Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!!

Today we didn't just get to celebrate 1 birthday - but 2!!!

Birthday Girl #1 - Cori Majercin Jouas

Age: 23
Relation: Youngest sibling
How she will be partying it up for her birthday: Vegas Baby
Why we love Cori: She's an awesome sister, best friend, has great style, takes great care of the Cuties and loves teenie bopper shows as much as me...maybe more!

Birthday Girl #2 - Rylee Renee Babcock

Age: 4
Relation: Niece
How she partied it up for her birthday: Disneyland dressed as a gorgeous Belle.
Why we love Ry: She's a super duper girlie-girl, has the Majercin-trait deep voice, is a definite little mommy, loves fashion and has the prettiest shiniest hair ever!

Happy Birthday girls - we love you tons and tons and tons!!!
p.s. we celebrated tonight with a family dinner at fuddruckers...yum!

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Karen said...

Happy Birthday Rylee and Cori.