best buddies. Ahhh...memories.

5 Glen Fun Facts:
1. Glen now lives in Connecticut with his wife, Marie. The two of them are the cutest, most lovey-dovey couple you've ever seen. If only we could all be so lucky.

2. Glen is an awesome body man....meaning - you wreck it, he'll fix it, customize it out, and make it look better than new.

3. Glen loves Filibertos. But, he only gets it when he visits AZ.

4. Glen makes birdhouses. We're always telling him he should sell them.

5. Glen still has the pickup truck that Bryan once purchased - long before I even knew him.

Together as a family -
we've picked 5 reasons why we love Glen:
1. He helped me learn to ride my bike.
2. I am the dad I am because of him...the original best buddy.
3. He is super fun, yet relaxed...exactly my style.
4. He calls up just to leave funny dumb quotes on the voicemail.
5. Not since the Brady Bunch have we heard someone use the term "swell" with such style...and regularly, too.

Happy Birthday Glen!!

Enjoy your day.
You deserve it!

p.s. Bryan says Happy Birthday you grungy wienie.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Sunday nights are softball nights.

The boys play. The girls chat. The kids run off all energy.

It is wonderful.

This past Sunday night - we're watching the boys play when all of a sudden a softball flies (and very quickly) into the dugout. The girls see the boys rushing over and calling out for ice and towels. I head inside to gather said items. While collecting the first aid essentials - Ashley comes in to announce the injured party is none other than...you guessed it...the Hottie. Ashley informs me it is a mouth injury and he is missing a tooth.

The blood drains from my face - I'm feeling lightheaded. WHAT? I cry out?

You see - mouth injuries are my weakness. I can handle anything else...just not mouth injuries. I cringe at a loose tooth. When the cuties were learning to walk, I just about had a face mask made for each one.

Back to the Sunday night...Ashley quickly tells me she's kidding. She must have seen my ghost-like appearance. She does tell me that he needs stitches.

When I make it outside - he is lying on the ground and his lip is grossly enlarged and gushing. Ewwww....AAAAAAAAAAAAH! Such the team player he is - he still gets up to bat for the remainder of the game, so not to count as an out.

What?? I would have been on the way to the dentist/doctor ASAP.

In between games (there is a 1 hour gap) we make it to the Gilbert Hospital and back...4 stitches later. He plays the 2nd game and only upon driving into the garage does he state - this hurts.

p.s. no pictures....ewwwww!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm on the Wagon

All this hype about the Twilight series drove me crazy.

I'd never read the books.

I didn't want to see the movie.

Everywhere I turned...people were obsessed. Men, women, teens, co-workers, family, friends...everyone.

I thought it was awfully strange.

I figured it was similar to Lord of the Rings. And, I totally was not even interested in that. Thinking about it, I did like the Harry Potter movies (never read any of the books) but, I wouldn't say it was the best thing ever. Someone should have told me Twilight is a total "Dawn" movie.

My cousins invited me to a Twilight party. I thought...do I really need to go to this? I have no interest. Being that I love my cousins - I accepted, though not without hesitation. I figured I'd be bored, but...at least be in the company of good people.

I arrived to the party late, yet just in time for the movie. What I saw was a meticulously planned party of Twilight followers - young and old. A mixture of all ages. Seriously. Majority of the attendees were decked out in their Twilight best and everyone wore a name badge printed with pictures of Edward Cullen. Not to mention there was a life size stand up cutout of Edward with kisses all over him. Too cute.

The movie began. I heard narration of the movie all around the house. In my head I'm quietly laughing. The moment Edward arrives on the screen - I heard gasping from around the room. They LOVE him. So funny....I thought. I had no idea I would soon take on their obsessions.

Throughout the movie, I asked questions - Jessica happily answered as she could tell my interest was strongly increasing. I was able to pull tidbits of books 2-4 out of her. The movie itself left me wanting to read all 4 books that night. NOT KIDDING.

I'm the kind of person that loves to read - but, does not have the patience. Remember this?? I read to complete. I love the excitement and fantasy that reading brings me. But...I get so antsy that I cannot wait to finish to find out how it ends. So, I typically end up reading the book in 1-2 sittings.

I also tend to think, read, and feel too much into the book. I do the same with movies, and TV shows, blogs, and news stories. I somehow find myself truly caring about the characters. Seriously, it's like I think they're real. I know - I'm wieeeee-eeeerd!

Well, I have now found myself excited for Edward and Bella. Thirsting to find out what happens next. Although...I do admit to knowing tidbits here and there thanks to my inquisition. Edward is a bit dreamy. That's funny - because before watching the movie...I really didn't think so. Well, maybe not the actor - but, the character...he's dreamy.

I've heard New Moon opens November 20. I will be one of those crazy fans waiting all night to see the first showing, wearing the Twilight t-shirt, narrating the film, choosing Team Edward or Team Jacob, and loving every minute of it.

It's official - I've jumped on the Twilight bandwagon. What took me so long?


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Old Roomies

Freshman year of college I had 3 roommates. We lived in a small, 2-bedroom apartment near ASU.

You get 4 girls together in small living spaces, and things are bound to be crazy. I came from a family of 2 sisters and a brother. I was used to fighting, followed by immediate laughter. That's what siblings do, right? That's what it was like in the apartment. Loud, Crazy, Fun, a bit of Fighting, and lots and lots of laughter.

In one room, Gina and I slept in futon bunk beds. Yes...futon bunk beds. In the other room, Nancy and Michelle each had their own real bed. Just like siblings, we often all bunked together and shared stories late into the night.

We were young and naive. Once we had a party - we barely showed up...but, everyone else sure did.

Kind of seems like yesterday, while at the same time light years ago. In all reality, it's been over 10 years since those cramped bunk days. We're all grown...reaching the milestone 3-0 and still taking time out to see each other.

I like to think we'll forever be friends. Here's a recent snapshot taken about a week ago for Gina's birthday. Michelle had to leave early...but, here's Nancy, Gina, and Me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1st

I am the world's worst April's Fools jokester.

In fact, I've never pranked anyone on this day.

If I was funny - I'd go to this site.

Or, I'd do this.

For a sweet prank, this would be fun.

All that from this.

Finally at the office...I'd do this:

Love it!