Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AI Was Awesome - I Promise!

Remember this?

Well...just in case you forgot - I am an Idol fan.
Not as crazy as my mom...
But, still a big fan.

My dad bought all us girls tickets to the Idol tour.
We were SUPER excited.
My mom was literally jumping up and down.
As the day of the concert moved closer and closer,
I began to worry that it would be too...
um, teenie bopper-ish, brady-bunch style.

Last night was the AI concert.
I will have you know it was FAB-U-LOUS!
I was screaming and singing (if that's what you can call it)
and clapping and swaying and cheering
and throwing in some famous spirit fingers and........
yelling back at the people behind me that were screaming at me to sit down.

Sit down at a concert?
Did they not hear the talent asking us to stand up and join in?

Apparently not.

So...I tried very hard to sit when possible....
But, when the music begins - I have a very difficult time staying still.
Needless to say - it was awesome.
SO NOT cheesy.
So many great songs.
I got the goose bumps.
And...yes, Adam is still my favorite!

p.s...THANKS DAD!!!! And, thanks Mom for being such a crazed fan that Dad bought tickets for us!!

p.s.s...I forgot my camera. Yes, seriously - I can't believe it. Here's the only picture I can get my hands of right this minute...a Facebook mobile upload that Ash took as we were entering Jobing.com.

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