Monday, May 31, 2010

Birth...Dawn Style

With Brady - I was induced. He was face up...I didn't know what that meant beforehand - but, I'll tell you...IT IS AWFUL!!! I still remember that even with the epidural (I love pain meds) that it was unbearable. Soooo bad, in fact...that when I was pregnant with Lil - I prayed for a C-section. With Lil - no C-section needed...but, the labor and delivery was COMPLETELY different. It was a piece of cake. Simple, easy, short, and pain-free (remember - I love pain meds). was very similar to Lil's. In fact - I would say they were almost identical - even the week-filled laboring beforehand. Here's how it all went down...

I had been contracting for a few weeks...on and off. The weekend prior to May 17th was a tough one. At my doctor appointment on Monday, May 17th - I was dilated pretty good - so they "helped" me out a bit at the doctor's office and instructed me to head to the hospital when they worsened. At 5-ish, we headed down to the hospital - with all intentions of NOT returning until we were a family of 5. Well...they checked me and monitored me (and the baby) and then...sent me home with some sleeping meds which worked wonders. Tuesday I went to work like normal and ignored the contractions. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were relatively easy, calm, almost contractionless days. Then the weekend hit. It was rough. Very uncomfortable and painful. We were very busy - so it definitely helped pass the time. Monday came - I worked a bit from home in the morning...then headed off to my doctor appointment. I had progressed quite a bit and they sent me right over the hospital with specific instructions for "working" the system. After checking me and monitoring us and a 45-minute walk in which we ran into my doctor (we swear this did the trick) they admitted us and it all began!!!

Our doctor walked us over from triage to L&D number 5. Our FAVORITE EVER nurse Mary hooked me up as we all chatted away. Dr. Messer then did exactly what was needed - broke my water. At this point, it was about 1:30pm. Dr. Messer had some errands to run, so off she went. My mom and dad, sisters, brother-in-law Brett, and cousin Bart hung out and kept us company as I labored. Bryan grabbed some lunch and everyone snacked away as I ate my ice chips. I was not hungry at all - so it wasn't a big deal. At 3:30-ish, I got the epidural to make my labor as happy as possible. I like to be talking and smiling the whole time. That's how I relax...and that is how I make my labor progress. Some people like to sleep - I like to socialize. At about 4 - 4:30ish, I wasn't contracting enough - so they started some pitocin to quicken up the process. By 6, I was ready to push. So we waited a few minutes for the doctor to arrive and started the next step. My mom, Bryan, and my sister stood up by my head, kept me company, and gave me encouragement while I pushed. My epidural must have been super strong because I was having a little difficulty with the pushing part. But, after about 20-25 minutes...out came Charlotte Grace at 6:28pm. On a side note - Brady took 1.5 hours and Lil took like 5 minutes.

I couldn't believe it. We were now officially parents to 3 cuties. It was overwhelming and exciting. Charlotte was identical to Lil. She was perfect. We cuddled her a bit and then they took her over to clean her up, weigh her, and check her over. Then - the rest of the crew came in and took turns holding her for pictures. Everyone left and made it to happy hour. I ordered dinner (grilled cheese) and then Bryan and I took turns holding her as we waited for our move to our new "home" for the next 2 days. While we waited - Aunt Karen and Robin came up for a quick visit. We then moved over to room 1129 and made ourselves at home.

The next 2 days went by pretty quick. They were filled with - feedings, diaper changes, tv watching, nurse "check-ins," blood pressure and temperature checks, phone talking, texting, visitors, introductions to the cuties, and of course...loving on our new bundle.

It's over. We couldn't feel more blessed.


Ashley said...

Such a laid back delivery! Charlotte Grace is the most beautiful baby ever! Seriously! :)

Julie said...

Um..... did you photoshop these?! You do NOT look like you just had a baby!!!!!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Thanks're too funny!

Em said...

hello beauty, great job looking fab after delivery!