Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Phone Photos

Going through my phone photos last night made me miss taking those quick, spontaneous photos vs. lugging out my gigantic, professional camera - although the quality is not even comparable even in the least bit. But, sometimes it's nice to just quickly point and shoot.

Crazy Jake

What a beauty!

Sneaking a close-up picture of Matsui while at the commercial

Brady with the commercial crew and Matsui

such a sweet moment of Lily and Brady watching the water and light show at Chandler Mall

The Forrest wedding money tree I made

This is the inspiration for Charlie's first birthday. Let's see if I can pull off anything even close. Check out this post and thank you to style for this photo...even if it is a picture from my phone in which I took a picture of the computer screen.

p.s....does anyone want to try to make a cake like this for me? I'd be ever so grateful!

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