Wednesday, May 20, 2009


AI = Awesome!
I heart HEART HEART American Idol!

I don't know if you remember,
but I am a HUUUUGE Adam Lambert fan.
I think he is awesome.
Pure talent.
Vocal range like no other.
All that = Adam.

I do not remember Adam or Kris

from the early Hollywood episodes.
But once it hit the top 13 -
Adam stood out to me immediately.
He was my favorite from that point forward.
2 weeks later - I noticed Kris.
He was pretty good, too.
I followed both of them throughout.
Always, Adam #1
Kris #2.

Tuesday night of competition...

Yes, Adam is still my fave.
But, Kris is awesome, too.
Kris is more "American Idol-ly."
I even put that on my FB page.
Verbatim - "I do like Kris - I actually think he might win - but, Adam has been my favorite since the beginning and my favorite tonight."

Tonight's finale:

There are no words.
To have been there - would have been...
simply AMAZING.
The show was extraordinary.
So much talent.
So many performances.
So exciting.
I wish there could have been 2 winners.

Even better -
my mom said tonight she wanted
to go to the AI concert.
So, while we were watching the show...
my dad goes online,
buys us girls all tickets
to the July 20 AZ show.



I CANNOT wait.
I seriously think I'm
turning into a teeny bopper.

Why - you ask?

July = AI concert

August = Twilight Convention

Yes, seriously.

No judging.
I am VERY excited.

I think I turned 13 in February

vs. 30.

Back to the show.

It's over.
It was an
I love AI.
Kris is awesome.
Adam is simply amazing.
The finale - full of surprises
and excitement.

L-O-V-E-D it!

And...thanks Dad!!

p.s...Funny story. My mom had Ashley, Me, & the kids (Cori had to work) over for an AI party. We ate, we watched AI, and the kids danced. It was perfect. My mom even had a special dessert. She tells us when she went to Bashas' to buy a cake - she asked them to write American Idol on it. The gal at Bashas' tells her - wow, this is the 2nd one today. My mom says she thought - whew, I'm not the only nerd. mom buys the cake and brings it home. When she gets home - she tells my dad what she ordered from the bakery. Next thing she dad opens the freezer and pulls out the ice cream cake he had printed with the words "American Idol" from the very same bakery. So...I guess, my mom isn't the only nerd - my dad is the other! Too funny!


Ashley said...

Absolutely amazing!!I can't stop watching it! I'm not sure if I will be able to delete from my dvr! Can't wait for the concert! :)

April said...

It was AWESOME and enjoy the show when you all go.
Now....the story about the AI writing on the cake had us all in CO LOL. Too funny.