Thursday, March 3, 2011

Introducing Our Newest Family Member...

Rylee Campbell.

Brady got the opportunity to adopt a critter at school. The critter options were 1) guppy, 2) pill bug (AKA rolly polly or potato bug), 3) snail, or 4) millipede. We were instructed to send a note to the teacher giving permission to adopt a critter. Brady really, really, really wanted a guppy (thank goodness!) our note went something like this:

Dear Mrs. Nguyen,
Brady is allowed to adopt a critter. He would prefer a guppy, but any of the critters will do.
Thank you!

I believe pretty much everyone in class was given the okay to adopt a critter. Thankfully, there was enough for all. So...the teacher held a lottery to select the new "parents." There were 8 guppies...Brady we got one.

Brady had already decided if his guppy was a girl - it would be named Rylee. And, if he got a boy - it would be named Jake. Brady told us that his guppy is a girl because it has a black spot. I have no idea if this is even true or if this is something the kids made up in class....but, needless to say - we are calling our guppy Rylee. I'm embarrassed to say I don't even know if guppies have a they?

We were told to bring in a plastic container so that the critter could come home. So yesterday, Brady came home with a guppy inside a plastic IKEA container that we had sent to school that morning. Bryan has since moved the guppy over to a small dollar store glass bowl that we had hidden in the cabinet.

Since the "adoption," we now realize that it is a forever adoption. I'm not sure that I really understood that part. I guess I thought it was temporary...kind of like a class pet that rotates. But, it's not. So, Rylee has joined us for the long haul.

We've been preparing Brady that guppies don't often live for that long...just in case. I mean...he did bring home a small sunflower plant a few weeks back and I've already killed it off. I think I over watered it. Seriously.

Whew...I am very thankful we ended up with a guppy. Although, Brady thinks it is pretty cool that the students that were selected for the snails and pill bugs were able to take home several of each. 

I'm now off to to care for a guppy.

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April said...

Doesnt take much for care...we've had several and the boys love them. I think the cleaning the tank was the worst part. Have fun'll do great!!