Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday at the Park



One of the absolute greatest things about our house is that there is a park literally across the street. The cuties love it. I wish I could say we made it over there more often than we do - but, when we set out for our  20 yard walk to the park...the cuties dance around like we're heading to Disneyland. 

This Sunday it was just me and the Cuties. The Hottie was working a Dbacks game. I brought my camera. Or, rather I lugged my camera, wagon, cuties, camera bag, baby doll, snacks, burp rags, and a scooter to the park.

I love this picture. It's nothing that special...but, it really tells so much about my cuties.

First, Brady is in the stage where every single pair of pants he has has some sort of hole in it. And, this one is no exception. He is also wearing his gray vans and boy oh boy does he love his vans.

Next, I'm thinking that Charlie has just about the very BEST cankles I've ever seen. I could just gobble those feeties up. 

Lily is barefoot. She takes her shoes off anywhere. The car, the house, the park, stores...anywhere. She just likes to be comfy. 

Another thing I love is the matching skirts the girls are wearing. I picked up these beauties at Target for pretty much pennies and they are so cute. I love that they're matching. We don't have too many matching outfits over here - but, when the girls are matchy-matchy...if makes me all giddy.

You can't see it...but, Lil and Brades are holding Charlie's hands and helping her "walk" through the grass. She's not really digging the feeling of the grass - but, she loves playing outside and being with her brother and sister. 

All that from a picture of feet.

Oh...and the grass is green. (I did make it a bit greener) but, there is no snow, or rain, and the look of the grass just reminds me that the weather is absolutely perfect right now. Do you think it's possible to ask for a raincheck on summer and just to extend the spring a little more?


Ashley said...

I LOVE everything about this picture!!

Kaitlyn Elizabeth said...

+1 Ashley! :-)

Dawn. said...

Thanks Ladies!!! :)