Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Names are very important. They kind of define us. Funny, considering we are given our names by our parents (most of the time) even before we are born. Given them to us...when they've never met us and don't yet know our personality.

Well...that fact is debatable. I kind of knew a little of my kids personalities while in utero...but they definitely changed. For example - Brady was super laid-back, we called him the couch potato. And now...well...let's just say couch potato is NOT a description of him anymore.

Naming a child is very difficult. With Charlotte - everyone knows that we struggled. I mean STRUGGLED. A boy's name - we had it set in stone. But, a girl's What a struggle.

Remember all the names we liked? Or, should I say I liked? Brynn, Ella, Finley, Lauren, Brooklyn, Quinn...and who can forget my love of the name Piper.

We settled on the name Charlotte. We love the name Charlotte. And, the nickname Charlie, for that matter. I still think it is funny how anyone decides on a name. Of the millions and millions of names...and we select one. How strange. Especially since a name is so important.

Brady totally fits Brady. And Lil...well she couldn't be anything else - it just wouldn't suit. I know I didn't always feel that way. After the birth of any new child (not only my own) I always have a hard time calling them by name. With took forever to feel comfortable calling him Brady vs. the baby or cutesy names like "little guy", etc. For some takes me awhile to call a baby by name comfortably.

I'm struggling with the same thing right now with Charlotte. Should I call her Charlotte or Charlie? Hmm....that is my constant question to myself.

I love the name Charlotte. She certainly does NOT look like a Piper. Funny that I think that way because I am not the person that believes you can wait to see your child before you name her. goodness if her name was Piper - it would not fit at all. Thank you BRYAN for veto'ing it. Funny...but, I do think she looks like a Quinn.

DO NOT WORRY - we are not changing her name. (Although I quietly suggested Quinn the other day and the hottie about had a heart attack, but agreed she could she could be a Quinn). I love the name Charlotte....I just wonder if she's a Charlotte or a Charlie?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Month

(Charlotte with her..."please save me from my sister and brother" look)

Charlotte is one month old!
Well...really she was one month old 2 days ago.
I'm behind.

Charlotte at 1 month....
EATING - She is a little piglet. 4 ounces, sometimes 5 at a time.
SLEEPING - She is a great sleeper. 5-ish hours at nighttime.
She definitely loves her mommy and it makes her daddy very jealous.
Her hair is starting to thin and lighten just a bit.
We estimate she weighs about 9 pounds.
Her eyes are still blue.
She is looking more and more like Brades.

So far - life with 3 is great.
Pretty easy.

Some thoughts....
1. You forget with EVERY child how much they eat.
2. much they sleep.
3. Baby grunts are the best.
4. There is such a thing as the older sibling helping too much!
5. Savor the moment - I don't want Charlotte to grow another inch.
6. There is a big difference from 2 children to 3 children to the outside world...everyone asks if its really is not any different than 2...not yet anyway.
7. I'm not sure I'll ever get out the birth announcements. And that's okay.
8. I have a baby book - I can't really start it until I know if she's a Charlotte or a Charlie.
9. I miss date nights reaaaaaaaally bad.
10. I find it rather freeing to shower and put my hair in braids for the day.
11. And, apply lotion rather than any makeup.
12. Childcare interviews are stressful.
13. Having the time to cook dinners is really, really nice.
14. Fitting or trying to fit into my clothes is HORRIFIC!
15. Listening to Brady and Lily try to play with Charlotte and give her kisses is priceless.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Today's Thoughts About Charlotte

Charlotte is...without a doubt...the best baby ever.
She's got 2 cutie pants older siblings that lover her.
And cuddle her.
And feed her.
And kiss her.
Sometimes (always) waaaaaay too much.
And she doesn't care.
She sleeps.
When she should.
(except for the other night from 12am-2:30am - but that was a fluke)
She's starting to be awake during the day...
It's the best!
We're definitely in love......

Harry and Lloyd

I thought this title was better than Dumb and Dumber...
Seriously...these boys are the best of friends.
What cutie patooties.
And goofballs.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Babysitter for 3

Luckily I have the very best parents in all the land. They WANTED to babysit. For all. 3. kids. Yes...all 3. We celebrated our first night out in awhile by taking the Babcock's to dinner. Brio - my fave. I did have my first drink in many, many months. just happened to be the very best weather in June in AZ in a long, long, time. The Gordon Biersch patio called our name after dinner and we headed there for some nice after dinner chatting.
Thanks Babcock's - we love you!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You ARE 31 This Time, Dawn...

It all started about 4 days post delivery. What, you may ask???

Pain...lots of pain in my neck and shoulder. So bad...that I could barely turn my head. Or sleep. Or drive. My range of motion was definitely off. At first I thought I slept wrong. You know, because every mother sleeps on an air mattress after delivering a baby because their room smells like fresh paint and gives them a headache...errrr....oops I digress. But...the pain didn't go away.

It got worse. feeding and cuddling and cooking and sleeping became even more difficult - I medicated. With my leftover percosets from the doctor. You know...the ones that are for "delivery" pain in your girlie regions? I was really using them for my neck and back pain. Do not worry - I only had a few pills - I took them to help sleep ONLY. Once the pills were gone - I realized the pain was NOT gone. Not by any means. I tried to live with it to no avail. I was thinking the pain might be from the epidural. People get epidural headaches...why not an epidural neck/back ache? People told me to relax. To stop doing too much.

But...I'm now a mom of 3 kids and just moved into a new house...relaxing is just not my forte.

I kept wondering why the pain would not go away. My mom was checking on me's your pain? did you call your doctor? take a bath. take a hot shower. take a nap. But, I was confused. I've never had to "relax" after delivery before...why now? I was quickly informed, You ARE 31 this time, Dawn.... no means do I think 31 is old. (of course not...I'm not old, right - so, how can 31 be old???) And for sure - 31 is still on the younger-side of motherhood by today's standards.

But, I finally gave in and called the doctor. They made me come in. My thoughts...I guess they just don't prescribe pain meds over the phone. WRONG!!! I go in - they say...No, it's not related to the epidural - but, probably to the delivery and the feedings and the holding of the baby. They send me to physical therapy. YES - PHYSICAL THERAPY!!!

Just to review. This is my 3rd baby. All 3 of which I have delivered and fed and cuddled and held the exact same way. But...yes...this time I'm 31 and I guess my body just is not the same.

So...I've been to physical therapy. I'm on the 2 times per week plan. Over the counter Ibuprofen, physical therapy, and home exercises only. No - there was no car accident or injury....just delivery and the holding of a 7 pound baby. My dumbbells are heavier than the baby....but, motherhood has sent me to PT. Crazy??? Definitely. Embarrassing? Yes. Especially when I'm at therapy and am the ONLY person under the age of 70.

The good's working. I'm feeling better.


6/17/10 - I was joined at PT by some younger age and even younger. Sports and football. When they asked what brought me there....I gave them all a laugh when I told them, I had a baby. We all agreed I should make up a good story so as not to embarrass myself :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Newborn Swaddlers...Pampers

I'm a Huggies fan.
I always have been.
Well...since I've had the Cuties anyways.
I just feel like they're...better.
They always seem to stay dry.
And feel dry.
And NOT have that very low "hang."
But...this time...there is just something about those
Pampers Newborn Swaddler diapers.
The's addicting.
I swear it's like an air freshener that screams "fresh infant."'s addicting.
I'm dreading the move to stage 1's.
Because Huggies it will be.
And goodbye fresh infant smell.

Wow...I guess these are the thoughts of a new(ish) mom......

Monday, June 14, 2010

Marriott Photography

A long, long time ago - I married the Hottie (9.5 years-ish). Marnee Marriott did our photos for the event. We loved them. Luckily....she is still crazy busy in her business and has only become even more amazing. She took some photos of our cuties....

Now...we just have to figure out what we want...this is the hard part!

Thank you Marriott Photography - YOU ROCK!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life With 3

These pictures pretty much sum up our life right now...
Eating - besides this delish cake that Julie brought...I've been cooking

Looking at this cutie's face...

Giving Lil treatments...

Watching Lil take care of her "babies"...

Loving how stinkin' sweet Brades is with his new sister...

Enjoying visiting family...

Memorial Day BBQ at the Babcock's...

Cleaning up and saying goodbye to the old house...

And, of course falling more and more in love...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Smilin' Charlie

Thank goodness Ashley always has her camera out and ready. She caught this beauty and I just L-O-V-E, LOVE it!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Girls Night Out with Charlotte

Well...Charlotte had her first GNO!!
We met my besties at San Felipe's - Tempe Marketplace and then headed out to Sex and the City II. Couldn't be more perfect for her first night out! Of course, she was an angel - slept the whole time except to eat at the start of the movie. My friends all took turns holding her (thank you!!) as she quietly squeaked during her dreams.
Too cute!!
By the way...yes...all my kids have names from the show/movies SATC. It really is a coincidence, totally not planned. I promise. But, considering I am a BIG fan of the is super funny.