Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Tooth Fairy Stopped Here

After weeks and weeks of wiggling that darn tooth...
Poor Brady has been wiggling his tooth for what seems like ages.
Asking us to wiggle it.
Asking us to guess when it would fall out.
I'm not good with loose teeth.
Really...not good with any kind of mouth issues.
Teeth and mouth injuries give me the eebie jeebies.
Do you remember when you had a loose tooth...
just hanging there by literally a thread???
That's what it was like.
By a thread.
He wanted me to pull it.
I couldn't do it.
But, luckily I reminded him if he lost it at school,
he got to go to the nurse.
He waited till school.
He lost it during snack time.
His friend Will got to take him to the nurse.
Nurse Gina brought out a tooth necklace.
It has a little compartment to hold the tooth.
He was SO proud.
The tooth fairy came that night.
The tooth fairy did not forget.
(this was very common for my tooth fairy)
After talking with everyone about it...
the tooth fairy left him $20.
Can you believe it???
The tooth fairy tried to negotiate to $1...
but, everyone yelled at the tooth fairy.
So, she gave in.
Believe me though...she won't be so generous
for the next tooth!!
But, it was certainly worth seeing his expression
the morning after the tooth fairy came.
Oh...and p.s....we are still the lucky owners of that first tooth because apparently kids in his class said that the tooth fairy lets you keep the first tooth. So...he got to keep it.

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