Thursday, March 10, 2011

1st Grade Music Performance

Gilbert Public Schools puts on a 1st Grade Music Performance and on March 8th...Sonoma Ranch had their turn. Oh boy - Brady has been practicing and practicing and practicing for the last several months. Each 1st grader even had the chance to step up to the microphone and read 1-2 lines of a poem. It was very cute.

But, cute.
Exactly perfect!

The best part of the night was seeing all of the kids all dressed up in their "Sunday best" as was requested by their music teacher. If they only knew that our Sunday best is comfy clothes!! Brady wore his Christmas outfit with a non-Christmas-y sweater that I recently purchased. And of course, he had cool hair. All the girls were all dressed up in frilly Easter-like dresses. So cute!

My parents, Ash and the kids, and Cori and Aidyn came to support Brady. Oh was he so excited.

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Stacey Pasquel said...

Very cute. :) Way to go Brady!