Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lots and Lots of Decorating

No, not of the house.
Cookies. Gingerbread houses. And, more cookies.
What a busy, but fun weekend!!
Saturday, the Cuties hung out with Ry and Jake over at James and Kate's house. There they decorated (and ate) lots of cookies and a few gingerbread houses. Stacey was WAAAAY smarter and bought the houses already pre-made - just add that candy. Ashley and I had to first assemble the houses, then add the icing, then add the candy. The assembly went quicker than expected...but, while the kids were decorating...the houses began to fall apart!! No worries - we got them reassembled. Whew - catastrophe averted!
Sunday, the Cuties went to my parents house for an afternoon of cookie baking and decorating. All the kiddos were there and while they baked with Nanny - we snuck out for a movie with my Dad. What fun...for all of us! When we returned, we found the kids all wearing the cutest aprons and decorating away. SO CUTE! They finished the day by writing out letters to Santa and Nanny is sending them off tomorrow. The Cuties lists are as follows: hoop, basketball, skateboard, football guys, basketball players. princess bike, stroller and baby.
Soon we'll see just how good they were this year!


Megan said...

I'm impressed with your family's decorating skills!!!!

Em said...

ginger bread houses are on the list for our monday night tomorrow. i fear the pork loin may eat the candy before it gets on the house. fine by me.