Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Update

Santa came to our home.
Then, Santa really came to my parents' home.
The Cuties had the absolute best day.
Brady got his basketball hoop he had begged and begged for.
Lily got her princess bike.
And...they both got a whole loot of other stuff.
They are in heaven.
The Hottie got me exactly what I wanted...
Comfy jammies and a basket full of cleaning supplies with
"Free Cleaning" coupons from him.
I got him some clothes and The Hangover.
Exactly wanted he needed...and wanted.

We spent the days with family.
Christmas Eve - My Uncle Brad's for dinner, White Elephant and lots of Griswold fun.
First stop - Nanny and Poppy's for breakfast, gifts, and fun.
Second stop - Meme and Pepe's for some chatting and gifts.
Third stop - Aunt Eileen's for lots of family time, chatting, eating, and Secret Santa revealing.
What a perfect day.

On a side note...My Aunt Eileen made the official announcement that she is retiring from Christmas Day festivities. It was a very difficult and emotional decision for her. We were all in tears. My Aunt Renee is taking over Christmas Day. It is the beginning of a new era. Looking back, there is not a single Christmas I cannot remember celebrating at Aunt Eileen's house. I remember as a kid seeing Nan and Pop, all my cousins, and lots of family and friends. I remember often times heading home with Robin instead of to my own home. I remember running around the front yard with all the many, many lights (the same yard that the Cuties now play in), I remember looking very intensely at the miniature house collection and wondering how long it took her to collect SO many pieces. I am so thankful to be part of such a loving and close-knit (and often crazy) family. Thank you Aunt Ei and Uncle Rich for many, many, many special memories.

The Cuties at the kids table...coloring

My cousin Kristen and me

Brady pickin' oranges and climbing trees

The Hottie and me by the fire

Joe and Vicki

My mom and my brother, Billy

My Dad and Uncle Brad

Kasey, Sophia, and Lilbugs...they were inseparable

Christmas at our house

Christmas at Nan and Pop's

Christmas at Meme and Pepe (check out Brady's fingers...up close)

Brett and Jakey...sleeping

Who Took This Picture???

I had a problem with my Costco disk.
Yes, my beloved Costco actually ruined a disk. be honest, it is half my fault.
A few weeks back, I brought my 3 camera chippy things (that's what I call them) into Costco to be turned into a disk. I uploaded the photos at Costco, requested to have a FEW printed, and ordered a disk of ALL (about 400-ish) photos. Granted...some of them are already on a disk...I just had not deleted them yet. I picked up the photos and the disk the next day. Once I had the disk in my hand, I deleted every (yes, EVERY) picture from my camera chippy things. This is where the problem began.

About one month later, I went to that very disk I had picked up as I wanted to look at some potential photos for our Christmas card. Guess what happened...the disk didn't work. I thought my computer was broken, I was imagining having to cancel Christmas as we would instead need to buy a computer. That was not the case. After the Hottie tried out the disk in his work computer, he announced that the disk was defective.

Wh-Wh-Whaaaaaat??? I have never heard of such a thing. You mean it's not enough for me to just wait for the disk to be in my hands before I delete the photos from the chip? I should actually be TESTING the disk to make sure it works??? Uh oh.

Back to Costco I went. In my mind Costco has this gigantic computer in which they save every one of our pictures...just in case this was to happen. Well...I was wrong. They did; however, confirm the disk was defective. They asked me for my chips. Ummm....I've deleted the pictures I told them. They told me to bring them in anyway because apparently they have this backup system that may be able to retrieve even some of the deleted photos. After pulling out my customer service disappointed, frustrated, and VERY MAD "Dad" face, I said I would do just that.

It took about a week. Costco retrieved some photos. I picked up 2 new disks with whatever they could retrieve from my 3 camera chips. Little did I know that I would have a disk full of hundreds of duplicates (literally) of a Pre-K program at Brady's school last spring. Yes, they retrieved some additional the Twilight Convention, and Greer cabining, and some really cute ones of the Cuties.

But, they also retrieved this beauty...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas.
May all of your Christmas Wishes come true.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Exhaustion

It's not even Christmas yet and Lil is already zonked out on the couch...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Train Rides, Carousels, Bubbles, and Santa

What a night. It all started with a little pizza at the Babcock's. Then, off to McCormick Railroad Park we went for a train ride of Christmas lights. When we arrived, the Hottie thought we had gone to Disneyland there were so many people. And, to be honest...waiting in line for 1.5 hours made it sure feel like it :)

As we waited in line for the train ride - the kids (and us moms) visited some characters they had there for entertainment...Elmo, Cookie Monster, Pooh, Clifford, Tigger, The Cat in the Hat...among others. The kids actually did pretty good. Of course, Brady and Ry were right up in there saying hello, posing for pictures and giving hugs. Jake...he, too, jumped on in for hugs with every character!! So cute. Lil...she was good at standing a few feet away, waving, and screaming "I love you, Elmo." Hilariously adorable.
Finally...we got on the train. First cart rides. It was a bit cold - but, everyone loved it. When we exited the train, we made a run for the carousel. After a quick line and ride, I had to literally pry Lily off the horse kicking and screaming. She absolutely loves carousels. We then retreated to what we have begun to call, "the 44th street Santa."

We caravaned it over to 44th St. and Camelback for the holiday light display and Santa visit. Surprisingly, Lil had no problem with Santa and even smiled for the pictures. Brady finally got his cup of hot chocolate he had been begging for and the kids danced around and jumped in the falling bubbles.

Following the 44th Street Santa, off to home we went. The cuties both fell asleep about 1 minute into the drive.

What a night. What fun. We loved it!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Tonight we have Aidyn staying with us.
We are loving it.
Especially the kids.
Check out the new besties.
Yep...they're seriously the best of friends.
Too cute!

Kris Kringle Strikes Again's Kris Kringle time again.
Our favorite time of the entire year.
Kris Kringle has struck 3 times...
And, boy is it exciting EVERY time.
We're all like little kids in a candy store.
All of us.
The best part is delivering for our own Kris Kringle family.
The kids love it.
Brady is really beginning to understand.
He loves the thrill.
Lil just goes along for the ride.

To our Kris Kringle...
Whomever you are...



Monday, December 14, 2009

Dancin' Lilbugs

Saturday, Lily had a mini parent show at dance class. All of the parents and family members were invited into the class to check out what they have been learning. I really didn't know what they would show us because the girls are 2...what can they really memorize? was SO cute!

One sad thing was the girls normally have a class of 6...but, only 2 showed. Oh well, it was still as cute as could be.

Putting on makeup...prepping for the princess role...
Zoning out Lil...the norm
Getting ready for the routine
I can't believe she actually pays attention!!

Ballerina walk
Can you tell she is pointing her toes???
Too cute!

The final pose...raising up like Ariel

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lily's New Friends

The Cuties love the holiday season.
All of it.

Meet Lily's new friends....

Yes, they sing We Wish You a Merry Christmas and dance around. She carries them everywhere and sits next to them bobbling her head around as they do. It's adorable.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lots and Lots of Decorating

No, not of the house.
Cookies. Gingerbread houses. And, more cookies.
What a busy, but fun weekend!!
Saturday, the Cuties hung out with Ry and Jake over at James and Kate's house. There they decorated (and ate) lots of cookies and a few gingerbread houses. Stacey was WAAAAY smarter and bought the houses already pre-made - just add that candy. Ashley and I had to first assemble the houses, then add the icing, then add the candy. The assembly went quicker than expected...but, while the kids were decorating...the houses began to fall apart!! No worries - we got them reassembled. Whew - catastrophe averted!
Sunday, the Cuties went to my parents house for an afternoon of cookie baking and decorating. All the kiddos were there and while they baked with Nanny - we snuck out for a movie with my Dad. What fun...for all of us! When we returned, we found the kids all wearing the cutest aprons and decorating away. SO CUTE! They finished the day by writing out letters to Santa and Nanny is sending them off tomorrow. The Cuties lists are as follows: hoop, basketball, skateboard, football guys, basketball players. princess bike, stroller and baby.
Soon we'll see just how good they were this year!

Friday, December 4, 2009

What Do I Love About the Cold?

Feety jammies.
My Fave!
It's like jammies, socks, and a blanket all-in-one.
Cuddly. Warm. Perfect.

Cheap Holiday Entertainment

And, when I say cheap...I mean free. Well, free minus gas money.

The Cuties L-O-V-E, LOVE looking at Christmas lights. The flashier, the more Griswold-like, the better. A house in our neighborhood goes all out every year and they love doing drive-bys. In fact, every time we are driving home at night all we here is, "Let's go see the neighbors."

Tonight, we drove around looking at lights. Cheap Fun. Exciting. Christmas-y. Family time fun. Of course, we ended our tour at the "neighbors."

I LOVE Christmas!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Brady...Heart of Gold

See this kid?

Yes, Brady.

He is the very best big brother and
literally has a heart of gold.
Let me give you an example.

Bedtime ritual:

1. piggyback ride to bed for both Cuties
2. lots of giggles and kisses
3. nighty-night
Tonight after putting him to bed he told the Hottie,
"Daddy, the kisses that you and Mommy and Lil give me - I wipe them off and put them on my heart."

Seriously adorable.

The hottie was pretty much holding back the tears as he told me what was said.
Love you Buddy!