Friday, May 15, 2009

More Mean Girls vs. HSM

Has anyone seen this post on AZFAMILY.COM?

Read it.

I feel for this poor girl. She was not only humiliated on the day the yearbooks were distributed...but - will continue to feel some sort of humiliation every day that she looks at that yearbook and sees the term, "fat***" under her Freshman picture.

The school has decided to collect yearbooks and place a sticker over the derogatory words that are "mistakenly" printed throughout the yearbook (apparently this girl is not the only one affected).

Seriously? That is the measure they have taken to resolve the issue? As if this makes it suddenly ok? And, not hurtful? And, forgiven?

Not to mention, I have been reading comments about this same issue. Many people are just as disgusted, yet, many think it to be not a big deal. Comments I have seen a lot of are..."it is wrong, but they should move on and learn from it. If she doesn't like the way she looks, maybe she should change it."


The girl is 15 years old. 15. 15! High school is such a difficult time in a teenager's life. Teenagers are constantly changing and walking that line between youthfulness and naivete, with only glimpses of maturity. They are only beginning to learn just who they are and who they want to be.

To verbalize such a derogatory comment is one thing. But, to put that derogatory comment in printed ink. In a yearbook. For all to see. - That is entirely something different.

Yearbooks are meant to be treasured memories of an era. One that you can look back on to laugh, smile, cry, and reminisce. Unfortunately, all this girl will be able to do with this very yearbook is to look back in anger and sadness.

I have no idea of what punishment should be for the mastermind(s) behind such malice. The culprit(s), too, are very young; however, the difference between right and wrong in this case is obvious. Even at 15, the culprit(s) should have known their actions were wrong and callous.

So, should there be a punishment? Absolutely.

Severity of said punishment? Difficult to assess. Failing course grade? Suspension? I'll leave that to the district. But, I definitely think this warrants more than just an "I'm sorry" and a sticker.

That's my two cents...

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