Monday, May 11, 2009

Do I Have the Best, Or What?

The Best Husband, That Is?

For Mother's Day he put together a collaboration of my blog postings of the cuties. He created a spreadsheet (of course), along with a powerpoint presentation to introduce each post, and had it all bound together into a book of Mommy Memories.

I L-O-V-E, LOVE it!!

Sunday morning I woke up to Brady and Lily coloring me a picture at the kitchen counter. Brady sees me and says, "Hi Mom. We're not coloring you a picture."

"Of course not, Buddy." I say, as I hear Bryan chuckling to himself.

Too cute.

I don't need or want anything extravagant or fancy or expensive. What the Hottie gives is even better. It's perfect.

He definitely knows me.

We celebrated Mother's Day with dinner at BJ's Brewery (mmmmm) followed by Sunday night Softball. Can you believe it?? Big League Dreams decided to have the playoff week on MOTHER'S DAY! Seriously? Oh well...the kids sure had fun! Thanks to Nanny - they sugar highed it with Icees.

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em said...

DANG! your comment on my blog was pretty much what i think about. hopefully he will be clear of asthma, but his cousin who is 9 was diagnosed with asthma and since there is a family history i a guessing it is more likely for the actual diagnosis. no worries for now, just something i think about every time he wheezes;-)