Monday, May 31, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Brady graduated from Kindergarten!!

Last Thursday they put on a little graduation program. So we all (all 5 of us) headed out to Brady's school. (Yes...this was the day after we came home from the hospital) The kids all made a graduation cap, sang some songs, and were introduced as graduates. Then...we ate some quick snacks. Next we caught a late breakfast with Ashley and the kids.

It was perfect.

Wow...what a quick year. Brady is VERY excited for 1st grade. Oh...and the report card is in - all E's for EXCEEDS!! What a smarty-pants.

Congratulations Brady!!!
We couldn't be more proud of you!

Birth...Dawn Style

With Brady - I was induced. He was face up...I didn't know what that meant beforehand - but, I'll tell you...IT IS AWFUL!!! I still remember that even with the epidural (I love pain meds) that it was unbearable. Soooo bad, in fact...that when I was pregnant with Lil - I prayed for a C-section. With Lil - no C-section needed...but, the labor and delivery was COMPLETELY different. It was a piece of cake. Simple, easy, short, and pain-free (remember - I love pain meds). was very similar to Lil's. In fact - I would say they were almost identical - even the week-filled laboring beforehand. Here's how it all went down...

I had been contracting for a few weeks...on and off. The weekend prior to May 17th was a tough one. At my doctor appointment on Monday, May 17th - I was dilated pretty good - so they "helped" me out a bit at the doctor's office and instructed me to head to the hospital when they worsened. At 5-ish, we headed down to the hospital - with all intentions of NOT returning until we were a family of 5. Well...they checked me and monitored me (and the baby) and then...sent me home with some sleeping meds which worked wonders. Tuesday I went to work like normal and ignored the contractions. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were relatively easy, calm, almost contractionless days. Then the weekend hit. It was rough. Very uncomfortable and painful. We were very busy - so it definitely helped pass the time. Monday came - I worked a bit from home in the morning...then headed off to my doctor appointment. I had progressed quite a bit and they sent me right over the hospital with specific instructions for "working" the system. After checking me and monitoring us and a 45-minute walk in which we ran into my doctor (we swear this did the trick) they admitted us and it all began!!!

Our doctor walked us over from triage to L&D number 5. Our FAVORITE EVER nurse Mary hooked me up as we all chatted away. Dr. Messer then did exactly what was needed - broke my water. At this point, it was about 1:30pm. Dr. Messer had some errands to run, so off she went. My mom and dad, sisters, brother-in-law Brett, and cousin Bart hung out and kept us company as I labored. Bryan grabbed some lunch and everyone snacked away as I ate my ice chips. I was not hungry at all - so it wasn't a big deal. At 3:30-ish, I got the epidural to make my labor as happy as possible. I like to be talking and smiling the whole time. That's how I relax...and that is how I make my labor progress. Some people like to sleep - I like to socialize. At about 4 - 4:30ish, I wasn't contracting enough - so they started some pitocin to quicken up the process. By 6, I was ready to push. So we waited a few minutes for the doctor to arrive and started the next step. My mom, Bryan, and my sister stood up by my head, kept me company, and gave me encouragement while I pushed. My epidural must have been super strong because I was having a little difficulty with the pushing part. But, after about 20-25 minutes...out came Charlotte Grace at 6:28pm. On a side note - Brady took 1.5 hours and Lil took like 5 minutes.

I couldn't believe it. We were now officially parents to 3 cuties. It was overwhelming and exciting. Charlotte was identical to Lil. She was perfect. We cuddled her a bit and then they took her over to clean her up, weigh her, and check her over. Then - the rest of the crew came in and took turns holding her for pictures. Everyone left and made it to happy hour. I ordered dinner (grilled cheese) and then Bryan and I took turns holding her as we waited for our move to our new "home" for the next 2 days. While we waited - Aunt Karen and Robin came up for a quick visit. We then moved over to room 1129 and made ourselves at home.

The next 2 days went by pretty quick. They were filled with - feedings, diaper changes, tv watching, nurse "check-ins," blood pressure and temperature checks, phone talking, texting, visitors, introductions to the cuties, and of course...loving on our new bundle.

It's over. We couldn't feel more blessed.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Stopped Here

After weeks and weeks of wiggling that darn tooth...
Poor Brady has been wiggling his tooth for what seems like ages.
Asking us to wiggle it.
Asking us to guess when it would fall out.
I'm not good with loose teeth.
Really...not good with any kind of mouth issues.
Teeth and mouth injuries give me the eebie jeebies.
Do you remember when you had a loose tooth...
just hanging there by literally a thread???
That's what it was like.
By a thread.
He wanted me to pull it.
I couldn't do it.
But, luckily I reminded him if he lost it at school,
he got to go to the nurse.
He waited till school.
He lost it during snack time.
His friend Will got to take him to the nurse.
Nurse Gina brought out a tooth necklace.
It has a little compartment to hold the tooth.
He was SO proud.
The tooth fairy came that night.
The tooth fairy did not forget.
(this was very common for my tooth fairy)
After talking with everyone about it...
the tooth fairy left him $20.
Can you believe it???
The tooth fairy tried to negotiate to $1...
but, everyone yelled at the tooth fairy.
So, she gave in.
Believe me though...she won't be so generous
for the next tooth!!
But, it was certainly worth seeing his expression
the morning after the tooth fairy came.
Oh...and p.s....we are still the lucky owners of that first tooth because apparently kids in his class said that the tooth fairy lets you keep the first tooth. So...he got to keep it.

Sisters or Twin Sisters?

Are they twins or what???





Friday, May 28, 2010


Charlotte Grace Campbell

Born: 05-24-10
Time: 6:28pm
Weight: 7 pounds 2 ounces
Length: 19 and 3/4 inches
We're in love. She's perfect. An angel, really. Brady and Lily love her and (so far) are big helpers. Maybe even too helpful. She really looks so much like Lily we can't believe it. She's also got these monster feet with fingers for toes that are pretty much identical to Bryan's. He couldn't be happier. Everyone seems to wonder what we're calling her. The depends. We call her Charlotte and Charlie and Miss C and Lottie and Lots...I guess we didn't hesitate to find some nicknames for her!! She is definitely already a "Cutie" and we are so thankful for our little miracle.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moving Stinks...ESPECIALLY When Preggo!

We've moved...about 95% done.
For those of you that don't know it...
I'm kind of a clean-freak, perfectionist.
A terrible combination.
Especially when moving.
Especially when pregnant.
Needless to say - I've been laxed on that combo.
Of course...we had the house cleaned.
Who wants to shower with other people's dirt?
The Hottie and lots of friends and family painted.
For days.
And days.
And days.
Thank goodness we did - it totally needed it. now feels like home.
Some touch-up is still needed.
And the bathroom paint.
We're living with blue tape on the walls still.
It's been over a week.
Weird how I've grown used to it.
Lil's room is pretty much done - just need the curtains hung.
Brades room is waiting on a new dresser and a free-standing closet.
Things we have yet to purchase (but are on the list)
Charlotte's room....waiting for the Hottie to put up the crib.
And, lots and lots of decorations.
No worries - the pack and play is at least in our room...
(even if it's not set up)
And, her clothes are washed and ready.
Even a few bottles and binkies.
The kitchen...pretty much done!!
The family room - waiting on the hanging of some decorations and blinds.
The formal living/'s painted.
And there's boxes "neatly" placed in the corners...
until we decide what to do with them.
There's even a Queen sized bed up against the wall...
And...our room...well - lots of boxes.
Pictures waiting to be hung.
And touch up paint needed.
Before pregnancy - I think we would have been done on Day 1.
We're just like that.
My goal is by day 60.
I'll keep you posted.
Did I mention I'm preggo???
p.s. I forgot about the garage.
Ugh....the garage..........

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Seriously Surprised!!

We seriously have the best - the VERY best - family EVER!

Saturday, May 8th - the whole fam decided to surprise us with a miracle shower for baby Charlotte...or Charlie as most of you refer to her. We were seriously surprised. SERIOUSLY SURPRISED! This is how it happened.

The week prior, my mom had told us that she won an award at work - Customer Service for Nursing - and that they were having a banquet for all of the winners and their families on Saturday, May 8th. This IS totally believable since she is just about the best nurse and her work does these elaborate there was NO reason not to believe it. All week my mom was dancing around about her "award" - it was adorable. So....Saturday - after painting and running around all day - we all cleaned up, stopped at the store to buy some flowers for my mom, and headed over to my parents house....for a congratulatory "toast." When we opened the door........SURPRISE!!!!! There was no award.

The Oscar goes to my mom....seriously. We were so shocked. The whole family was there. Food, conversation, cake, and presents followed. And....just for fun - a little poker. Yep - we played poker at baby Charlotte's miracle shower. dad and I split - so I think it worked out well :)

Thank you everyone!!! We feel so blessed to be part of this family!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Cousin Twice Removed

Welcome Baby Talon!!!!!

Isn't he a cutie pants??
Rainie was a champ.
Talon's labor was quick and his delivery seemed to occur in a snap.
He looks SO much like Rainie and her brothers.
Sorry Justin!!
Don't worry though, Justin - he'll change so much...
there are bound to be times when he's your twin, too!!
Congrats Rainie and Justin
on your SUPER ADORABLE little guy!

p.s. I looked up his relation to me. I'm so confused. Rainie is my 1st cousin's child. But...Rainie is closer to my age than her dad. We grew up more like 1st cousins. I always thought she was my 2nd cousin. I guess she is really my first cousin once removed. (what the heck is that???) and her children (baby Talon) are my first cousins twice removed. I'm so confused. Here's a chart in case you are, too.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Early in my pregnancy we went to Olive Garden.
I passed by someone that had a margarita...and the craving began.
I have wanted a margarita for the last 7 months.
So....Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!
In honor of Cinco de Mayo...
Everyone have a margarita for me!!!
Soon I'll be able to enjoy one, too.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cubical Yoga

I'm preggo.
Reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaally preggo.
9 mo. preggo.
I feel 9 mo. preggo.
I'm very uncomfortable.
Reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaally uncomfortable.
I'm trying to ignore it.
It's becoming impossible.
Today - if you had stopped by my desk at work you may have seen me practicing yoga for a few minutes.
Thankfully all my co-workers were busy.
Or, I wouldn't have done it.
What a scary sight for them.
9 mo. preggo in the cat pose.
It didn't help.
I think I'm beyond help.
I texted my mom for a donut tube to sit on.
She was donut-less.
Oh well.
My goal is May 21st.
I can do it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

What is This???

I was browsing my camera looking for a photo of Brady playing baseball when I came across this beauty....

What is it?
A giant balloon?


It's my gigantic belly. Picture taken courtesy of Lil.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where Have We Been - Wrap Up has been awhile.
The Hottie has reminded me.
Cori reminded me.
Even Ron reminded me.
So...I guess it is time to catch up a bit.

The Hottie says he would blog for me. He would take a picture of me at 8pm. Totally asleep. On the couch. Then...I could blog about how that is really what I have been doing. Can't you imagine this gigantic 9 month preggo laying on the couch, propped up on a gazillion pillows (heartburn) with the remote next to her...and probably drooling away? Wow - that would be an image. Thankfully...I don't even think he knows my that is an imagine that will have to stay solely in your imagination.'s a couple things we've been up to:

1. Getting approval on our house sale. Yep. We're moving. We finally got the go ahead and we close May 27th....woo hoo!! Yes, I'm sure it will be sad - but, for now we're focused on closing this chapter - starting a new one. literally 2 miles from the 'rents will be a definite bonus!! Oh...and definitely being able to focus on getting a room set up for Charlotte is definitely a plus, too....since she might very well be here before the big move. (But hopefully not)

2. Lots and lots and lots of baseball stuff. Yes, Yankee practices and games and more games. Brady is only 6 and he has 3-4 games or practices a week. Sheesh!!! What's going to happen if he really gets into a competitive league one day? I'm thinking something EVERY night!!

3. Finding a rental house. Thank goodness!!! One has been found. After multiple checks (probably 10 times a day by each of us) on, we have located a house to call a home. Bryan literally had to harass the realtor for a week to make sure we would be the first showing. She called us the minute she got the key back and we met her there. mom and I met her at the house. The old tenant was actually backing his last moving load out of the driveway when we arrived. After a walk-through - I gave the go ahead as I knew the Hottie would be mad if I let this one get away. The next day - the Hottie was able to walk through the house and give it two thumbs up. We've already got the keys and plan to move into the house in 2 weeks. Wish us luck!

4. Cosmic BINGO at the Fort. Yes, despite my large (very large) belly - I headed out the Fort McDowell with a large crew from the family and participated in the very first COSMIC BINGO session. It was literally awful. The music was terrible. It was loud. It was super vulgar...and I don't normally care about that. But, BINGO is supposed to be fun and relaxing. We couldn't hear the numbers and we couldn't even hear each other. I think it is a group consensus that we will NEVER do Cosmic BINGO again!

5. A chinese bbq at the Babcock's. Happy Birthday to Ashley!! The food was delish and the company was even better. Thanks guys! :)

6. Visit with the Osborn's. Yep, we got kind of a last minute visit from the Osborn's. Unfortunately for April, she had to have a surgery on her elbow. So...that meant the whole crew packed up and drove to AZ for the week. The cuties LOVED it!! And, so did we! We got to spend a couple days with the whole family and it was well needed. We've missed them!

7. Working. I'm still working - no bedrest!! Yippee!

8. Counting down the days to Talon's entrance to the world. I have been lucky enough to share my pregnancy with my cousin, Rainie. I love to be pregnant with makes the time pass quicker and it makes it so much more fun! This is her first and we cannot wait till his arrival. If he doesn't make his entrance this week...May 10th is the big day!! Yay!!!!!

9. Buying paint for the new house. Yep - we're painting. We're going with almost the exact it will probably feel like our exact house. Couldn't be more perfect.

10. Letting my dad negotiate for us. Tonight, the most exciting thing happened. We went by the new place with my dad and brother. We were really just dropping off the paint and showing the place to my family. When we arrived - the owner was there (attempting) to put up blinds in the TV room at our request. Well...he'd been there since 9am. It was almost 5pm. In the entire day there - he had managed to put up some ugly curtains in the front room (that will immediately come down) and had put up the bracket to only ONE blind. Just the bracket. He had 6 blinds to put up, 2 ceiling fans, and 2 light fixtures. At that rate - he would still be there when we moved in. So...we volunteered to do it all for him and he knocked off a few hundred dollars off our first months rent! Can you believe it?? Yippee!!! My dad rocks! Thanks dad!

So...this is the last 10 days or so in a nutshell............the next few weeks are going to be B-U-S-Y!!!