Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Love & Babies

Besides enjoying the FIL's visit - this weekend was filled with a wedding and a baby shower. Glen came at the perfect time - perfect time for us...we had a babysitter while we attended the wedding!!

My cousin Georgie married his longtime girlfriend Cristi. The wedding took place at Trinity Cathedral in downtown Phoenix. It was beautiful. Then - all 9 of us (Bryan, Ash, Brett, Cori, Mike, Billy, Mom, Dad, & Me) loaded into the van and coasted a few blocks to the reception. It took place at an art gallery - Bentley Projects. The venue was awesome.

After gobbling up a buffet of food from around the world - it was party time. You can always count on me to make a fool of myself out on the dance floor - and this time was no different. Well...except this time - the hottie danced with me. He owed me after rockin' out at the Saurin Wedding without me. wink wink.

And - what is a good thing to follow a wedding? Well, a baby of course. Sunday was filled with a trip out west to Tiffany's Baby shower. She is expecting a little baby boy - to be named Logan - with my cousin Stan.

Sorry - no pictures of the baby shower...but once the baby is born - watch out!!

But, I'll leave you with this picture of Aidyn at the boys' softball game - my favorite picture of all the weekend:

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Karen said...

Dawn: Great pictures. Thankyou