Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extreme Couponing

OMG...have you seen this new show on TLC?
Extreme Couponing.
Extreme is an understatement. 
One girl bought $2000 worth of groceries...but only spent $100.
Another girl bought $600 worth of groceries...and only spent $6.
Couponing to that extent is a full-time job.
6 hours to prepare for a grocery trip.
5 hours at the store.
2 hours in the checkout line.
But as they leave...a standing ovation.
Maybe it was for the camera...who knows!
You should see their "stockpile" as they all call it.
100 boxes of cereal, 75 paper towel rolls, 50 bags of chips, loads of cleaning supplies.
One lady bought 77 bottles of mustard.
Did you know mustard does not have a shelf life?
It lasts forever.
Can you even use 77 bottles in a lifetime?
Each bottle was on sale for $1.39.
She had 77 coupons for $.50 off.
The store doubled the coupon.
So...she paid $.39 for each bottle.
It was like hoarders...but, for groceries.
The only difference is most of the families kept the groceries pretty organized, just tucked away in every room of the house. 
The hottie is ready to start couponing. 
We already coupon (shows how much he knows).
But...maybe we save $5.00 in coupons.
NOT 98%.
I'm not sure I have 6 hours to spend preparing.
I make a list...that takes me long enough.
Can you imagine the spreadsheet the hottie could make for this?
Oh nelly...he could do it.
I told him to give it a try.
I'll keep you posted.
Just an FYI - one family estimates they spend $140 a month on groceries.
That's about what we spend per week.
Not to mention all the mini trips we take for milk and other necessities.
I guess I better start getting the paper.
I need me some coupons!
I don't know...I was getting anxiety watching the show.
I'm pretty sure I'd hyperventilate spending that much time couponing.


Robin said...

I've been following this coupon-phenomenon for awhile. I'm a little obsessed with it. I want to start a club and see what happens. I envision poker parties that involve betting's sick really. Will you let Bryan know I want him in my club?

Heidi said...

This show is being talked about on most of my favorite blogs. Im a couponer and save pretty good - but man these people! You are so right on- just like hoarders except with groceries. I did like that that one guy donates a good amount of his stuff to his church.

Kaitlyn Elizabeth said...

I get anxiety if I try to go out to eat or go somewhere without coupons, it's really sad, haha. I aspire to be an extreme couponer some day, but wow, full time job for sure!