Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My First Cousin Twice Removed

Welcome Baby Talon!!!!!

Isn't he a cutie pants??
Rainie was a champ.
Talon's labor was quick and his delivery seemed to occur in a snap.
He looks SO much like Rainie and her brothers.
Sorry Justin!!
Don't worry though, Justin - he'll change so much...
there are bound to be times when he's your twin, too!!
Congrats Rainie and Justin
on your SUPER ADORABLE little guy!

p.s. I looked up his relation to me. I'm so confused. Rainie is my 1st cousin's child. But...Rainie is closer to my age than her dad. We grew up more like 1st cousins. I always thought she was my 2nd cousin. I guess she is really my first cousin once removed. (what the heck is that???) and her children (baby Talon) are my first cousins twice removed. I'm so confused. Here's a chart in case you are, too.


Robin said...

I know! It is confusing. Aaron and I looked up a chart like that several months ago too. I've always thought she was our second cousin, but I was wrong too.

Larry Majercin said...

Hey Dawn... just read this post...
If you ever get confused or need to look up your relationship... try this:
It calculates the relationships from our family history website.