Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Letter to The Cuties

Hello Cuties,

Oh goodness do I miss you guys.

I hope that Daddy has been making all the meals as I planned out for him. I'm sure you are loving each and every piece of those meals...Spaghetti O's, Macaroni, and something called pizza on hamburger buns are the favorites and you get all of them this week while I'm gone. Hopefully, you're reading lots of books and Brady - you better be working on your homework with Daddy every night.

Florida is not the greatest. I promise when I go on a VACATION and not a work trip, you get to go, too. And, we won't go to Florida. It's too sticky. And buggy. And wet. You'd both love the hotel though. It's nothing fancy...but, I get a big bed and I don't have to share it with anyone. I've got about 7,000 pillows and you guys would love making a mountain of them on the ground and jumping off the bed onto them. But...the people below me probably wouldn't like that too much. I've sure eaten lots and lots. I got an ice cream pie-ish cake thing tonight and there was so much left over, I wish you both could have had some...it certainly would be gone. Tomorrow, I'm driving to Georgia. I'll be driving on the freeway, so Lil I'm sure you wouldn't like that part of the trip.

Daddy told me that Lily is having a sleepover at Rylee's house tonight. How fun!! I'm sure Brady is not very happy about that. Maybe we'll have Jakey spend the night this weekend to give Aunt Ashley a break.

Here are a couple of requests while I'm gone:
1. Be nice to Daddy - he works hard all day.
2. Lily...stay in your bed at night. No midnight requests for every single toy that you can think of.
3. Brady...please wake up and get yourself dressed...and don't forget to brush!
4. No craziness...meaning no running around the house like crazy kids!
5. Be good for Aunt Ashley and Aunt Cori.
6. Brades - listen to Poppy this week when he picks you up.
7. Have fun!! Mom's gone and I'm sure Daddy lets you guys run the house!

Well...it's getting late here and I have a few things to finish up for tomorrow. I miss you guys so so so so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! I will see you on Friday night if you can stay awake until I get home. I love you both very much!


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