Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Month

(Charlotte with her..."please save me from my sister and brother" look)

Charlotte is one month old!
Well...really she was one month old 2 days ago.
I'm behind.

Charlotte at 1 month....
EATING - She is a little piglet. 4 ounces, sometimes 5 at a time.
SLEEPING - She is a great sleeper. 5-ish hours at nighttime.
She definitely loves her mommy and it makes her daddy very jealous.
Her hair is starting to thin and lighten just a bit.
We estimate she weighs about 9 pounds.
Her eyes are still blue.
She is looking more and more like Brades.

So far - life with 3 is great.
Pretty easy.

Some thoughts....
1. You forget with EVERY child how much they eat.
2. much they sleep.
3. Baby grunts are the best.
4. There is such a thing as the older sibling helping too much!
5. Savor the moment - I don't want Charlotte to grow another inch.
6. There is a big difference from 2 children to 3 children to the outside world...everyone asks if its really is not any different than 2...not yet anyway.
7. I'm not sure I'll ever get out the birth announcements. And that's okay.
8. I have a baby book - I can't really start it until I know if she's a Charlotte or a Charlie.
9. I miss date nights reaaaaaaaally bad.
10. I find it rather freeing to shower and put my hair in braids for the day.
11. And, apply lotion rather than any makeup.
12. Childcare interviews are stressful.
13. Having the time to cook dinners is really, really nice.
14. Fitting or trying to fit into my clothes is HORRIFIC!
15. Listening to Brady and Lily try to play with Charlotte and give her kisses is priceless.


April said...

So cute and I hope her eyes stay blue...and they could :) Miss you all so much.

Heidi said...

You sure are blessed!