Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Hate NOT Blogging, but....

this is the deal. My 30 days of free editing software is up. It's over. Expired. Gone.

This very well may not seem like a big deal. But, I've grown very quickly accustomed to editing my photos. I like editing my photos. And, now.....well.....I can't.

It's sad.

Editing software is pricey. It's a heck of a lot less if you are a student or a teaching professional. Does former adult corporate trainer count? Nope, it doesn't. So....while I am in the process of purchasing myself an editing software....I don't have it yet. And, my photos just aren't the same.

I have sooooooooo much to blog about:
  • the Royal Wedding.
  • Princess Lily and Princess Kate.
  • My love for British Hats (seriously).
  • Mother's Day.
  • Mother's Day Family Pictures.
  • Milk and Cookies Party Planning.
  • End of School-itis that even my 1st grader is suffering from.
  • Sharlie vs. Charlie.
  • Brady's obsession with squinkies and how he is the squinkie godfather at school.
  • Lily's sudden need to practice her dance recital routine all.the.time. (not sure its helping:) )
  • Charlie's adorable facials and eye squints....and her bobble head dance moves.
  • And...not to mention some other topics that I have typed into my phone so that I don't forget.
But, without my editing seems hopeless.

I doesn't even make sense. But, that's how I feel.

Here's a (yes, unedited) picture of Lily and Jakey.
I.Love.this one. Unedited and all.


Ashley said...

about time! And I love the picture of our twins!

Dawn. said...

I know - they are so dang cute!