Monday, April 4, 2011

No Cavities

The Hottie took Brady and Lily to the dentist for their bi-annual checkup. He'd never been there before now. The results....


The Hottie says Dr. Quackenbush is hilarious. And, not just his name. The visit went down like this:
7:15am - Appointment time
7:19am - Arrival (oops, they were late)
7:23am - Brady and Lily were called back for their cleaning. Bryan walked them back and waited.
7:23am - 7:55am - Brady and Lily were brushed and flossed and cleaned and fluorided (yes that's a word)
7:55am - Dr. Quackenbush gives the good news to Brady - NO cavities!
7:56am - Dr. Quackenbush tells Lily that she has beautiful teeth and no cavities. Then, Brady says...."Really? Cuz she never brushes her teeth!" Dr. Quackenbush and the Hottie laugh.
8:00am - the Hottie swings through Dunkin Donuts followed by a donut. That's how we roll.

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