Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Names are very important. They kind of define us. Funny, considering we are given our names by our parents (most of the time) even before we are born. Given them to us...when they've never met us and don't yet know our personality.

Well...that fact is debatable. I kind of knew a little of my kids personalities while in utero...but they definitely changed. For example - Brady was super laid-back, we called him the couch potato. And now...well...let's just say couch potato is NOT a description of him anymore.

Naming a child is very difficult. With Charlotte - everyone knows that we struggled. I mean STRUGGLED. A boy's name - we had it set in stone. But, a girl's What a struggle.

Remember all the names we liked? Or, should I say I liked? Brynn, Ella, Finley, Lauren, Brooklyn, Quinn...and who can forget my love of the name Piper.

We settled on the name Charlotte. We love the name Charlotte. And, the nickname Charlie, for that matter. I still think it is funny how anyone decides on a name. Of the millions and millions of names...and we select one. How strange. Especially since a name is so important.

Brady totally fits Brady. And Lil...well she couldn't be anything else - it just wouldn't suit. I know I didn't always feel that way. After the birth of any new child (not only my own) I always have a hard time calling them by name. With took forever to feel comfortable calling him Brady vs. the baby or cutesy names like "little guy", etc. For some takes me awhile to call a baby by name comfortably.

I'm struggling with the same thing right now with Charlotte. Should I call her Charlotte or Charlie? Hmm....that is my constant question to myself.

I love the name Charlotte. She certainly does NOT look like a Piper. Funny that I think that way because I am not the person that believes you can wait to see your child before you name her. goodness if her name was Piper - it would not fit at all. Thank you BRYAN for veto'ing it. Funny...but, I do think she looks like a Quinn.

DO NOT WORRY - we are not changing her name. (Although I quietly suggested Quinn the other day and the hottie about had a heart attack, but agreed she could she could be a Quinn). I love the name Charlotte....I just wonder if she's a Charlotte or a Charlie?


Krystal said...

When I hear the name "Charlie" I always think of the video where the baby is bitting his brothers finger! Well, the babies name was Charlie!
But Charlotte is such a gentle name, and beautiful!

Doreen said...

I definitely think you should call Charlotte....Charlotte or Char...she definitely is not a Charlie to she is way to beautiful for such a boy name.

Ashley said...

I LOVE Charlie!! Nothing is cuter than a beautiful girl with a boyish name! I also love Charlotte too! I like to change it up every now and then! No for Char! That to me is like calling a Brooklyn Brooke!