Saturday, February 27, 2010

Naming Poll

So, once again we are asking for some feedback. The Hottie and I have attempted to narrow our list of baby names down to a select few. The good news is this - we've narrowed down our list. The bad new is this - our favorite changes everyday.
Please vote!!

Loving the Irony

We signed Brady up for Little League. We're trying out a new league. We have put him in the Gilbert Little League division - SE Diamondbacks. In this league - the teams are assigned a name from the the Diamondbacks, Angels, Indians, etc. This is different from the league he has played in for the last couple years. In the old league, the teams get to pick their names. But - now, the name is chosen for us. This shouldn't be a big deal, right?

Well, we've been waiting for a few weeks to find out what team Brady was placed on, who his coach is, and where/when his practices are located. Last night, we received the email....

Brady has been placed on the Yankees.

The Hottie just about died. Brady was almost in tears. I literally had to talk sense into both of them. You would have thought we were talking about the real Yankees. It was that bad.

I was holding back giggles and chuckles and tons of laughter. Yes, this was very ironic. The biggest, Fever Pitch-style Red Sox fans were now going to be cheering for a Yankee team.

No worries, I promised Brady that he could wear his Red Sox gear to practices and only had to don the Yankees jersey at the game. I also told him that Bryan would get a Yankees shirt to support the team....that didn't go over too well.

Isn't it funny how things work out?? HIL-AR-I-OUS!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bowlin' with the Fam for Cori's Birthday

Meet the Birthday Girl.

Meet me and the Hottie.

See the Birthday Girl and the Fam with jello shots.

jello shots at a bowling alley? who knew??

See Brett Twist & Shout at karaoke.

yes, with some gals we don't know...

See the Birthday Girl.
And Tara.
And Brett.
Sing Like a Prayer.

What a night. And, oh what fun!!!
Being pregnant means I am designated driver.
And...always entertained!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thank Goodness for Pneumonia

Lily is sick. Finally...after her fourth trip to the doctor, it was discovered that she's really not breathing too well. Lots of popping and wheezing...and pneumonia is the diagnosis.

You may ask WHY we are thankful it's pneumonia. Yes, that can be bad news. this case, we've got it taken care of with lots of steroids and antibiotics and breathing treatments.

You see...the last several days - Lily has literally been a different child. We knew that she had a "cold." She was taking her steroids and an antibiotic just like she has in the past, but this time - it was like she was literally going crazy. For the first few days she was crying...screaming rather...almost non-stop. We had a handful of good hours over those days, but for the most part - it was scream central. Of course, we felt terribly bad for her. We were sure she was struggling with her breathing...and she just didn't know what to do.

But...unlike all of the other times, the steroids and antibiotics were just not working. So, we were thinking that there was something else wrong. WHY oh WHY was she so miserable? And...of course, was making us miserable, too. Going from the happy go lucky kid that smiles even when she can't breathe - she was now a cryer. A nonstop. cryer.

By phone, I discussed this with her doctors - they agreed to take her off the medication - maybe it was making her crazy. So the verdict was - stop the antibiotic...keep her on the steroids for her lungs. Her mood changed.

She would now go into almost lethargic-like phases. She would still cry off and on - but, it was more whining and soft. She would be somewhat Lily-like for a couple hours and then would go into a phase of lethargy where she could not get enough sleep. Could not seem to open her eyes. Would not eat. Would barely answer a yes/no question...and this would last for hours and hours and hours. Even other people noticed it - not just me.

Of course, we're all now wondering what is going on. We're thinking of our family histories and all of her symptoms and possible diagnoses. Yes - we Googled. And, Googling is always a bad idea in these scenarios.

We went to the doctor preparing for lots of labs and scans and maybe even hospital visits and we walked out 2 hours later with the diagnosis of pneumonia, two very painful antibiotic shots, a breathing treatment, and prescriptions to pick up.

We can deal with pneumonia. She's had it before. She just reacted so much differently than ever before.

You'll be happy to know - she loves her breathing treatments. She's a pro. She puts the mask on herself, turns on the machine, and watches Dora during the treatment. I guess it's all the practice watching Aunt Ashley!

p.s....she's almost 100% back to Lily!! Thank goodness!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Dinner

We're not big into Valentine's.
We never have been.
I can't remember really ever going all out.
It's fine with us.
Today - we celebrated Valentine's at the zoo.
Just the 4 of us.
It was SUPER busy.
Lil was feeling better,
but she was still a little cranky.
On the way home, we stopped by Fry's and picked up
ingredients for dinner.
I made ziti.
The hottie loves it.
Me too.
To be honest, I'm not the best chef.
Well...I just don't have a big menu.
But, my ziti is delicious.
Not fancy, but delicious.
I made a crock pot cake and we found out that
it is very, very, very rich.
Too rich.
But...beforehand, we made homemade whipped cream.
Actually, Brady did.
Grandpa and Rie would be SO proud!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

It's Been a Rough, Rough Weekend

Lily has been sick.
It seems like never before...
It pretty much started early last week.
It's been a long time since her asthma kicked in.
We forgot how bad it can be.
And, how she struggles to breathe. she can be VERY whiny.
Poor thing is feeling better...
Thanks to super steroids.
A year's worth in 5 days...or so they say.
We miss this Lily

Luckily, she seemed well enough to get out today.
We went to the zoo.
We love our zoo membership!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Me = 31

It's been awhile since my last post.
I've been...well, I'm not sure why I haven't blogged.
I've missed it.
Since my last post - I turned 31.
Woo Hoo...I think!
What a great low-key (how I like it) birthday.
Perfect. Relaxed. Special.
Thank you to everyone for such wonderful birthday surprises and messages!!
I am truly blessed....

p.s. Happy Birthday to my Grandma, too!!
I get to share my birthday with her!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 Snapshot

I blogstalk this blog. One I came across and just love. She has some fun motherhood tips and ideas. And...she always has some kind of family craft idea. I love family fun time...if only I could get the hottie to really take part in all my nerdy ideas.....

Anyways, she recently wrote a post about a 2010 snapshot. Kind of a..."what's it like in our family right now" post. I loved it. And...I thought it was a good idea to replicate it.

You see, Brady just turned 6. And, I'm pregnant with #3. I remember when we had no kids. I don't really remember what life was like...but, I know we had hoped, hoped, hoped for kids for a long, long, long time. And then it happened. And then it happened again. And now again. And's already been 6 years and it really feels like yesterday. The years are passing by so quickly and I want to remember what life is like right now for us.

So let's reflect.

My sisters are our lifesavers. The watch Lily while we work. Ashley takes Monday and Wednesday and Cori has Tuesday and Thursday. They are amazing.

Saturdays are our family cleaning day. This really just means that I clean the house. The hottie cleans our bedroom. And, the Cuties play and watch TV. We really need to get them some chores...that will be on the list for this year.

Every Sunday I say we're going to go to church. We never go.

Fridays are my favorite day of the week. Lily and I stay in our jammies as long as possible until we have to get ready to pick Brady up from school. Sometimes we go out for the day...but rarely.

Lily loves to play dress-up more than any kid I know. We will be in the car and she will say - let's go home and play dress-up. She's got several "princess" outfits, a fairy dress, and there's always her Dorothy Halloween costume that she'll search for and throw on a few times a week. She loves wearing the fairy wings.

Lily changes her clothes approximately 3 times a day and then sticks all her outfits into her jammie drawer. We think she's hiding them...but, we don't know.

After school, Brady always goes outside to dump the sand from his shoes. There's about a tablespoon of sand in each shoe. Every day. It reminds me of my brother.

On Mondays, my Dad picks up Brady from school. Brady loves it. And, I think my dad secretly loves it, too. He's always the first car there. He's our lifesaver, too.

Bedtimes are filled with piggy backs from daddy and kisses from both of us.

Brady surrounds himself with pillows, about 6 stuffed animals (including Rufus - his pride and joy stuffed dog) and 2 blankets.

Lily has taken a liking to a new stuffed animal that we have named Buddy and her Baby Cinderella. Oh...and her froggy blanket.

We eat dinner at home at least 5 days of every week. It's not always fancy. In fact, it's never fancy. But, I love it.

Brady's favorite meal is this easy (almost instant) chicken pot pie meal that I got a recipe for from a blog. It takes 15 minutes.

Lily's favorite meal is spaghetti. Brady hates spaghetti.

Sunday nights we still have dinner at my parent's house about 90% of the time. I love Sunday nights. I love catching up with my family and letting all the kids run crazy. It reminds me of my childhood with my cousins....playing Colored Eggs at Nan and Pops.

The Cuties love to play Hide and Seek and play it together all the time. I think that is what has taught Lily to count to 20.

Dora is still a favorite in the house. But...only on the living room TV - not in the playroom. Weird!

The Cuties (and I) could live on cereal. Seriously.

The Cuties and I also love pretzels at the mall for lunch. But, the Hottie says that pretzels are not a meal. We think he's wrong.

Saturday mornings are filled with dance class for Lily at 9am. She loves it. I was going to pull her from it - but, I just couldn't. We've signed her up for the June recital (not quite sure how she'll actually memorize a kiddie dance, but we'll see) so she's in it until then.

Brady still wants to be a Professional Baseball Player.

The kids would live at the park if we let them. Unfortunately, we don't get to go too much. We need to make more time for that.

Brady loves buying lunch at school. The strawberry milk is his favorite. I've never had strawberry milk.

I went on Brady's first field trip to the farm with him. We took the school bus. He L-O-V-E-D, loved it.

Lily got a bike for Christmas and cannot pedal. She keeps pedaling backwards and that is the brake.

Lily hates driving on the freeway. Brady was like that at her age. It's not unheard of for her to cry hysterically the entire 45 minute commute home from Ashley's. I cry with her.

Lily finally potty trained herself. After months of me trying, she just did it on her own. She put me to shame.

I check on the Cuties every single night before I go to bed. I give them a kiss, cover them up and check their breathing. I then check every single door to make sure they are locked. I even check the garage door to make sure it is closed.

The Cuties go to bed about 7:30 - 8pm. I go to bed about 11pm. (other than in my first trimester when I would fall asleep at 7pm maximum)

We like to do the $5 Little Caesar's pizza 1 time per week. Sometimes, we skip a week. It's quick and easy. Sometimes, instead of getting the $5 pizza - we'll go to Costco for hot dogs and they're pizza.

Brady and the Hottie have a secret handshake.

The minute I get home from work - I put on comfy clothes. The Cuties LOOOOOVE comfy clothes.

The Hottie still plays softball on Sunday nights at Big League Dreams. If it's not too cold (or too hot) we go. Unless it's really's a school night!

If we don't go - the Cuties cry. Every single week.

The Hottie and I share in bathing duties. Typically, one of us does the dishes while one of us gives the Cuties a bath.

Brady and Lily still take baths together a lot of the time. I hope they never get to old for that. But, I know they will...very soon.

I have determined that Lily watches Dora too much because when she says something she'll say to me, "Say it with me" JUST. LIKE. DORA. And, she really wants me to say it with her. It's funny!

Brady is in Kindergarten. He has best friends. And, a girlfriend named Taina. I don't think he really knows what a girlfriend is - but, he says that she is his girlfriend. I think it is so cute to see him building such good friendships. I find it so funny how kids make friends. It's simply adorable.

When we eat dinner - it's not always at the table. But, a lot of the time it is. We don't really have designated seats. The Cuties love to take turns praying. I don't think they understand - but, it's cute.

2009 vacations: Disneyland, Colorado, and a cabin in Greer. The Hottie and I each took a week off during one of Brady's breaks and we stayed at home with the Cuties. I love vacations at home. Much more relaxing than real vacations.

Lily likes to help me fold clothes. She has no idea how to do it -but, she puts them in the right piles to put away.

Brady likes to set the table for dinner. He writes our names on our napkins. That is how we know where to sit.

Brady is still learning to tie his shoes. He says he doesn't need to know how because Emily and Will do it for him at school. Oh good....he's got shoe tying slaves - just perfect......

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Letter to the Hottie

Dear Hottie,

Today is Wednesday. I miss you.

I've been gone for two days. I've been busy...and I know that you sure have, too. The time seems to go by fast...but, then also very slow at the same time.

I travelled to Georgia today. It's...okay. But, take what I say lightly because I've really only been to the hotel and the office. So...not much site seeing going on. Lots of work. And...when I'm sitting in the hotel by myself, there is not much else to do besides work. Lots of work. Oh, and of course TV watching. Ugh. I miss DVR.

I do have a big bed. It's somewhat comfy...but, I don't really need the whole bed. I am sleeping on your side,'s rather nice. Oh, and there is nothing on TV right now - so I'm watching....the Office....and you know I don't really even like this show. But, I'm finding myself laughing - so maybe I'm growing used to it. Or maybe I'm just missing you.

I hope the Cuties are being good. I'm sure they're driving you a little crazy - but, they just do it out of love and excitement. I'm sure Lily was VERY excited for you to pick her up tonight. After her big sleepover...I'm sure she'll be tired and ready for bed early. Don't forget that Brady has a field trip on Friday and will need a packed lunch. We have plenty of food and snacks - so, fill it up for him!!

Well...I'm getting tired. I'm ready to snuggle up in the bed (without the comforter of's a hotel bed for goodness sakes) and go nighty-night.

I miss you lots and lots and lots. I love you tons and can't wait to come home. I'm kind of hoping for rain so your paintball trip gets postponed this weekend...but, boys weekend is always good for you - so I'll hope for clear skies.

Good night and I love you!!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Letter to The Cuties

Hello Cuties,

Oh goodness do I miss you guys.

I hope that Daddy has been making all the meals as I planned out for him. I'm sure you are loving each and every piece of those meals...Spaghetti O's, Macaroni, and something called pizza on hamburger buns are the favorites and you get all of them this week while I'm gone. Hopefully, you're reading lots of books and Brady - you better be working on your homework with Daddy every night.

Florida is not the greatest. I promise when I go on a VACATION and not a work trip, you get to go, too. And, we won't go to Florida. It's too sticky. And buggy. And wet. You'd both love the hotel though. It's nothing fancy...but, I get a big bed and I don't have to share it with anyone. I've got about 7,000 pillows and you guys would love making a mountain of them on the ground and jumping off the bed onto them. But...the people below me probably wouldn't like that too much. I've sure eaten lots and lots. I got an ice cream pie-ish cake thing tonight and there was so much left over, I wish you both could have had certainly would be gone. Tomorrow, I'm driving to Georgia. I'll be driving on the freeway, so Lil I'm sure you wouldn't like that part of the trip.

Daddy told me that Lily is having a sleepover at Rylee's house tonight. How fun!! I'm sure Brady is not very happy about that. Maybe we'll have Jakey spend the night this weekend to give Aunt Ashley a break.

Here are a couple of requests while I'm gone:
1. Be nice to Daddy - he works hard all day.
2. Lily...stay in your bed at night. No midnight requests for every single toy that you can think of.
3. Brady...please wake up and get yourself dressed...and don't forget to brush!
4. No craziness...meaning no running around the house like crazy kids!
5. Be good for Aunt Ashley and Aunt Cori.
6. Brades - listen to Poppy this week when he picks you up.
7. Have fun!! Mom's gone and I'm sure Daddy lets you guys run the house!'s getting late here and I have a few things to finish up for tomorrow. I miss you guys so so so so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I will see you on Friday night if you can stay awake until I get home. I love you both very much!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Our Flower Child

Think she was born just a bit too late?

Seriously...she begged to wear this dress and then accessorized it herself with the floral headband and flower.

p.s. this flower is "hot" meaning she accidentally stole it from a well-known store dollar section. Do you think I should take it back?