Sunday, July 26, 2009

G-Gross...with a Capital G!!

picture courtesy of, of course, google images

I'm a native Arizonian.
Yes - born and raised.

And, not up in the "cool country" like Flagstaff, Prescott...or even Payson.
Born right in heat central - Phoenix.

I L-O-V-E Arizona.
9 months out of the year - it is AWESOME!
Well...right now, we are NOT in those 9 months.
And, during those other 3 -
well...let's just say I could DEFINITELY do without them.

I don't know if that is exactly true.
I do like summer.
A little bit of it.
I love the pool.
The hottie loves the pool.
The cuties love the pool.
Luckily, we have a pool. is almost too hot for even the pool.
THAT is what I completely DISLIKE about those 3 months.
And...we are smack dab in the middle of those 3 months.


Tonight - I took the cuties to watch the hottie play softball.
The game was at 8pm.
The sun was down.
I thought - eh - as long as the sun is not shining down...
how bad can it be??


Tonight was exceptionally disgusting.
Yes, there was no sun.
Yes, that did help. was also humid.
And, there was ABSOLUTELY no wind.
It was like sitting in a sauna.

Whoever said it's a dry heat has never been to AZ in the monsoon season.


Isn't it funny how kids barely notice the heat?
The cuties were rather well-behaved.
Playing, cheering, running around.
Cute, pink (very pink) cheeks and all.
They are definitely their mother's kids.

As we sweatingly walked to the car -
Lily whined for a bath,
Brady whined for a swim,
and the hottie whispered for his summer bath.

Easy - wishes granted.

Happy Summer!
Even if it is G-Gross, with a capital G!


April said...

Low 80's today with a breeze!!! That icky stuff you had last night must have felt nasty.

Ashley said...

3 months?!!! I'd say a gross 4-6 months!! It really is horribly hottt! You guys should've went camping with us! :)