Sunday, March 29, 2009

Perfect Procrastination

Me = Procrastinator

It's that simple.

Procrastination = To postpone or delay needlessly. -

Thinking back - I have always procrastinated. I was the student that would study the night before a test and pull off an A+. Or, would write a paper the night before it is due...and score nothing short of perfect.

At work - I work off of a to-do list. organized procrastinator?? I rank in order of priority and deadlines. I tend to multi-task rather well, so I can often work several projects at once. But, I do tend to work off my to do list with deadlines in mind. When I start a project, I typically do not stop working, until it is complete. I don't really like that "1/2 done" feeling. When I have long deadlines, I tend to not start that project until close to the deadline. Otherwise, I complete it immediately, and then revise and over analyze it again and again, until it is no longer quality.


I do not have the patience to work little by little. I work quickly, accurately and relatively perfectly. (not to toot my own horn...) but, that's just the way I roll. I tend to begin work on a project and stay focused on it until completion. Do not worry - I work quickly. I do not give myself an option to fail, nor to miss a deadline. My procrastination does not enable failure.

It's kind of like when I am reading a book. I am a quick reader. Not because I have these bionic powers - but, because...again, I read to complete. Kind of like a project - focus on the book and do not stop until you are done.

It's like this with everything...craft projects, work projects, cleaning, reading, shopping - EVERYTHING.

Good news = I understand myself. I work around my procrastination and actually make it a somewhat, positive vice.
Bad news = This carries over into Motherhood.

For instance - with Brady's homework, we are to complete 3 homework assignments a week and then turn in a month's homework (12 assignments) at once. I have turned Brady into the "last-minute" Dawn that I am. We are literally doing the entire month of homework, at one sitting the night it is due. Again...the work is great. Yet, I am teaching my very own son the art of perfect procrastination. **In my own defense...we read every night together...and some of those 12 monthly assignments are simple activities, such as 10 jumping jacks.'s only like 1-2 hours of homework for the entire month. We just happen to do most of it in one night.

Another example - the kids' clothing. Lily doesn't have it so bad...because she gets TONS of adorable hand-me downs from Rylee, but poooooooor Brady. He is the oldest boy in the family, so no hand-me downs. This means all clothing starts with him. I just recently purchased him a few pairs of shorts. But, previous to that...he was wearing his "Richard Simmons shorts," as the hottie would say. Maybe that is just strict budgeting - or procrastination...I don't know.

Potty training. I hate it. I always say - give me a year of sleepless nights anytime over potty training. I've tried it a few times...but, I'm ready to put it off until Lil just totally figures it out on her own. Maybe it's procrastination? Or, maybe it is impatience?
Speaking of impatience...another vice. I'm working on that, too.

That's enough for tonight. I think I've looked at myself in enough bad light for one evening. To leave on a positive note - 1) I'm teaching Brady to work quickly and accurately - and to focus, not get overwhelmed, just work one step at a time until complete., 2) We read every night...and that's not even homework., 3) Richard Simmons is cool - and so are his shorts., 4) Lily will eventually get potty trained...I did it with Brady!!., 5) I realize there is no such thing as a perfect matter how hard we try, and 6) I understand my issues and continue to be a work in progress...aren't we all?

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