Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You ARE 31 This Time, Dawn...

It all started about 4 days post delivery. What, you may ask???

Pain...lots of pain in my neck and shoulder. So bad...that I could barely turn my head. Or sleep. Or drive. My range of motion was definitely off. At first I thought I slept wrong. You know, because every mother sleeps on an air mattress after delivering a baby because their room smells like fresh paint and gives them a headache...errrr....oops I digress. But...the pain didn't go away.

It got worse. feeding and cuddling and cooking and sleeping became even more difficult - I medicated. With my leftover percosets from the doctor. You know...the ones that are for "delivery" pain in your girlie regions? I was really using them for my neck and back pain. Do not worry - I only had a few pills - I took them to help sleep ONLY. Once the pills were gone - I realized the pain was NOT gone. Not by any means. I tried to live with it to no avail. I was thinking the pain might be from the epidural. People get epidural headaches...why not an epidural neck/back ache? People told me to relax. To stop doing too much.

But...I'm now a mom of 3 kids and just moved into a new house...relaxing is just not my forte.

I kept wondering why the pain would not go away. My mom was checking on me's your pain? did you call your doctor? take a bath. take a hot shower. take a nap. But, I was confused. I've never had to "relax" after delivery before...why now? I was quickly informed, You ARE 31 this time, Dawn.... no means do I think 31 is old. (of course not...I'm not old, right - so, how can 31 be old???) And for sure - 31 is still on the younger-side of motherhood by today's standards.

But, I finally gave in and called the doctor. They made me come in. My thoughts...I guess they just don't prescribe pain meds over the phone. WRONG!!! I go in - they say...No, it's not related to the epidural - but, probably to the delivery and the feedings and the holding of the baby. They send me to physical therapy. YES - PHYSICAL THERAPY!!!

Just to review. This is my 3rd baby. All 3 of which I have delivered and fed and cuddled and held the exact same way. But...yes...this time I'm 31 and I guess my body just is not the same.

So...I've been to physical therapy. I'm on the 2 times per week plan. Over the counter Ibuprofen, physical therapy, and home exercises only. No - there was no car accident or injury....just delivery and the holding of a 7 pound baby. My dumbbells are heavier than the baby....but, motherhood has sent me to PT. Crazy??? Definitely. Embarrassing? Yes. Especially when I'm at therapy and am the ONLY person under the age of 70.

The good's working. I'm feeling better.


6/17/10 - I was joined at PT by some younger age and even younger. Sports and football. When they asked what brought me there....I gave them all a laugh when I told them, I had a baby. We all agreed I should make up a good story so as not to embarrass myself :)

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