Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Newborn Swaddlers...Pampers

I'm a Huggies fan.
I always have been.
Well...since I've had the Cuties anyways.
I just feel like they're...better.
They always seem to stay dry.
And feel dry.
And NOT have that very low "hang."
But...this time...there is just something about those
Pampers Newborn Swaddler diapers.
The smell....it's addicting.
I swear it's like an air freshener that screams "fresh infant."
Seriously...it's addicting.
I'm dreading the move to stage 1's.
Because Huggies it will be.
And goodbye fresh infant smell.

Wow...I guess these are the thoughts of a new(ish) mom......


April said...

So my girlfriend posted on her blog that Pampers Dry Max are the worst diapers out there. Then I read yours...too funny!!! You will have to check her post out @ Height Happenings. :)

Robin said...

I love NB pampers too. I really like the yellow strip that turns green. But you're right about Huggies being better when the kids are older.