Friday, March 18, 2011

Reminiscing Spring Break

 A few nights ago, long, long after the cuties had fallen asleep, the hottie and I sat around watching TV. The weather could literally not have been more beautiful. The windows and doors were open and in blew a "chilly" Arizona breeze. The clock struck 11pm and in the distance we heard the sounds of adolescence.

We listened.

We heard our teenager neighbors out running around laughing, giddily screaming, and truly just enjoying their spring break. They were loud. But, I didn't care. They were enjoying their teen years like they should - carefree and happy.

We reminisced.

No bills. No responsibilities. No work. No children. A time of selfishness. ACCEPTABLE selfishness. All you had to care about was YOU. Nothing else. Your biggest worry was studying for a test...or picking out an outfit for a date. A time when you could REALLY enjoy spring break. You could stay up all night and sleep until 2pm and it didn't matter. Of course, there was always lots of drama (especially for teen girls) but, even though it didn't feel like was SOOO not a big deal. Those days were awesome. SO awesome. It really is too bad you don't know just how awesome they are until later.

Now, don't get me wrong...I don't want to do those years over. It was just so nice to sneakily listen to our teen neighbors as they were enjoying their spring break....and be just a teensy-bit jealous.

But, later as I kissed the cuties goodnight (because I'm the psycho mom that checks on them multiple times before bed) I thought how I wouldn't trade this for anything. Not even a true, carefree, exciting, spring break do over.

Senior Prom 1997

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