Tuesday, March 10, 2009


As ya'll know - my FIL has been in town for a long weekend.
Such a welcome visit.
It's been awhile.
We missed him.

We had no plans or schedule.
We never had to rush to do anything.

Lots of bonding time.
Lots of handyman work.
Lots of Filibertos.
Lots of fun.

Happenings of the visit:

5 Filibertos trips. Me = 1, Them = 5.

Installing of lighting in garage.
Painting garage.
Installing an electrical outlet in garage.
Fixing of the potty.
Fixing of the kitchen faucet.
Fixing of the garage door opener.
Building of a curtain valance.
Re-anchored tree stakes.
Washing of 2 cars.
Visiting with Meme and Pepe.
Working with Brades on the 2-wheel feat.
Babysit the cuties.
Watch the boys play softball.
Tucson land run.
Dunkin Donuts coffee runs.

And...that about sums up the visit.

Bless his heart. He comes for a visit - and we put him to work.

Thank YOU Glen!!

Isn't he awesome?


April said...

It looks like you y'all had a great time but how could you not. Dad you are the BEST!!!! I do have a question??? "FIL Fun"...so does that mean Filibertos Fun(holy cow 5 times!!!!) or does it mean Father-in-law FUN??? I think I know the answer :) "Well, ok Sir I mean...." That one's for you Dad...Love you!


The Cuties' Mommy said...

Too funny!! I guess it could pretty much stand for either one. I didn't even think of that. They were Filiberto's fanatics. The good news is - Bryan doesn't want it again for awhile...he had his fill. Well, at least for maybe the next week :)

Karen said...

Dawn: How incredibly special your FIL is. You can tell that is who Bryan gets his wonderful personality from.