Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Little Yankee

Here's Brady

Here's his batting stance
The Hottie says it's perfect

Here's his team
He's the little one in the front on the far right

The coach kind of drives me crazy.
He sends a gazillion emails.
Never gives us a chance to reply.
And then sends more.
The coach's a typical coach's son.
He's 8.
He's pretty good.
Brady's the littlest on the team.
Brady's never been the shortest/littlest EVER!
There are 13 kids on the team.
There are 13 shirts, numbered 1-13.
The smallest is the 1...the largest is 13.
The kids were told to line up by height.
Brady got #1.
The coach's son said he got to pick his out the night before.
He picked 13 for A-Rod.
And announced it at practice.
He's the tallest kid anyways...
So getting #13 was inevitable.
But seriously...
The first game was 2 hours.
It was ridiculous.
The mom in front of us
literally whipped out the league rule guide
to check the length of the games.
They're supposed to be an hour.
Not 2.
The kids loved it.
But, they are 6-8 for goodness sakes.
They don't even keep score.
2 hours is a bit much.
My mom says I should just get used to it.
p.s. Brady now loves the Yankees.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Neighbor Friends

We've lived in our neighborhood for over 5 years. We do like it here. Our neighborhood does have lots of kids. It just seems that our street...has NO kids. Well, we do know a couple - but, none are the same age as Brady or Lil. And, we never see our neighbors...EVER! The immediate neighborhood is mostly retired peeps or couples with teenagers. We've always wanted the fun neighborhoods you see in the movies. It seems like a lot of people get those neighborhoods...just not us. Not in the Islands and not here., Brady and Lil were playing out front and wouldn't ya know it??!! A young boy and girl came over to play basketball. They are 8 and 9-ish. Brady loved it. When they introduced themselves, the young boy said his name was Diego. I was waiting for Lily to say she loves Diego (as in Dora) but, she never did....THANK GOODNESS!

I sat inside and listened to them play basketball...and Lil ride her bike and ring the bell. Then...the worst happened.

I turned into THAT mom.

You know...the weird one that secretly watches. The mom that doesn't want to be seen, but TOTALLY knows exactly what is going on. The mom that would probably wait up after a date, flash the lights and peek out the windows.

Yep, that was me. And, we all know I did NOT have that, where did this come from?

Here's the low down. I can't believe I'm actually admitting this....

I grabbed my camera. Snuck in the hallway. Mind you it is still daylight outside and the hall blinds are WIDE open. I start to snap a picture when Diego spots me and points. Brady turns around and I run.

Thank goodness they're young - if they were teens...I'm sure I would have gotten the I HATE YOU look.

When Bryan got home, Lil ran up to him and jumped in his arms for a hug. Then she turns and tells Brady that Daddy is home and he replies, "I don't even care."

Hmm...the teenage years are going to certainly be fun.

p.s...I'd post a picture...but, remember - I got caught and all I ended up with was a blurry white flash.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Loose Tooth

It's official!! Brady has a loose tooth. He is SUPER excited. He has been wanting one for a long time. Probably because at school, there is a chart showing who has lost a tooth...his name is blank.

He's been waiting and waiting and waiting.

The other day after eating an apple he told me his tooth hurts when he eats the apple. I felt the tooth...and wouldn't ya know it?? It was loose! The next day we actually had a dentist appointment and they confirmed that he has not 1 but 2 loose teeth. Oh goodness did that make his day.

He is wiggling it a little...but, definitely not very much. I am certainly excited to play the tooth fairy...but, not looking forward to the actual tooth coming out.


1. Wiggly teeth give me the serious eebie jeebies.
2. I love his perfect, baby teeth smile.
3. I'm not ready for the awkwardness of the gigantic adult teeth that look too big for his mouth.
4. I want him to stay a baby.

So...for the next few days or weeks - I will be enjoying this:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Please Pray

Please take a moment to pray for one of my oldest and dearest friends, Janea. She has lost her husband, Chris, of 11 years. They have 5 young children.

We love you Jay...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spelling Tests & Trouble

Do you remember this game?

Well, the cuties LOVE it. My mom bought it for her house awhile back and they have become addicted. Especially Brady.

Today, I picked him up from my parents and he was playing it alone. He loves it and when he gets to play it alone - he gets 4 chances to win!! What a nerd.

He begged Nanny to borrow it - so we took it home for a family game night after dinner tonight. The four of us played - Brady = blue, Daddy = red, Mommy = green, & Lily = yellow. It was very fun...and VERY funny. Lily won. Seriously. Brady came in a VERY close second. I came in 3rd...and the hottie never made it past 5 spaces out of home. He had the most unlucky game EVER. Boy oh boy - did the cuties think it was funny.

It sure is the little things.

On a side note...Brady has his very first spelling test on Wednesday. 10 words. We gave him a practice test tonight. He got 9 out of 10. He missed the word, brown. He was devastated. We made up a song to help him learn the spelling of brown. "B-R-O-W-N" to the tune of B-I-N-G-O. He loves it. And...guess who knows how to spell brown? Yep, Brady. Let's just hope he'll remember on Wednesday.

Maybe I should try these types of games with the Hottie to help him learn to spell....just kidding.

The Hottie has been instructed to give another spelling practice test tomorrow night while I'm out of town. So, if you talk to him before then...PLEASE remind him :)

Good luck Brades!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do You Waddle When You Walk?

I do.
I try to hide it.
Darn pregnancies.
You just can't hide anything.
With every day that goes by...
the waddle will surely be exaggerated.
Until...I'm pretty much rolling down the street.
Lovely. Just lovely.
A couple things about this picture:
1. I love this time of year. Door open. Beautiful AZ.
2. I'm wearing my jammy pants.
3. I could seriously pass for a 9 mo. pregnant gal.
4. I'm not 9 mo. pregnant.
5. It does look like I'm carrying a boy.
6. But, there's a girl in there.
7. Being short S-U-C-K-S!
8. Why can't I be lean and tall and barely look pregnant?
9. That's a whole other post.
and 10. That baby girl finally has a name...Charlotte.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hmmm...Maybe I'm Confused

Happy St. Patty's Day!
I'm Irish.
Today, the cuties and I decked out in green. least we had green in our outfits.
I had today off.
We went to the railroad park.
We love the train.
The weather was PERFECT.
I repeat, PERFECT.
When we returned home, I made cupcakes.
With mint green icing.
But...upon looking for cupcake liners,
This is all I could find in the house...

Is it Halloween or St. Patty's?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Me Want


Don't ask me why.
While I was blog surfing today -
I came across a new site.
One that I have never surfed to before.
Cute monogrammed stuff.
Super adorable.
I love anything personalized.
The cuties' rooms are filled with their initials.
It's almost annoying.
But, I just can't help it.
It's an obsession.
But, one non-personalized item was the poo-pourri.
The cute verbiage on the bottle makes me giggle.
It's one of those gifts you sooooo want...
you just don't want to buy it.
Oh well, maybe the Hottie will surprise me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Girl's Day

Lily has been begging for a girl's day.
I don't know where she got that term.
I think from Ashley. or Rylee.
Well...Friday - we got our girl's day.
I was in dire need of a pedicure.
So, I took Lil with me Friday morning.
She loves to get her toes and nails painted at home.
So, I thought...why not??
I was a little concerned that she would misbehave.
But, no....
She's a true girlie-girl.
She sat up in the massage chair like she'd been doing it all her life.
She was still.
And quiet (a miracle).
And in awe of every moment.
Luckily, they started her nails right away.
So, as mine were being done -
she had a good 30 minutes to let hers dry.
We put on her massage chair.
She loved it.
She said perfectly still.
With her hands on the arm rests.
And her feet separated ever so slightly -
So she wouldn't ruin her nails.
She picked purple.
She loves it.
And, of course - she shows every single person she sees.
Rudely, I was a little sad at first thinking I wouldn't enjoy my pedicure as much.
Pedicures are normally my "alone" time.
Quiet time.
Peaceful time.
Yes, I know I sound mean.
But with Lil by my side....really...I found that I enjoyed it more.
Thanks Lil!


Not sure why...
Maybe I give it too much??
But, I really don't think so.
But, Lily calls her breathing treatments, benadryl.
She'll say - I need my benadryl.
Or, like this weekend...she'll run in and tell me...
My baby's sick. I gave her benadryl. Come see.
And then I find the baby like this:

Yep, tucked in with the blanket and everything.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Norm

It's 7:42pm on my computer. This is what's been going on today...
Brady schooled from 8:13 - 2:50.
Lily played at Aunt Cori's.
The Hottie and I worked.
We dinner'd.
Oops...of course we first got into comfy clothes.
(at least the Cuties and I did)
The Cuties and their Daddy played Don't Break the Ice.
Lots of times.
The Hottie and I then fibbed about where he was leaving to.
We said the gym.
He's really going to play softball.
I really, really, reeeeeaaaaally didn't want a big fight
about why we were NOT going, too.
So we lied.
Is that bad??
Lily then brushed my hair (ouch!!) as
I read a book.
Babe Ruth...we've been working on it for awhile.
Treatment time for Lil.
She now asks for them.
I'm not sure if she needs it or if she just likes it.
Either way - it was treatment time.
Lil wanted to watch Wonder Pets...
it wasn't on.
DVR'd Dora it was.
So, I'm now sitting here - on the couch.
Listening to the humming calmness of the treatment machine.
Observing Lil tap the bottom to make sure she gets every drop of medicine.
She's a pro.
Watching Brady as he lays on the couch next to me...
trying to keep his eyes open.
It's quiet.
The house is clean.
I'm waiting for the Hottie to watch AI.
Isn't life great?
p.s. Brady's now officially out.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hohokam Elementary

I switched elementary schools in the 3rd grade when we moved from Phoenix to Scottsdale. I was put into Hohokam Elementary School. The very same school that many of my cousins...and siblings...and even parents went to.

They celebrated their 50th Anniversary last weekend.
We went.
All of us.
We toured the school.
Looked at old pictures.
Let the kids play on the playground.
Participated in fundraisers and raffles.
I won a t-shirt.
A Hohokam Falcons shirt.
Green and Yellow.
Still the same colors and I still hate them so.
And...amongst the 80's and 90's class picture albums, I found these beauties....

It's Baaaaaaaaaaack!!!

The Cuties are thrilled.
Me, too.
But...I do need my new bumper to get a couple of good ole' AZ rock's waaaaay too clean.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Red Car

A little over a week ago...
I rear-ended another vehicle.
NOT the Hottie.
Totally my fault.
Well...I do secretly blame the new AZ resident (from Colorado, also named Dawn) that I hit from NOT pulling forward even just a few inches when the light turned green as we were waiting for the oncoming traffic to pass so we could each turn left.
But...still...TOTALLY my fault.
Luckily, I have rental coverage.
And, a very low deductible.
And, I work at the drop off/pick up location.
It's very convenient.

Last week, I picked up the rental.
A red, Nissan Altima.
With Nevada plates.
(why is it that 90% of the time I get an out of state rental wherever I go?)
Sorry...I definitely digress.

The cuties...
the rental.
Head over heels.

I do love driving a car.
Much speedier than my van.
REALLY good on gas mileage.
Maybe I'll swap with the Hottie when I get the van back.

When I picked up Lily from Ashley's last week,
she ran out and screamed - "I love you red car!!"
Seriously. Not kidding.
Then she says, "The red car is the coolest."
She's certainly going to be upset on Wednesday
when the van returns.

The Cuties also continuously...
and I mean continuously tell me how to drive.
Back seat drivers at ages 6 and 3.
"Stop, Mom" and
"Go, Mom" and
"Slow down, Mom" and
"The light is red, Mom" and
"The light is green, Mom" and
"Good job, Mom" and
"Don't crash, Mom"
are words I hear multiple times a day now.

And, my favorite from Brady....
"Mom, you're a good driver now."
Thank YOU, Buddy...
I'm glad I have your 6-year old approval.
Too funny!

But seriously...
Red Car...we will miss you!
Tintless windows and all!