Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bowlin' with the Fam for Cori's Birthday

Meet the Birthday Girl.

Meet me and the Hottie.

See the Birthday Girl and the Fam with jello shots.

jello shots at a bowling alley? who knew??

See Brett Twist & Shout at karaoke.

yes, with some gals we don't know...

See the Birthday Girl.
And Tara.
And Brett.
Sing Like a Prayer.

What a night. And, oh what fun!!!
Being pregnant means I am designated driver.
And...always entertained!!


April said...

OMG....I cant stop LOL at the look on Bryan's face in the jello shot pic. That is classic!!!! Your sis loves you =)

Ashley said...

HAHA! I have so many pictures! So much fun!!

Cori said...

Thank you guys so much for coming!! It was sooo fun and I definitely made a fool of myself haha! Love you!!