Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy FIRST Birthday, Charlotte!!!

Dear Charlotte, Sharlie (as Lil calls you), Miss Charlotte (as Nanny calls you), and Charlie (as we all call you),

Oh my goodness! You are one. One year ago today I was preparing for my doctor visit in which I would be told to just head over to the hospital and really "complain" about my contractions. You were very stubborn and we were very excited for your arrival. We couldn't wait any longer. So...we headed over to the hospital and you were born 6 hours later after (luckily) we ran into Dr. Messer in the hallway and she let us stay.

It is hard to believe that you are already ONE YEAR OLD. This past year has flown by so quickly. You have perfectly completed our family of five. Maybe unexpectedly - but needless to say - you are by far my very favorite surprise I have ever received.

Let's look back at your first year:
1. Lots and lots of movies. Brady never even entered a theater until he was 3.5 years old. You...well, you've probably seen 15 movies. Of course, you slept...but, you were there.
2. Reflux - from day 1. Only at 10.5 months did they finally prescribe you some medicine.
3. Staycations - we haven't really traveled anywhere this year - but, you did join us at a Phoenix staycation with a waterpark. Everyone loves a baby - especially a baby in a teensy cute bikini.
4. At four months you started eating...and you never turned back. You.Love.Food. You're definitely mine! You eat anything. And, you seem to love it when we feed you something tarty, like lemons. You keep eating it just to put on a show of silly faces.
5. A new sitter. In August, we started you and Lily at a new sitter while I worked. You love her. You have been the only infant this year and you are doted on like no other. We love Michelle and she certainly loves you.
6. At Halloween we trick or treated in the neighborhood. You stayed at home with Dad and helped to hand out candy with Uncle Brett. We dressed you as a cute little ballerina.
7. By Christmas you were finally sitting by yourself. You loved to sit by the tree and try to grab the ornaments that you could reach.
8. Dancing fool. Although you can't yet walk - you love to dance. You will pull yourself up and bop your head to the music. You even bounce your cute, adorable, chubby legs. We're big dancers over here and you absolutely love it when we turn up the 'tunes' and dance around the house.
9. You started crawling about 9 months. You move quickly and love to find every single little piece of paper on the ground and eat it. Does it really taste that good!!? :)
10. Your BFF is the vacuum. I'm serious. When I get the vacuum out, you squeal with delight and follow me around the entire house. Like I said - BFF's.
11. Squints. Lately you have been doing the most adorable squints face. You smile, throw your head back and squint. We laugh. You do it again. You're our little comedian. We're pretty sure you'll be the class clown.
12. Your little giggle. Pretty much since you learned to laugh - you do it all the time. You give this small giggle all.the.time. And, a lot of time it is at the RIGHT time. We laugh. You do it again. Another comedic trait.
13. Mama's Girl. Sorry, Bryan...but, you are VERY attached to mom. I'm sure this will change and go back and forth, but right now...I'm your favorite. Although...the vacuum daddy is a close second.

Your brother is smitten by you. He is such a good helper and even at the age of 7 he helps to take such good care of you. You try so hard to keep up with him...but, since you can't even walk yet - it's pretty hard. But, he does a great job at trying to play with you. You love it when he rolls the ball back and forth. You throw it back, too!

Your sister thinks you are her little doll. She hates it when you do not have a dress on. And...she LOVES it when the two of you wear matching clothes. Lily loves to help feed you and even change your diapers. And, she is the best at telling us when you have stinky pants. Thank goodness. At least you know - you won't be dirty for long...she makes sure you are clean with pretty clothes on.

We will be celebrating your birthday tomorrow with just the five of us. We will have some cake and sing happy birthday. On Saturday, we are having a Milk and Cookies birthday party for you. It's going to be a hot one outside....but, it should still be a lot of fun. I'm sure you won't even notice the temperature. There will be lots of cookies and milk and pizza and cupcakes. You'll be in food heaven.

Charlotte, you are our miracle and we are so very thankful every single day that you chose us. We love you so very, very much. Happy FIRST birthday sweet girl!!


Daddy & Mommy
Brady & Lily

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Hate NOT Blogging, but....

this is the deal. My 30 days of free editing software is up. It's over. Expired. Gone.

This very well may not seem like a big deal. But, I've grown very quickly accustomed to editing my photos. I like editing my photos. And, now.....well.....I can't.

It's sad.

Editing software is pricey. It's a heck of a lot less if you are a student or a teaching professional. Does former adult corporate trainer count? Nope, it doesn't. So....while I am in the process of purchasing myself an editing software....I don't have it yet. And, my photos just aren't the same.

I have sooooooooo much to blog about:
  • the Royal Wedding.
  • Princess Lily and Princess Kate.
  • My love for British Hats (seriously).
  • Mother's Day.
  • Mother's Day Family Pictures.
  • Milk and Cookies Party Planning.
  • End of School-itis that even my 1st grader is suffering from.
  • Sharlie vs. Charlie.
  • Brady's obsession with squinkies and how he is the squinkie godfather at school.
  • Lily's sudden need to practice her dance recital routine all.the.time. (not sure its helping:) )
  • Charlie's adorable facials and eye squints....and her bobble head dance moves.
  • And...not to mention some other topics that I have typed into my phone so that I don't forget.
But, without my editing software....it seems hopeless.

I know...it doesn't even make sense. But, that's how I feel.

Here's a (yes, unedited) picture of Lily and Jakey.
I.Love.this one. Unedited and all.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


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