Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Funny Now - But, Not So Funny At The Time

It's a Diamondbacks week.
This means it's a lot of "me & the Cuties" time.

Last night, we (me & the Cuties) got home late.
We stopped for "dinner-during-the-drive"
vs. waiting until we got home after 7 to eat.
The Cuties love dinner like that.
So not healthy.
It still makes them happy.

When we got home,
to the bath they went.
Scrub, scrub, scrub...
Splash, splash, splash...
Clean, clean, clean...

After baths, I took the Cuties
into Lily's room to dress for bed.
As I was helping Brady with jammies...
Lily shuts the door.
She heads on over ready for her jammies.
Brady laughs.

No big deal, right?

Lily had locked the door PRIOR
to shutting the door.
Again, no big deal, right?


I am a bad mommy.
We turn the locks around.
Not to lock them in at night.
But, rather at nap time...
when they are learning to sleep in big kid beds.
And, I'm lazy...
We have yet to switch the handles back around.

So...we (me & the Cuties) are locked in Lil's room.
No key to get out.
No cell.
No house phone.
No milk for Lily.
No teeth brushing before bed.
No way out.
(I tried the window. We have screens and sunshades...
I would have to break the screen and/or sunshade
to escape.)
No daddy to rescue us.

Me = VERY mad.
Brady = laughing.
Lily = crying for milk.
Me = Yelling.
The Cuties = whining for ice cream
(I had promised earlier)
I knew I had to calm down and relax...
we were stuck.

So, we read books.
We cuddled on the bed.
We fell asleep.

3 hours later...
The Hottie lets me out.

I guess this was my punishment for turning the locks around.
But, hey - it works.
Too well.


Ashley said...

OMG!!! I'm laughing so hard! At least it was already so late. But that really sucks!

em said...

that is hilarious. sorry for you being locked in a room, but what a great story;-) i love it, love it, love it. really, i'm laughing and my husband is giving me a funny look, asking for an explanation.