Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mood So Quickly Changed

This weekend was a rough one for me.
Not for any reason specifically.
Maybe it's the heat.
Maybe it's my longing for the beach.
Maybe I just needed to get out of the house.
Who knows - for whatever reason...I was awfully moody.

Have you ever felt as if you needed a vacation from your children? Well...this is pretty much how I felt all weekend. I know - I'm awful.

The sad part is - I work 4 days a week. Luckily, my sisters are my saving grace and they take in the cuties to play all day long with their little cousins. So, in other words - it's not as if I am with them 24/7 every day of the week. Yes, I do pick them up at their somewhat whiny time of the day - right before dinner as they are staaaaaaarv-ing. But, I don't blame them for their crabbiness at 5:30pm as we are driving in rush hour traffic. barely moving. hot. sweating. living for full force a/c that never seems cold enough when it is 114 outside. I'm whiny, too.

Well...this weekend started off great. Friday was a good day. The cuties and I always enjoy Fridays. It is my favorite day of the week as Brady so often reminds me. Saturday met us with a temperature well above 110 degrees. Lily had dance class. We cleaned. I made nachos for lunch. The hottie worked at the ballpark, then went out to celebrate a friend's birthday. The cuties and I cleaned out the playroom - then cuddled up on the couch and went to bed. Sunday came and I was feeling very anxious to leave the house. I have no idea why. After realizing I had no plans for the day - I was feeling stuck. Of course, with it being a gazillion degrees outside...the hottie was completely content with staying in the house watching ESPN. Feeling as if I would literally burst if I did not get out of the house - I took Lil to Walmart. We shopped for Brady's list of Kindergarten supplies. Ahhh...a little relief flushed over me.

So that's it. I needed a vacation from my house. from the cuties. Is that weird?

Well...I'm at work (sorry career - you'll have to wait as I'm blogging - it's therapeutic). I visited NieNie for a second only to read Monday's post and literally have a break down at my desk. Luckily I work very early and was alone....

I had this overwhelming desire to go to the cuties and chickie them. Immediately, my spirits were lifted. As for my moodiness...well, it has vanished.

Thank you blogging world for helping me get out my funk.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

G-Gross...with a Capital G!!

picture courtesy of, of course, google images

I'm a native Arizonian.
Yes - born and raised.

And, not up in the "cool country" like Flagstaff, Prescott...or even Payson.
Born right in heat central - Phoenix.

I L-O-V-E Arizona.
9 months out of the year - it is AWESOME!
Well...right now, we are NOT in those 9 months.
And, during those other 3 -
well...let's just say I could DEFINITELY do without them.

I don't know if that is exactly true.
I do like summer.
A little bit of it.
I love the pool.
The hottie loves the pool.
The cuties love the pool.
Luckily, we have a pool.
Well...it is almost too hot for even the pool.
THAT is what I completely DISLIKE about those 3 months.
And...we are smack dab in the middle of those 3 months.


Tonight - I took the cuties to watch the hottie play softball.
The game was at 8pm.
The sun was down.
I thought - eh - as long as the sun is not shining down...
how bad can it be??


Tonight was exceptionally disgusting.
Yes, there was no sun.
Yes, that did help.
But...it was also humid.
And, there was ABSOLUTELY no wind.
It was like sitting in a sauna.

Whoever said it's a dry heat has never been to AZ in the monsoon season.


Isn't it funny how kids barely notice the heat?
The cuties were rather well-behaved.
Playing, cheering, running around.
Cute, pink (very pink) cheeks and all.
They are definitely their mother's kids.

As we sweatingly walked to the car -
Lily whined for a bath,
Brady whined for a swim,
and the hottie whispered for his summer bath.

Easy - wishes granted.

Happy Summer!
Even if it is G-Gross, with a capital G!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AI Was Awesome - I Promise!

Remember this?

Well...just in case you forgot - I am an Idol fan.
Not as crazy as my mom...
But, still a big fan.

My dad bought all us girls tickets to the Idol tour.
We were SUPER excited.
My mom was literally jumping up and down.
As the day of the concert moved closer and closer,
I began to worry that it would be too...
um, teenie bopper-ish, brady-bunch style.

Last night was the AI concert.
I will have you know it was FAB-U-LOUS!
I was screaming and singing (if that's what you can call it)
and clapping and swaying and cheering
and throwing in some famous spirit fingers and........
yelling back at the people behind me that were screaming at me to sit down.

Sit down at a concert?
Did they not hear the talent asking us to stand up and join in?

Apparently not.

So...I tried very hard to sit when possible....
But, when the music begins - I have a very difficult time staying still.
Needless to say - it was awesome.
SO NOT cheesy.
So many great songs.
I got the goose bumps.
And...yes, Adam is still my favorite!

p.s...THANKS DAD!!!! And, thanks Mom for being such a crazed fan that Dad bought tickets for us!!

p.s.s...I forgot my camera. Yes, seriously - I can't believe it. Here's the only picture I can get my hands of right this minute...a Facebook mobile upload that Ash took as we were entering Jobing.com.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Road Trip...Finale

Dear Osborns....

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for allowing us to bust in and pretty much take over your home for the last week. We had the BEST time EVER!

I think the kids really got along great. Don't you? Just a bit of fighting. But, boys will be boys...right?? It was good for Brady to get some real "boys" time...he doesn't get that too often over here with Bugs.

I hope Buddy isn't moping around too much. I know that Lil sure misses him. Today she saw a picture of her and Buddy...she lit up immediately. But, no...we won't need you to send him our way - we are much better with doggy visits than as doggy parents.

CO was definitely nice and certainly much cooler than our heat zone in AZ. We have pretty much lived in our pool since returning. Thankfully it is still refreshing and not bath water...well, not yet anyways.

We loved visiting Red Rocks, Estes Park, the Stanley Hotel, the Denver Children's Museum, Coors Field, and of course, Hayden's t-ball game. We did so much - the week just flew by too rapidly.

I'll have you know the drive wasn't too bad. The kids were surprisingly well-behaved. I would even consider using the term - phenomenal. This is amazing - especially considering Lily hates freeways...even when just driving the short 25 minute drive to Scottsdale. I would say that we much preferred the drive from late afternoon through 3am vs. leaving at 2am and arriving at dinnertime. Even with such well-behaved children, (it's amazing that I can use that term to describe MY children with a long-distance road trip) we are leaning towards a preference for a short hop, skip, and jump plane flight. But...the cost savings of driving was much more than even anticipated - so that is always a bonus!

We sure missed you guys - it was so nice to have such a nice, relaxing visit. We hope to see all of you very soon. Feel free to use our home just as we used yours....as your own. We don't have much room - but, we'll just kick the kids out of their rooms - set up the pop-up bed (which they prefer anyway) and...voila...you've got a two-room suite just like that.

We love you all very much - you're the best!

Thanks again!!

The Campbell's

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Road Trip...Part 2

Lil has a new best friend.

We were a bit worried since she is the only girl.
She's getting along fine.

When we finished getting ready this morning to leave for the city, we couldn't find Lil.
I went to open April and Justin's bedroom door and it was locked.
No surprise - Lil loves to lock the doors.
We knock - she doesn't answer.
Bryan picks the lock....
That is how we found Lil.

No, we're not bringing him home with us.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Road Trip....Part 1

Well...we made it to Castle Rock.

The drive was...well, it wasn't too bad. It was actually way better than expected. It was; however, a veeeeeerrrrrry long drive. We weren't rushing - so maybe that made it a bit longer. Or, maybe that just allowed the Cuties a lot more stops to get out, stretch, and wiggle away their car boredom.

So far - we've witnessed:
  • an awesome AZ sunrise (yep, you can't find those just anywhere)
  • a loooong stretch of absolute nothing in New Mexico
  • a Diner, Drive-ins, and Dives site - Backroad Pizza (definite dive, yet deeeee-licious)
  • the many ups and downs of the CO highway speed limits (which apparently you MUST obey)
  • a sideways rainstorm with temps in the high 50's
  • Brady's surprise, shock and confusion when we arrived at the Osborn's
  • a Rockies game at Coors Field - definitely awesome
  • and yes, July weather in the 80's while my humble abode weathered in the 116 zone
Don't worry, Mom (although, since you never read this - you're not worrying) we are not moving!!!

Tomorrow, we plan to take the Cuties along with their cousin, Hayden, to something kid-friendly. We haven't quite decided...we're thinking maybe the Denver Children's Museum or the Denver Zoo. Who knows??

p.s...you're going to have to wait a bit for photos - my computer is taking waaaaay to long to upload and I don't know how to lessen the size/pixel/or whatever it's called to make it easier.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Road Triiiiiiiiip!

I hate driving.

Wait. I take that back. I like driving. I just hate driving long distances.

Traveling via car to San Diego or Disney is about my limit. 6 - 7 hours in a car with the Cuties asking when we're going to get there...is a lot for anyone to take.

It gives me a whole new respect for my parents. They endured many a car rides with not 2, but 4 kiddos riding in tow. And...I know - there was a lot more going on than just a little bit of whining and complaining. I lived it. I did it.

Growing up, after every good ole' family trip - I would always think...I'm never driving with my kids. It's a nightmare.

Well...I take it all back.

Last year, we did travel via plane with Connecticut to visit the CT Campbell's. Lily...was a nightmare...on the plane. N-I-G-H-T-M-A-R-E!! Just to be fair, she did get an ear infection during the trip back east - so, this probably exaggerated her nightmare-ish symptoms. We really felt bad for her....and for everyone else on the plane.

This year, we've decided to go back to the driving days. To face an even longer drive than to Disney. Tonight, we're heading out to Castle Rock, CO. About 13-ish hours.

Plane or Car with kids???
We'll make our recommendation after the trip...stay tuned!

Let's just hope they trip is like this:

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th at The Babcock's

July 4th is one of those holidays in which we really do not have any type of tradition. And, by that - I mean...we pretty much do something different every year.

Last year, we lived it up at the Arizona Grand hotel - pool, slides, Rustler's Rooste, family, games...it was fun.

This year, Sheldon and Jacki Babcock had a "We wish we were in San Diego" party and BBQ. It was a Yes, it was about a thousand degrees - but, I don't think the kids noticed at all. It was a fun, laid-back, potluck-style, family-fun BBQ at their house. There was quite a lot of people and kids...and it was F-U-N!

Yes, it was about a thousand degrees - but, I don't think the kids noticed at all. They spent almost the entire night either in the kiddie pools or Christina's gigantic water slide. The >18 group hung out around the ladderball, pool table, Rockband, outdoor A/C units...or in the shade watching the kiddies all play in the water.

Of course, the Cuties were more about the water than the food...well, unless it involved Yes, it was about a thousand degrees - but, I don't think the kids noticed at all. Well, unless it was about cupcakes. Lily stole both the cupcakes I attempted to eat.

As luck would have it - the Babcock residence had a perfect view of Arizona Country Club fireworks. The kids were in awe. Well...most of them. Lil wanted nothing do with the noise. Which made for an excellent time as the "men" (if that's what you'd call them) threw those snapper-like firecrackers at everyone's feet. She did get her chance to throw one down at Bryan's feet - but, of course...she didn't have enough power to make it pop!!

Around 10-ish...right as I was finishing a round of Rockband (six months sober and jumped back on the Rockband wagon) we started a game of poker. And...it was literally the looooooongest game of poker EVER!!

No - I did not win (wah, wah, wah) not even close. We did not leave to go home until after 2am. Yes...seriously...we're bad parents. Just kidding. Well, maybe I shouldn't mention that the Cuties, along with the Babcock Cuties and the Sowa Cutie partied the night away with us. Oops.

Don't fret - Lil did take a nap around 10pm...until midnight. She woke up with her second wind around the time that Brett's cousin, Mike, lost a game of Farkle...but that's a whole other post.

Although, we weren't in San Diego - the 4th certainly was fun.
Hot - yes.
But, still fun.

And...we didn't have to fight millions for a space on Mission Beach.

Thanks Babcocks!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Lil Ballerina

A few weeks ago - I signed Lil up for a toddler dance class.
Lil loves dancing. She loves Dancing with the Stars and SYTYCD - only because of the music and dancing. She could care less about any other TV or movies...but, when she hears the music - she loves to dance.

I found a very basic toddler class called Bouncing Babies at a dance studio in Gilbert called Sas Dance. The class is designed for the ages of 2-3. Their summer session was beginning June 15th...so - I enrolled her. I figured I will give her 2 months and if she is liking it - we'll continue...if not, we'll be done.

We were told that she needed both tap shoes and ballet shoes - so off to Payless we went. Did you know they sell dance shoes at Payless? I had no clue. Perfect timing...it was during a BOGO sale - woo hoo!!!
On the drive to her first class, Lil was super excited. She was wearing some comfy shorts and a tank and her tap shoes. The shoe girl that she is was loving it!!

Little did I know that even toddler dance class is VERY independent. The mothers sit in the hall and watch through a window as their children dance in the studio. The second Lily went in...she freaked out. She turned quiet, shy Lily. And...she decided that very moment was the time to start to suck on a finger. What!!???? This from a girl that we couldn't beg to take a binky. She never cried, but - she was the child that sat there the entire time. just watching. with her finger... glued to the inside of her mouth.
I couldn't believe it. I expected her to be a bit shy. But, she never warmed up. The girl loves to dance - and she did not dance one little bit during the entire one-hour class.

At the end of the hour, all the little girls received a lollipop. Well...sure enough Lily was in heaven. She loves her lollipops. So, she happily accepts the lollipop and runs out the door smiling. As we are walking out to the car...guess who then decides to dance? Of course. AFTER.

As Lil was the only child not wearing leotards - of course, Nanny suggests getting her all dolled up in a leotard. So...during the week - I scour around for toddler leotards and tights. I pick one at the second-hand store and target. So, she now has the uniform...and she loves dress-up, so this just might help.

The second class comes. Lil was so excited to put on her new leotard and skirt that she is ready with about an hour to spare for her 9am, Saturday class. We talk about dance class the entire way. She walks into the building with a big smile. Then...she enters the dance studio.
Immediately, the finger-in-mouth, quiet Lil returns. What!!????

Lil's group of Bouncing Babies joins the Dancing Divas group of 3-4 year-olds with hopes that the younger ones (primarily Lil) will...come out of their shells.

Lil - watches intently. Soon, the finger leaves her mouth. She is smiling. She is...well, trying to dance, tap, somersault.

Whew...big improvements. It took awhile, but she is beginning to warm up to the class. At the end of class - she dances her way out of the room and into the car. Of course, lollipop in tow.
Check her out - is she absolutely adorable???!!!

Prayer Request

Please pray for 5-year old Kate. She is facing an uphill battle. Although I do not personally know Kate, I was introduced to her story through one of my oldest friends, Jaime. Kate is the daugther of two of her dear friends, who was recently diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. They are asking that their message be spread to gather as many prayers as possible for their daughter.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sprinkler Fun

Mondays and Wednesdays the Cuties are with my sister, Cori. Yes, my sisters take in the Cuties while their mommy goes off to the corporate world. Who better to watch your kiddos than your very own sisters...

Aren't my sisters the absolute best? Seriously, they're awesome. I really do not know what I would do without them.

This Monday - when I arrived to pick up the Cuties, I sat down for a bit outside with my mom. Aidyn was wearing the most adorable dress. Lily and Aidyn were running around outside, even though I'm not sure how - considering it's a million degrees. My mom and I were quietly watching Aidyn as she, ever-so slowly, creeeeeeeeped out to the grass that was being watered by the sprinklers. We're whispering to each other how adorable her dress is...should we take it off of her??? Hmmm.....

Well, she manages to inch her way into the grass, clothes and all. She proceeds to run around through the sprinklers - smiling, playing and giggling - not a single care in all the world. Lily is in awe. She quickly joins Aidyn in on the fun.

Once Lil was thoroughly saturated, the sprinklers turn off. You could see the disappointment in their eyes. We chuckle, yet feel a tinge of sadness their fun has so quickly ended.

So...we call Aidyn and Lily over. They waddle over to us with their waterlogged clothing (and diapers) weighing more than they do. We strip their clothes off, and allow them to run around freely, while Poppy turns the sprinklers back on for a little bit more fun.

Back out to the grass they run...this time clothing free.

A short time later, when the sprinklers turn off, they sadly run over to us covered in pieces of grass. We turn on the hose to rinse off the grass - and their eyes light up. Who needs sprinklers when a hose can bring the same amount of fun?

Tonight, we ate dinner at my parents house. Guess what Lily wanted to do? Run in the "sprinkas"...and, yep you guessed it. We gave in, again. This time, to both of the Cuties. Brady kept on his undies. And, Lil...well, she prefers her birthday suit. Sorry...no pictures of tonight.

Sprinkler fun brings me back...way back to my childhood. Ahhh - the memories.