Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lily's Girly Girlz Party

***Warning - a gazillion photos follow this post! :)

For Lily's birthday this year - she got to have a super princessy, Girly Girlz party for her cousins and friends around her age.

OMG! Was she is super duper heaven.

It was a party fit for a princess...and we all know Queen B has no problem being a diva princess. All the girls were dressed in their princess finest. The events of the party included...

  • A glittery princess up-do
  • Sparkly makeup
  • Manicure
  • A craft of making a foam tiara
  • Dance and dance and more dance to Princess songs
  • Playing a game of freeze dance
  • A cute "charades" type game involving Princess movies
  • Pizza, chips, pretzels, and pink "tea"
  • Pink cupcakes
  • A princess walk to show off their new look

The girls were all so adorable and certainly had fun. Lily got to have Aidyn, Rylee, and Kate come over for a sleepover immediately following the party. The girls (hyped up on sugar) ran around giggling and screaming until I was able to persuade them with popcorn to lay down and watch a movie. Lily picked her new favorite $5 Santa stocking movie Barbie Charm School Princess. Then we (yes, I played) Pretty, Pretty Princess after Lily had zonked out during the movie. Rylee was the night owl staying up until 1am! I finally turned off the TV and she fell right to sleep. I guess not all kids (oops!) fall asleep to the TV like my kids...and me!

What a party. Definitely her favorite one yet! Thank you to all the girls for helping to make Lil's GOLDEN birthday super special!