Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Golden Birthday Lily!!

Happy Golden Birthday to our first daughter...
Lillian Mae Campbell

Yep - she's FIVE years old today on the FIFTH of January.

We will be celebrating tomorrow with a Girly Girlz Princess Party with her little cousins and a couple friends. It is her "off" year for birthday parties...but, considering it is her GOLDEN BIRTHDAY...we just had to give in for another party. I would like to thank Stacey for throwing such a great Spa party for Kate because that was our inspiration for this party. I wish I could have put it all together at home just like Stacey did for Kate with different stations for each treatment...but, I was super lazy and never got around to planning a party. So...I called up Girly Girlz down the street from our house and booked a party there. I hope it is just as fun as Kate's!

In honor of Lil's FIFTH's FIVE things I absolutely LOVE about her.

1. Her laugh. OMG! She has a laugh like no other. It is SOOOO loud, deep, hilarious...and just a teensy bit obnoxious. And when you get her really going - she just won't stop. I also love that SHE knows how much we just ADORE her laugh and so she exaggerates just a teeny bit to make us laugh even more. That girl is going to be the life of the party. I just know it.

2. She makes friends with anyone - even her little figurines. Seriously - she can sit and play with her barbies, and Littlest Pet Shops and dolls and have full on conversations. But, she doesn't even need figurines. If she is somewhere without any type of figurines - she'll use spoons or cars or really anything as a figurine. It's hilarious. The conversations are even better. It's like she is playing house with all her toys. There's always a mom and a dad and a sister and brother. And, she'll have loud conversations - so loud that we always think she's talking to us. But she's not.

3. She is SOOOO loving. Don't get me wrong - she can be a real pistol, but holy cow she is soooo loving. She always tells us how much she loves us. She tells each one of us - Brady, Charlotte, Bryan, and Me. It's always at the most random times. And she is very sweet and honest about it. She's a girl that certainly wears her heart on her sleeve and I love it!

4. She is SUCH a GOOFBALL. Yes, she's klutzy and silly and crazy and we L-O-V-E, LOOOOVE it! She is constantly saying silly things or doing silly things just to get a laugh out of us. And boy oh boy - she can't hold in the laugh herself. She just laughs away at herself for all the silly things she does.

5. She is as girly as they come. Although this can sometimes drive me crazy - I absolutely love having the girliest girl around. I literally don't know any other little girl that is as girly as Lil. She knows EXACTLY what she wants and she won't hesitate to let you know. She loves everything pink, purple, sparkly, and glittery. The more obnoxiously blingy or LOUD it is - the better. She would prefer to wear dresses EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. and we just have to about beg her to wear pants. She tells me how she wants her hair everyday. And believe me...sometimes I have to talk her out of some crazy hair-dos. She loves it when she and Charlotte match and loves it even more when I wear something a little nicer.

Oh Lilbugs - how we love you!! I am so thankful EVERY single day that we have you in our lives...even when you're whining and being your Queen B self. We love that even more. You're strong, opinionated, and know exactly what you want. Just like your mom :)

Happy 5th Birthday Buggies!

Lily with her bracelet, sticker from school, and her crown from her teacher.

Lily with her new party outfit and zebra slippers.

Lily with her birthday cupcakes she helped to make for her day.

Blowing out her 5 candles!!

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