Friday, May 15, 2009

Lots of Birthdays this Week!!

Happy Birthday Marie!!
When? May 11th
Who? Rie to the Cuties, Marie to Us, Wife to Glen.
What we love about her? Her relaxing and welcoming spirit, and unconditional love for Glen.
We love you!!!
p.s. we just got word they'll be heading out to the AZ sunshine in July to spend some time drinking beers in our pool. Can't wait!! :)

Happy Birthday Brad!!
When? May 11th
Who? Big Brad to the Cuties, Brad to Us, Best Friend (pretty much brother) to the Hottie.
What we love about him? All around good guy with a great family and huge heart. Big Brad is awesome!
p.s. Big Brad just celebrated the birth of daughter #2 - Congrats!!

Happy Birthday Mike!!
When? May 15th
Who? Uncle Mike to the Cuties, Mike to Us, Hubby to Cori.
What we love about him? Funny, energetic guy that you can always count on to have fun.
Mike is celebrating the big day with a poker party tonight...see ya later!

Happy Birthday Billy!!
When? May 16th
Age? 25
Who? Uncle Billy to the Cuties, Billy to Us, Brother to Me.
What we love about him? Super fun, uncle of the year, willing to do anything for his family - we love you Billy!
p.s. we had to force a celebration out of him. But...we'll be stuffing our bellies at Joe's Crab Shack in celebration of the quarter century birthday tomorrow night. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmy!

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