Monday, March 28, 2011


That's us.
Instead of trying to catch up with millions of posts...this is what we've been up to.

1. Spring Break - much to Brady's dismay, we did NOT go anywhere. He complained for the entire week that he was going to be the ONLY person in his class that did not go on a trip. Somehow, I seriously doubt that. He did get to hang out with his cousins during the day and have a sleepover at Nanny and Poppy's. Even though he "staycationed it," - he had a blast!

2. Team Mom duties are overwhelming me. I have the kind of personality that when a "general" email or comment is made to a group of people, I always think it is being made directly to me. You know what I mean. For example, if someone says we need a volunteer for blah, blah, blah...I hear, "Dawn, you must volunteer for blah, blah, blah." So, when the coach asked for a team mom and no one volunteered...I couldn't ignore the request any longer. I stepped up. And I now know, Team Mom is hard. It's not just creating a sign up's emails, phone calls, snack sign ups, t-shirt pickups, sponsor coordinator, money collector, hat embroidery drop off and pick up, decision maker, fundraiser promoter, opening day communicator, and fundraiser basket creator. It's awful. It's been the most expensive season of little league for us so far. It's not fun to front money and then run around trying to collect from the rest of the parents. It makes me feel good knowing that all of the other seasons (that I wasn't team mom) I was quick to pay for all the extras. Don't people know I don't have all this extra money sitting around to pay for their kids' little league stuff? It's not fun even in the least bit to constantly ask people for money. Believe me. p.s...I just re-read this paragraph and it's nasty...but, I'm keeping it.

3. Robin's Bridal Shower/Bachelorette Party/Spa Day - Robin wanted to skip the shower and bachelorette and instead we had a girls spa day with just a few of us. It was....FABULOUS! We enjoyed a spa treatment and then partied the night away at the Valley Ho. Watching everyone come out of the spa after their treatment was priceless. Our room was unbelievable. We drank, laughed, ate, and drank some more.

4. Gunnar's Birthday Party - One of Bryan's oldest friends recently moved to South Carolina. They were back in town for a vacation and had their son's 3rd birthday party while they were here. It's always so nice to see such good friends.

5. The TomKat Studio - I'm a follower of the TomKat Studio. Are you? She posts the most amazing party ideas and examples from other blogs. She started her blog back in December of 2008 and it her party blog literally just took off. She sells some party decor and invitations on Etsy. She was the guest speaker at the Cornerstone church Working Women group...and even though I don't go to that church, I made a trip with my friend Julie to listen.

6. Farm League practice and scrimmage. Yep, loads of practice for Brady.

7. Wrapping up of spring training. This year, the Hottie worked a load of spring training games since the Dbacks and Rockies now spring train in Scottsdale. Nice extra money for the Hottie and lots of mommy/cutie time. Nice....but, exhausting. For both of us!

8. Little League opening day - this was the first year we participated in opening day for Brady's little league. They announce (all 43) teams. There were silent auctions, raffles, bouncy houses, baseball events, popcorn, food, was actually pretty nice.

9. Robin and Aaron's wedding.  What a fantastic wedding. I was the wedding organizer. Clipboard and pen...and lots of directions...right up my alley. Once my duties were over, I partied the night away. Drinking and lots and lots and lots of dancing. I'm pretty sure I didn't leave the dance floor. Even the Hottie danced. And he doesn't dance. There was a photo booth...and I'm pretty sure the Hottie has the record for the most pictures taken of the night. The ceremony was so beautiful and intimate. Our cousin, George (AKA Father George) was the "minister" and he married the two of them. It was a perfect, home-y, comfortable, fun, and loving celebration. Lincoln was so stinkin' cute on the dance floor.

10. Taxes. We had our taxes done. Whew. We were dreading it. And, it was actually a nice surprise vs. a terrible bill to be paid. Thank goodness!

11. New computer. We've got a new family member. We got a Mac. A new computer was a long time coming (almost as long as the TV that we still need). But, the TV still works and the computer...well, it didn't. So, the computer won out. It was actually the Hottie's idea. I even tried to encourage the purchase of a TV. But...the good ole Hottie. His vote was for a new computer. So, he won. Or I did. I guess it depends on how you look at it :)

12. Charlotte is mobile. She's a sprint crawler. She moves pretty quick. She's pulling herself up on all of the furniture and each morning we find her standing in her crib yelling for someone to come and save her. She's beginning to "walk" with her walker...and her cute pudgy thighs are dang adorable! She went in for her 9 month (but, really she was 10 months) appointment and she weighed 19 pounds 7 ounces (50%) and she was 27.5 inches long (almost 50%). Her head circumference...well, it was 90%. Holy cow!!!

Aunt Eileen at the Valley Ho


The girls at the Valley Ho...after our treatments

Our fundraiser "money tree" for Brady's Farm Little League

Charlie and Lil with Nanny hair 
Grandma and Dad dancing at Robin and Aaron's wedding

Rainie and Michael

Marty and Jamie

Bart and Me...the wedding organizer and her assistant :)

Versace during his toast

The bride and groom with Aunt MaryLou and Uncle Bobby...52 years!
13. Lots and Lots of ear infections, pneumonia, and the flu. Lily and Charlie...passing it back and forth and back and forth. Lots of doctor visits...and money! Poor guys. Lily was so sick for about 2 weeks...and Charlie is now finishing her last (hopefully) dose of antibiotics.

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