Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Excuse Me...WHAT??


You know who I'm talking about...right? The single mom that gave birth to the longest living set of octuplets. Yeppers - 8 babies at one time. Wow. Unbelievable. And, she's got 6 more of them at home.


Not to mention she has no job. No house of her own. She lives with her parents in a 3-bedroom home that is facing foreclosure. Did I mention she has no resources to provide??

Don't get me wrong - I'm sure she loves those babies, but is she not freaking out? I know there are times that I freak out - bills to pay, childcare, school, debt, work, and 2 kids to love. 2 - not 14.

I'm not seeing a freak out - I see pure greediness. Did ya hear the latest? Angels in Waiting has offered good ol' Octomom a fine hefty little prize...free housing, childcare, counseling, and medical services for at least 6 months. That's like a million dollars worth of free assistance.


And she declined!!!

I guess she's holding out for her very own reality series.

Octomom = GREEDY.

I am frightened for those children. They do need the assistance. Not Octomom - but, the children.

p.s. don't get me wrong...if I had octuplets (which would never happen - that's a whole other post) I'd be calling on TLC for my very own show, too...but - someone just offered you a million dollars. ** Translation - immediate relief upon the release of your babies from the NICU.

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April said...

I agree with you 100% but I just don't understand what she is "truly" waiting on. The 8 are due to come home shortly and it sure doesn't look like there are 8 cribs in the house. Well, I dont think there is any room. I say that cause it's all you hear over and over. She is nuts for not taking the help!!!!!