Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Letter to the Hottie

Dear Hottie,

Today is Wednesday. I miss you.

I've been gone for two days. I've been busy...and I know that you sure have, too. The time seems to go by fast...but, then also very slow at the same time.

I travelled to Georgia today. It's...okay. But, take what I say lightly because I've really only been to the hotel and the office. So...not much site seeing going on. Lots of work. And...when I'm sitting in the hotel by myself, there is not much else to do besides work. Lots of work. Oh, and of course TV watching. Ugh. I miss DVR.

I do have a big bed. It's somewhat comfy...but, I don't really need the whole bed. I am sleeping on your side,'s rather nice. Oh, and there is nothing on TV right now - so I'm watching....the Office....and you know I don't really even like this show. But, I'm finding myself laughing - so maybe I'm growing used to it. Or maybe I'm just missing you.

I hope the Cuties are being good. I'm sure they're driving you a little crazy - but, they just do it out of love and excitement. I'm sure Lily was VERY excited for you to pick her up tonight. After her big sleepover...I'm sure she'll be tired and ready for bed early. Don't forget that Brady has a field trip on Friday and will need a packed lunch. We have plenty of food and snacks - so, fill it up for him!!

Well...I'm getting tired. I'm ready to snuggle up in the bed (without the comforter of's a hotel bed for goodness sakes) and go nighty-night.

I miss you lots and lots and lots. I love you tons and can't wait to come home. I'm kind of hoping for rain so your paintball trip gets postponed this weekend...but, boys weekend is always good for you - so I'll hope for clear skies.

Good night and I love you!!


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