Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter is always such a fun holiday. The Easter Bunny did not come until very, very late to our house because some cuties wouldn't go to bed! It was a late night - but, worth it.

We were woken up pretty early - 7-ish by the cuties. I made homemade cinnamon rolls thanks to this recipe from Rookie Cookie. My goodness were they super delicious!!! In fact - the hottie said they were bakery style and loooooved them. It feels good when I make something that the whole family loves! Thanks Rookie Cookie!!

Following breakfast, we had our own mini Easter egg hunt with just us and the cuties. Sheesh!! It was a competition!! Brady and Lily both actually did pretty well looking for the eggs. It was so much fun - I asked if we could hide them again....but the Hottie said no :)

Then it was time to get ready and head over to my parent's house for their annual Easter Party. Tons of food, tons of people and lots of fun.

We played BINGO...

We watched tons of kids running around in their Easter best!!

We hung out with tons of family and friends.

We fed Charlie a lime and then laughed as she made faces like this...

And we even had a visit from the Easter Bunny...even if he was mighty frightening looking

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

It's Charlie's first Easter!!! She didn't want to sit still for a photo - but, these goones did!!
Happy Easter Everyone!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

It Was the Hottie's 34th and I Never Blogged

And...I was in a blogging funk. But, it has now passed.
Here is a note from Brady...

Happy Birthday Daddy! I love to play Basball with you. I will be your best buddy.
Love Brady
And a note from Lily...

Happy Birthday Daddy I love you.
lily lilllly
And a note from Charlie...

vu9786fxrivym  u9gg79
Happy Birthday Babe!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Barium Swallow Test

Since the beginning - Charlie has been a big spitter upper.
She's pretty much lived with a bib on.
Covering up all her cute outfits. stains!
She has also been having lots of breathing issues and drinking milk (formula) doesn't help. It makes it worse. It's almost like her formula goes up her nose with every feeding. Well, at least that is what it sounds like when she coughs the whole feeding. It seems to go into her lungs. Well...with all her steroids and breathing treatments and ear infections the doctors wanted to check her out with a barium swallow test.
I'd never heard of it.
Well, the doctors don't even like to do it because it does not give good results.
Isn't there another test that has accurate results?
Well, we did it. 
She was a champ.
She couldn't eat or drink passed midnight on Sunday. Monday morning at 8:15 we had an appointment at Cardon Children's Hospital for the big test. We arrived at 8am. She was starving. Literally starving. As they took us to the radiology room for her test, we were told the radiologist was with another patient that was refusing to drink the barium liquid. She was 15 and was a drama queen saying that she just couldn't drink it. So we had to wait.........

We entertained Charlotte with toys and a Baby Einstein movie. She got all decked out in a baby hospital gown. And, the Hottie and I alternated taking pictures. Finally the drama queen finished her test and it was Charlie's turn. They made her a bottle. She got strapped into this table contraption. The xray machine opened up above her and she started drinking. She gobbled down that bottle like she had never seen food before. In fact - she wanted more. Drama queen? Nope. She was hungry. To be honest, we have yet to see anything that she won't eat or drink. 

Following the completion of the test, we were led to the toy room. O.M.G!!! I was imagining a little toy chest with plastic bracelets like at the doctor...but, oh no...we're talking major toys. Movies. Games. Puzzles. Video games. Dolls. Tons of toys. The nurse said that people donate their know - like at Xmas and Birthdays when your kids get soooooo many toys and you end up putting some of them up in the closet for "rainy days." Well...instead - I should be donating them to the hospital. So...that's what we'll be doing from now on. The cuties will love it. They like when they "volunteer" to give their toys to the Goodwill - so now...they can give them to the kids in the hospital. 

Anyway - as for the results. Her anatomy is correct (um, thank goodness!). It seems as if she has got herself some acid reflux. Ugh! I hate heartburn (I really only get it if I'm pregnant) and I can't imagine getting it as an infant. No wonder she's cranky when her belly hurts.

So...she's now taking a new medicine for reflux. The pharmacist said that we will want to strategically hide the medicine in juice or Kool-Aid (yes, he said that Dad) because it tastes awful - like straight alcohol even though it is supposed to be peppermint flavored. need. This too she takes down like a champ. As I poured it for her this morning she was kicking her legs and smiling like I was getting ready to feed her a cupcake. 

I need food!!!

Ok...maybe these toys will calm me down until I can eat.

You strap me in and you don't even feed me yet???!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Whoa - Things Have Changed!

My friend Carolyn posted this on FB today:

When I was a kid I didn't have an XBox or Wii, but I played me some Oregon Trail! My curfew was the moonlight and mom didn't call my cell, she yelled when it was time to come home. I played outside with friends, not Online. If I didn't eat what my mom made me then I didn't eat. Period. Hand sanitizer didn't exist, but you COULD get your mouth washed out with soap. Repost if you drank water out of a hose & survived!

This really got me to thinking. Yes, things have definitely changed. 

When I was younger, beginning in about 3rd grade, we did have a weekly computer class in school. Our computers were those old-school apple computers. Remember those - the small, rectangular box computers with a teensy screen? And, yes...I totally remember playing Oregon Trail. We did not have a computer at home until I was...hmmm...probably in college. NOT kidding! I'm pretty sure I even used a type-writer for one of my first college papers. And, I'm not even that old! The internet...well, that didn't even come out until I was in college. I take that back - it was at the end of my high school years, one really had it or used it. Even in college, my papers were written using books. Remember those things? 

About XBox or the Wii...we did have an Atari. Oh nelly - I loved me some Donkey Kong and Frogger. Then, in the fourth grade I won the first Nintendo system from my school. Yep, I even played it on a black and white TV in my room. Can you believe I had a black and white TV in my room in the 80's?

As for curfew...well, I'm not sure I really ever had one of those. My parents were pretty lenient. But, I was a REALLY good girl. And, I'm not being sarcastic. They didn't really have to worry. Well, at least about me :)

Cell phones. Wow. I got my first cell phone in college. Before that - remember pagers? Well, I did have one of those...but, I'm pretty sure I never used it. In today's world - kids get cell phones by the time they're 10. Brady already talks about one. He's not getting one - he doesn't even talk on the phone yet!

We definitely played outside waaaaay more than inside. Outdoor games - hide and seek (which we also played in the dark inside at night) and colored eggs. Those were my faves. I can still remember playing colored eggs outside my Nan and Pops house with all my cousins. Good times.

Dinner...I don't remember there being a choice. You ate what you got. I don't remember complaining. But, I do remember a lot of spaghetti and chicken. And, I now cook a lot of spaghetti and chicken. 

Last - about the water. I'm pretty sure my parents never bought water bottles. We drank it out of the faucet. With ice from ice trays and yes, it was water from the sink. 

The Hottie said to me recently...with all the Blockbuster closures...can you believe that our kids won't really even know what a movie store is? Holy crap! He's right. Red Box, Netflix...they've eliminated the excitement of going to Blockbuster (or Scottsdale Video for the old-schoolers like myself) and renting a movie. There was nothing like walking round and round the store looking to see what was available and hoping that just maybe, the movie that you REALLY wanted would be returned while you were waiting there. 

The internet has totally changed things, as well. The cuties never really have to wonder about the answer to something. They can just Google it. Yes, Google is a noun and a verb. Brady knows how to connect to the internet via his Nintendo DS. The other day in the car - he was confused why he couldn't go online to check for games. (which by the way - he can't buy anyway, he just likes to browse.)

FB. Wow...what a change a social network has brought. I was one of the planners of my 10 year high school reunion in 2007. Yes, this is after FB had begun - but, it was not yet very least for my school. Getting in touch with people was pretty difficult. But, now - high school reunions are not the same because FB has kept people in touch. I feel like I still see people I went to high school with quite often - when in reality...I just get updates from them on FB. When someone doesn't have a FB (Brett!!) it makes me so mad!

Sheesh! These are just some of the few big changes from my childhood. I'm 32. It hasn't even been that long and look at how far we've come. I'm not sure which generation is better. 50's? 60's? 80's? Today?

What are some other changes from your childhood????

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday at the Park



One of the absolute greatest things about our house is that there is a park literally across the street. The cuties love it. I wish I could say we made it over there more often than we do - but, when we set out for our  20 yard walk to the park...the cuties dance around like we're heading to Disneyland. 

This Sunday it was just me and the Cuties. The Hottie was working a Dbacks game. I brought my camera. Or, rather I lugged my camera, wagon, cuties, camera bag, baby doll, snacks, burp rags, and a scooter to the park.

I love this picture. It's nothing that special...but, it really tells so much about my cuties.

First, Brady is in the stage where every single pair of pants he has has some sort of hole in it. And, this one is no exception. He is also wearing his gray vans and boy oh boy does he love his vans.

Next, I'm thinking that Charlie has just about the very BEST cankles I've ever seen. I could just gobble those feeties up. 

Lily is barefoot. She takes her shoes off anywhere. The car, the house, the park, stores...anywhere. She just likes to be comfy. 

Another thing I love is the matching skirts the girls are wearing. I picked up these beauties at Target for pretty much pennies and they are so cute. I love that they're matching. We don't have too many matching outfits over here - but, when the girls are matchy-matchy...if makes me all giddy.

You can't see it...but, Lil and Brades are holding Charlie's hands and helping her "walk" through the grass. She's not really digging the feeling of the grass - but, she loves playing outside and being with her brother and sister. 

All that from a picture of feet.

Oh...and the grass is green. (I did make it a bit greener) but, there is no snow, or rain, and the look of the grass just reminds me that the weather is absolutely perfect right now. Do you think it's possible to ask for a raincheck on summer and just to extend the spring a little more?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Infertility Awareness Month

Infertility is a heart-wrenching, faith-questioning, relationship-testing, life-altering experience. April is Infertility Awareness Month. Whether a friend, a family member, a colleague or yourself has fought through this difficult fate that MILLIONS of people are fighting day in and day out, post this as your status if you or someone you know has walked to hell & back for the chance to be a MOM.

p.s. I'd do it again and again if I had to. but that's just me.
I searching for a clever little photo - I found some pretty cute and funny t-shirts. Please don't get offended. I didn't and I lived it.

I used to make reference to "my frozens" - it helped me to bring some lightness/laughter to the situation.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extreme Couponing

OMG...have you seen this new show on TLC?
Extreme Couponing.
Extreme is an understatement. 
One girl bought $2000 worth of groceries...but only spent $100.
Another girl bought $600 worth of groceries...and only spent $6.
Couponing to that extent is a full-time job.
6 hours to prepare for a grocery trip.
5 hours at the store.
2 hours in the checkout line.
But as they leave...a standing ovation.
Maybe it was for the camera...who knows!
You should see their "stockpile" as they all call it.
100 boxes of cereal, 75 paper towel rolls, 50 bags of chips, loads of cleaning supplies.
One lady bought 77 bottles of mustard.
Did you know mustard does not have a shelf life?
It lasts forever.
Can you even use 77 bottles in a lifetime?
Each bottle was on sale for $1.39.
She had 77 coupons for $.50 off.
The store doubled the coupon.
So...she paid $.39 for each bottle.
It was like hoarders...but, for groceries.
The only difference is most of the families kept the groceries pretty organized, just tucked away in every room of the house. 
The hottie is ready to start couponing. 
We already coupon (shows how much he knows).
But...maybe we save $5.00 in coupons.
NOT 98%.
I'm not sure I have 6 hours to spend preparing.
I make a list...that takes me long enough.
Can you imagine the spreadsheet the hottie could make for this?
Oh nelly...he could do it.
I told him to give it a try.
I'll keep you posted.
Just an FYI - one family estimates they spend $140 a month on groceries.
That's about what we spend per week.
Not to mention all the mini trips we take for milk and other necessities.
I guess I better start getting the paper.
I need me some coupons!
I don't know...I was getting anxiety watching the show.
I'm pretty sure I'd hyperventilate spending that much time couponing.

Monday, April 4, 2011

No Cavities

The Hottie took Brady and Lily to the dentist for their bi-annual checkup. He'd never been there before now. The results....


The Hottie says Dr. Quackenbush is hilarious. And, not just his name. The visit went down like this:
7:15am - Appointment time
7:19am - Arrival (oops, they were late)
7:23am - Brady and Lily were called back for their cleaning. Bryan walked them back and waited.
7:23am - 7:55am - Brady and Lily were brushed and flossed and cleaned and fluorided (yes that's a word)
7:55am - Dr. Quackenbush gives the good news to Brady - NO cavities!
7:56am - Dr. Quackenbush tells Lily that she has beautiful teeth and no cavities. Then, Brady says...."Really? Cuz she never brushes her teeth!" Dr. Quackenbush and the Hottie laugh.
8:00am - the Hottie swings through Dunkin Donuts followed by a donut. That's how we roll.