Monday, March 30, 2009

Summer Wait

Dear Summer,

I'm not ready for you yet.

Could you please wait for just a bit longer before you attack us with your unearthly sunshine? I am enjoying the Arizona weather. Warm and sunny one day...sunny, yet cool and breezy the next. Temperatures in the 70's - 80's = perfect. The cuties love to play outside and soon - it will be much too hot.

I promise to be ready for you in another month. The pool will be calling our names. It's already starting to whisper to Brady. He can hardly contain his excitement. And...Lil got the cutest suit ever and we can't wait for her to put it to some good use.

The year is moving much too quickly. I have barely put away my Christmas decorations...or so it feels. Maybe that is what happens when you turn 30 - life speeds up. Thinking about it - in a mere 7 weeks, Brady will be finishing his Pre-K program and will enter Kindergarten. Sheesh...where has the time gone? And, soon after that, Lily will be 3 and we will need to begin a hunt for another preschool program. Time is flying by too rapidly.

So, Summer...please delay your arrival. But, when you do make an appearance, we'll be ready and waiting for our nightly swims and weekend pool parties. Oh...and "summertime baths" as the hottie would say.

With much appreciation,

The Campbell Cuties

p.s. Thank you for even the bit of delay I have seen so far...I have yet to need the air conditioner. Making it to the month of April with not one day of air conditioning? Unheard of!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sleeping Cuties

Brady fell asleep first. Lily kept saying, "Brady seepin' - shhhh...seepin." 5 minutes later, Lil followed suit.
As I type this, they continue to lay sleeping in our bed, breathing just loud enough that I can hear.

I love it!!

Perfect Procrastination

Me = Procrastinator

It's that simple.

Procrastination = To postpone or delay needlessly. -

Thinking back - I have always procrastinated. I was the student that would study the night before a test and pull off an A+. Or, would write a paper the night before it is due...and score nothing short of perfect.

At work - I work off of a to-do list. organized procrastinator?? I rank in order of priority and deadlines. I tend to multi-task rather well, so I can often work several projects at once. But, I do tend to work off my to do list with deadlines in mind. When I start a project, I typically do not stop working, until it is complete. I don't really like that "1/2 done" feeling. When I have long deadlines, I tend to not start that project until close to the deadline. Otherwise, I complete it immediately, and then revise and over analyze it again and again, until it is no longer quality.


I do not have the patience to work little by little. I work quickly, accurately and relatively perfectly. (not to toot my own horn...) but, that's just the way I roll. I tend to begin work on a project and stay focused on it until completion. Do not worry - I work quickly. I do not give myself an option to fail, nor to miss a deadline. My procrastination does not enable failure.

It's kind of like when I am reading a book. I am a quick reader. Not because I have these bionic powers - but, because...again, I read to complete. Kind of like a project - focus on the book and do not stop until you are done.

It's like this with everything...craft projects, work projects, cleaning, reading, shopping - EVERYTHING.

Good news = I understand myself. I work around my procrastination and actually make it a somewhat, positive vice.
Bad news = This carries over into Motherhood.

For instance - with Brady's homework, we are to complete 3 homework assignments a week and then turn in a month's homework (12 assignments) at once. I have turned Brady into the "last-minute" Dawn that I am. We are literally doing the entire month of homework, at one sitting the night it is due. Again...the work is great. Yet, I am teaching my very own son the art of perfect procrastination. **In my own defense...we read every night together...and some of those 12 monthly assignments are simple activities, such as 10 jumping jacks.'s only like 1-2 hours of homework for the entire month. We just happen to do most of it in one night.

Another example - the kids' clothing. Lily doesn't have it so bad...because she gets TONS of adorable hand-me downs from Rylee, but poooooooor Brady. He is the oldest boy in the family, so no hand-me downs. This means all clothing starts with him. I just recently purchased him a few pairs of shorts. But, previous to that...he was wearing his "Richard Simmons shorts," as the hottie would say. Maybe that is just strict budgeting - or procrastination...I don't know.

Potty training. I hate it. I always say - give me a year of sleepless nights anytime over potty training. I've tried it a few times...but, I'm ready to put it off until Lil just totally figures it out on her own. Maybe it's procrastination? Or, maybe it is impatience?
Speaking of impatience...another vice. I'm working on that, too.

That's enough for tonight. I think I've looked at myself in enough bad light for one evening. To leave on a positive note - 1) I'm teaching Brady to work quickly and accurately - and to focus, not get overwhelmed, just work one step at a time until complete., 2) We read every night...and that's not even homework., 3) Richard Simmons is cool - and so are his shorts., 4) Lily will eventually get potty trained...I did it with Brady!!., 5) I realize there is no such thing as a perfect matter how hard we try, and 6) I understand my issues and continue to be a work in progress...aren't we all?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogsurfing at it's Finest

Remember how I love blogsurfing?

I could get lost in blogtopia for hours...going from one blog to the next to the next, and so on. Each one different. Different people, different places, different stories.

As I peruse over different blogs - I often think about the people and where they live and their life stories. Stories that they share with whomever wishes to browse. It's almost a magical fantasy land.

I have a secret.

A couple of months ago - as I was browsing through one of my bloglebrity sites, I came upon this blog. Blissful Living Studio - so much creativity. I just know I will make it there someday to take one of their many classes.

As I was reading this blog, I became lost in the stories. 5 children - craziness - photography - happiness - stressful - honest. That is exactly what I felt from the read. She wrote plain honest life stories and feelings. Some hopeful, some sad, some exciting, and some just downright hilarious. As I continued reading on and on (for us regular start from entry one and read forward like a book) I realized that I knew her. Well...not technically...but I realized that this family lives across the street from my parent's house.

Small world, right?

I was kind of excited, yet mortified at the same time. I had gone from blogsurfing - reading through so many blogs of people that I don't know, but sometimes feel like I do, and yet will never meet - to eeeek!!! (sshhhhh!) a stalker? Nooooooo.

I didn't know what to think. I tried to pull myself away from reading the rest of the blog - but, I was already sucked in. Blogs are like books - you just HAVE to know what happens next. If you don't continue reading, it's like walking out in the middle of a movie.

So, I did what any good blogsurfer would do. I finished the blog. I tried to erase the blog url from my memory. But, you see - it has such a catchy url address. Besides, I knew that I found it from Blissful Living, so I could always find my way back.

Every so often - I secretly continued my chapters of that blog. Finally, one day I told Cori what I was doing. She looked at me very strangely...I could almost see the horror in her eyes. In my head, all I heard was blogsurfer??? or stalker??? which one is it?

A few days later - Cori told me she was sucked in, too. It didn't take Ashley long to jump on the bandwagon, either. After all...SHE is the one that taught us all about the blogging world.

Some blogs just pull you in. Ideas, recipes, crafts, politics, entertainment - these are all things I get from reading blogs. This blog is just one of those that has pulled me in. The difference is - in this case, I happen to actually know the blogger...from a distance anyways.

So...what do you think - Blogsurfer or Stalker?

** I definitely think blogsurfer. I read many a blogs weekly, if not daily - for inspiration, for laughs, for creativity...for fun.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lily Mae

So Pretty.....

Who Moved?

This was a buuuuuuuuuuusy weekend. You see, Cori, Mike and Aidyn moved into their new home!!! Exciting - but, a lot of work. Luckily, the hottie and a bunch of other people helped them out.

Saturday was filled with paint, paint, and more paint. They painted the entire house. It looks fantastic. Sheesh...the boys were exhausted!! Sunday for Bryan included packing, loading, and unloading immediately followed by 3 - yes 3, softball games.

While the boys were busy all weekend painting, packing, and moving - the girls (sans Cori as she was with the boys) had lots of fun, mommy / kiddie time. Believe it or not...that was exhausting, too!

Saturday we had a birthday party. Then to the mall playground (where I was almost physically injured by a pregnant mother). Then to the 'rents' house. Then to the neighborhood park. Then home. Then leftovers. Then bed. Sunday included C-L-E-A-N-I-N-G. all. day. long. Seriously. Thankfully, Brades and Lil helped out - yes, they did. We turned up the tunes - and danced while we cleaned. Isn't that the best? We just about finished when we had to quickly shower to make it to birthday party #2. We finished off the weekend with a softball game.

I can honestly say - although my weekend was not laborious....although cleaning did involve some manual labor - I was exhausted.

I don't think we have any plans next weekend. Whew. I'm thinking zoo trip.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Kind of Friday

I love Fridays.
My day off with the Cuties.
It's so cute...Brady even knows it's my favorite day.
Thursday nights, he consistently says...Mom - tomorrow's your favorite day!!
And, he's right.

Today - we didn't do much.

Straightened up.
Straightened up again.
Made lunch.
Played outside.

After dinner - we went to the park with Daddy.

Brady rode his bike - he's getting pretty good.
Lily was a bit scared of the "big, bumpy" slide.
She decided the kiddie one was fun enough for her.

Walked home.
Play some more.
My kind of day.

Here's a video I promised of Brady riding his bike.
It's take 2.
Take 1 = a bit of a fall with lots of laughter.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fate, Luck, or Justification

I'm Irish.
So, I guess the cuties are Irish, too.
This year I randomly found some "Irish-y" green outfits.
I forgot to find something for myself.
Oh well - I wore a green sticker.
It did the job.
Brady's shirt was found at the Children's Place.
Great prices and a 30% off coupon.
Couldn't be better.
Last weekend, I was at Old Navy with Cori, Ashley, Tara...and all the kids.
p.s. Thanks Tara for the 30% off coupon!!
I was in line after rummaging through the store literally for-ever.
I saw this striped green shirt stuffed at the end of the check-out.
Cute...I thought.
I picked it up.
Size 2t.
I suddenly remember St. Patty's Day only 2 days away.
I think so.
Or, at least that's how I talked myself into buying it.
So...after I put back almost everything I picked up (me = weird, remember?)
I bought it.
Do you ever do that?
Think of random, weird ways to justify a purchase?
That's pretty much my life.
Wait...maybe it was the luck of the Irish.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

2 Wheelin' It

For a long while...and I mean long...Brady has been wanting Bryan to take off his training wheels. You know what that means - lots of owies and bruises and scrapes and crying...right??

Well...not for this cutie.

On Friday during Glen's visit - while the boys men were installing some lighting in the garage, Brady asked again. And...this time - Bryan gave in. Off the training wheels went.

And - off went Brady.


No scrapes. No bruises. No band-aids.

That's it - he's ridin' 2 wheels now and he couldn't be more happy.

** being the great mom I am - I have no pictures...yet. video coming soon.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Relaxing Busyness

This weekend - we had no plans.

I love these weekends.

I always have plans to relax.


That never happens.

Friday started off with a visit with the cuties at Grandma's.
It was nice.
We had lunch.
A nice little visit.
Brady asked Grandma a million questions.
Grandma answered them all.
I cringed and laughed.
Next, we traveled on down to the mall.
Met all the kids at the playground.
They played.
The moms chatted.

Saturday morning involved lots of cleaning.
And, yardwork.
Cleaning was interrupted by a lovely invite by my mom.
Reflexology = awesome.
All this, followed by a couples date night with Cori and Mike.
Food, games, laughter = FUN.

Sunday - Bryan got a boy's day out while I took the cuties on a lunch playdate.
The kids ate and played.
Well, mostly played.

The moms chatted.
A bit of sisterly shopping followed.
Sunday night dinner followed by softball.
Lil and I skipped softball.
Lil = fever....uh oh.

It is now after 11pm.
I am wondering where the relaxing and sleep ran away to.
Oh well...there is always next weekend.

p.s....hottie if you're reading this...I never got to mop the floors. Could you be a doll and help a girl out? Love ya!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Girls are Emotional

I was woken up this morning early.
By none other than Lilbugs.
She was up at 5:30am and ready to play.
Before Bryan's alarm.

Did I mention, I don't work on Fridays?, Brady does not have school.
So...we really had NO reason to get up early.

Bryan got her some milk.
And she layed down next to me.
For all of 5 minutes.

Bryan decided to shower.
Lily thought it was play time.
Ceril, Ceril, Ceril - she yells.
(that's how she says cereal)
Bryan gets her a bowl of cereal.

A few minutes later, she's yelling.
Down, Down, Down.
She can't get off the stools by herself.
I help her down.

Brady gets up.
Bryan gets dressed.
I shower for the day.
Lily wants to get in the shower.
She loves the shower.

I get out.
She gets in.
It's a struggle getting her out.

She's crying.
I get her dried off.
She's crying.
I brush her hair.
She's crying.
I make her bed.
She's crying.
I give her Rylee's bracelet - that she loooooves.
She's crying.
I try toys.
She's crying.
Try books.
She's crying.
Ask her if she has an owie.
She's crying.
(but, the answer is no.)

Emotional girls...I guess that's the norm.
She's cries for over 30 minutes.

With Brady - I dealt with tantrums.
Quick, somewhat loud, annoying tantrums.

So different.
Boys vs. Girls.
So different.

But, I enjoy every minute of it.

As I type this
Lil sits on my lap.

NOT crying.

Maybe it's me.
Or, maybe it's the lollipop.

Yes, it's 7:30am.
No judging.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


As ya'll know - my FIL has been in town for a long weekend.
Such a welcome visit.
It's been awhile.
We missed him.

We had no plans or schedule.
We never had to rush to do anything.

Lots of bonding time.
Lots of handyman work.
Lots of Filibertos.
Lots of fun.

Happenings of the visit:

5 Filibertos trips. Me = 1, Them = 5.

Installing of lighting in garage.
Painting garage.
Installing an electrical outlet in garage.
Fixing of the potty.
Fixing of the kitchen faucet.
Fixing of the garage door opener.
Building of a curtain valance.
Re-anchored tree stakes.
Washing of 2 cars.
Visiting with Meme and Pepe.
Working with Brades on the 2-wheel feat.
Babysit the cuties.
Watch the boys play softball.
Tucson land run.
Dunkin Donuts coffee runs.

And...that about sums up the visit.

Bless his heart. He comes for a visit - and we put him to work.

Thank YOU Glen!!

Isn't he awesome?

Love & Babies

Besides enjoying the FIL's visit - this weekend was filled with a wedding and a baby shower. Glen came at the perfect time - perfect time for us...we had a babysitter while we attended the wedding!!

My cousin Georgie married his longtime girlfriend Cristi. The wedding took place at Trinity Cathedral in downtown Phoenix. It was beautiful. Then - all 9 of us (Bryan, Ash, Brett, Cori, Mike, Billy, Mom, Dad, & Me) loaded into the van and coasted a few blocks to the reception. It took place at an art gallery - Bentley Projects. The venue was awesome.

After gobbling up a buffet of food from around the world - it was party time. You can always count on me to make a fool of myself out on the dance floor - and this time was no different. Well...except this time - the hottie danced with me. He owed me after rockin' out at the Saurin Wedding without me. wink wink.

And - what is a good thing to follow a wedding? Well, a baby of course. Sunday was filled with a trip out west to Tiffany's Baby shower. She is expecting a little baby boy - to be named Logan - with my cousin Stan.

Sorry - no pictures of the baby shower...but once the baby is born - watch out!!

But, I'll leave you with this picture of Aidyn at the boys' softball game - my favorite picture of all the weekend:

Monday, March 9, 2009

8 Years

Today is our 8 year wedding anniversary.


In some ways, the last 8 years have flown by...yet, in other ways - not so much. I truly know our future is only filled with countless more.

As I write this, exactly 8 years ago - Bryan and I were sitting in our hotel room laughing, ordering pizza (yes we did), and glowing with only dreams of what our future would hold...among other things ;)

I can't believe it's been 8 years - I still feel like that giddy 22 year-old girl in love....

Ahhhhh - isn't that feeling great??

Although we decided to forego our norm anniversary date dinner - I did end up getting the best anniversary present ever!! My father-in-law has been visiting for the weekend (more about that later) and this weekend was full of lots and lots of handyman type work.

I guess there is something about his father visiting that kicks the hotties tush into gear and things get done.



Happy Anniversary Babe - here's to many, many, many more!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Just when I think that Lil will never learn her colors - she surprises me.

She has this thing about eating snacks (ie. fishies) in plastic cups with a spoon. I think it's all about independent Lil - making sure she can eat. like a big kid. spoon and all - all by herself.

Well, last night she grabs a ladle to eat with. Of course after a few chuckles I go to get her a plastic spoon to make things a little easier for her. I open the drawer and grab out one of the Ikea specialties and Lil says - ooohhhhh PINK! And she was right!!

Just to test her, I said - Lil what color shirt are you wearing???

Pink. She said all knowingly.

Right again!!

Yes...the 2 year mark has really hit her. Both of the cuties were a bit slow on the learning - no judging please - after 2...things came pretty's, 123's, speaking in sentences, colors...etc.

She's there!! Yippee!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

He's Here!!

A Day in the Life of Brady:

Wake up 6:30am - Check
School at 7:30am - Check
Aunt Cori's House - Check
Mommy pick up the cuties - Check
Dinner - Check
Pick up Grandpa from airport - Check
Filibertos Run with Grandpa - Check
Zonk out from excited exhaustion - Check

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Boys

I've got lots of pictures. I mean lots.

I've got lots of frames.

I often switch out the frames with newer pictures.

I cannot bring myself to switch out this's my absolute fave of My Boys.

Taken at our old house at an early mornin' garage sale, circa Nov. 2004.

I love, love, love it - lots!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Excuse Me...WHAT??


You know who I'm talking about...right? The single mom that gave birth to the longest living set of octuplets. Yeppers - 8 babies at one time. Wow. Unbelievable. And, she's got 6 more of them at home.


Not to mention she has no job. No house of her own. She lives with her parents in a 3-bedroom home that is facing foreclosure. Did I mention she has no resources to provide??

Don't get me wrong - I'm sure she loves those babies, but is she not freaking out? I know there are times that I freak out - bills to pay, childcare, school, debt, work, and 2 kids to love. 2 - not 14.

I'm not seeing a freak out - I see pure greediness. Did ya hear the latest? Angels in Waiting has offered good ol' Octomom a fine hefty little housing, childcare, counseling, and medical services for at least 6 months. That's like a million dollars worth of free assistance.


And she declined!!!

I guess she's holding out for her very own reality series.

Octomom = GREEDY.

I am frightened for those children. They do need the assistance. Not Octomom - but, the children.

p.s. don't get me wrong...if I had octuplets (which would never happen - that's a whole other post) I'd be calling on TLC for my very own show, too...but - someone just offered you a million dollars. ** Translation - immediate relief upon the release of your babies from the NICU.

Monday, March 2, 2009

We are THAT Family

All day today - I craaaaaved Italian food. More specifically, I wanted good ol' comfort chicken parm.


I tried talking myself out of it all day. almost worked. Then, on the way home - I had to give in. I called the Hottie...he was excited - he had been wanting Italian for a few it was a definite go. I'd pick up the cuties and pick him up at home to head out to dinner.

At 6pm - we headed out. Where to? We decided on an Italian place called Baci. I guess it has been around forever...but, recently just opened in a new location at Germann and Ellsworth. We had never been, but had always heard good things.

And...mmmmmmmm it was.

But, that's not the whole story.

We never go out to dinner. Well...that's not fully true. We'll pick up a $5 Little Caesar or a have a Wendy's night. It is pretty rare that we head out - all 4 of us - to dinner.'s times like tonight that remind us why.

Have you ever been at dinner and there is that really loud, obnoxious, annoying table with children and you wonder, "who brings their kids out to eat like that???"

Well, tonight that was us.

Here's what all of the patrons had the privilege of enjoying this evening:

  • We were all starving - they couldn't bring the food fast enough and Lily sure let them know.
  • We were at Italian (remember the craving?) yet Brady
    is not Italian's biggest fan. Pizza = yes, spaghetti = no. He sure was vocal.
  • It was freezing. I admit...I was shivering, too. But...we have Brady literally saying over and over and over again - "it's freezing in here." And - believe me...he does not speak quietly. Well, the restaurant did get the message - they were constantly turning the air on and off for us during our entire meal.
  • Slamming forks on the table - immediately replaced by splenda on lemons to quiet Lil up.
  • "Boken" buckle highchair as Lily said - and boy did she loooove that!!
  • Screams and laughter - followed by the "shhhhh...inside voices."
  • Lil yelling "happy burday guys" to the nice lady behind us with the birthday cannoli.
  • Me repeating over and over - "whisper. whisper. whisper. whisper." Followed by Lil's nonexistent whisper and VERY loud laughter.
  • Lil - in and out of her highchair (remember the "boken" buckle).
  • Mommy and Daddy scarfing food down SUPER fast before just asking for a to-go box.
  • Sugar packets ending up on the mini kids pizza...don't worry, Lil didn't care.
  • Brady reminding us of his hatred for spaghetti and sauce.
  • Mommy quietly scolding.
  • Daddy quietly scolding.
  • Cuties laughing.
  • Finally...giggles from the next table over as they hear Lily talking LOUDLY and me shushing and asking for the check.
Warning - if you ever see us out to dinner...turn around and leave. Well, unless you're looking for some entertainment.

Good news - I got some cute pics...check em out:

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Potty Training.

Nuff said.

I'd rather have 1 year of sleepless nights than potty train a toddler.

Ugh...why is it soooo difficult?

Today, we made the attempt. Yes - Lily is 2. Yes - she hates having wet/poopy pants. Yes - she tells me she has to go potty. Yes - she tells me when she already went. Yes - she loves wearing undies. Yes - she brings me diapers and wipes when needed.

No - she hates using the potty. And refuses. And held it for hours before she finally went in her pants on the carpet.

Oh well...we'll try again another time.

Patience is a virtue - right? Well...when it comes to potty training - I've got none. None. NONE.

Please help - any suggestions?