Monday, February 9, 2009

30 Random Facts

Anyone that has a Facebook has probably filled out one of those "25 Random Things About Me" notes that has been going around. I've done this before and it is super fun. So - in honor of my 30th Birthday - I'll do 30 Random Things.

Here goes it:

1. I love to read. But, when I start a book - I can't put it down until it's finished.
2. When I was pregnant with Brady - I was super concerned that I would have an ugly baby.
3. I was a candy stripe volunteer with my friend, Nancy in high school.
4. I hate potty training. I would take a year of sleepless nights over potty training in a heartbeat.
5. If money were not an issue - the first "staffer" I'd hire would be a hairstylist.
6. I hate mopping. Bryan mops 95% of the time.
7. I love a clean house - and think I clean it better than anyone can.
8. I have a hard time spending money on me - it's way easier to spend it on the cuties.
9. I hate scary movies.
10. I can't even watch CSI alone, at night by myself - I have to watch it either during the day or with Bryan.
11. I don't own a passport.
12. I never lived in a college dorm - I think I missed out on an important part of the college experience.
13. I sometimes think of how I treated my siblings when we were younger - and it makes me sad. I try to make up for it now.
14. I love all music - but rarely know the words. Sometimes I will love the most depressing song - just for the melody...and I don't even know it's depressing until someone tells me.
15. I am a Rockband addict and I don't even have a Wii.
16. I think I should have grown up in the 70's - something about that era, the music/clothes/hair...just LOVE it!
17. I'm not really a big drinker. I hate the aftermath. I'd much rather be the DD. (saturday night was the exception...remember I turned the big 3-0?)
18. I have become very interested in photography - the lighting, tools, lenses, cameras - I'm thinking of taking a beginning class at the college.
19. I love dancing choreographed routines.
20. I have a hard time with receiving compliments - I'm trying to work on it.
21. I don't wear much makeup - but feel totally naked without mascara.
22. I love to ski - but hate the snow. I do; however, love to look out the window and watch snow fall - it seems so peaceful. But the second I'd have to go outside/to the car/to work/to the store - ewwww!
23. I love the beach...but, hate it when my feet are wet and then sand sticks to them...especially between the toes. It gives me the eebie geebies.
24. I don't believe in love at first sight...but, I do believe Bryan and I had something pretty close. He is definitely my soul mate.
25. I love a tall glass of ice water. Something about drinking it from a cup with "good" ice and water - waaaaaaaay better than from a water bottle.
26. I love to scrapbook - but never do. In fact, even Lily's baby book is only half filled out. I'll have to make stuff up to complete it.
27. I secretly hope to stay at home one day - but still have a part-time job. Anthropologie...or Costco.
28. I often think of different baby names to use...but, we still haven't decided if we want to expand the brood.
29. My first concert was the 6th grade.
30. I'm frightened to turn 30.

What are some of your Random Things????????


Ashley said...

HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY!!!! There is no reason for you to think you were a "bad" sister. We were lucky to have such an amazing role model growing up. Except, maybe you could've failed a couple tests here and there so we didn't have to look so bad!! haha Love you! :)

Karen said...

Happy 30th birthday Dawn. I hate potty training too. John was the most difficult to train (I blame that on my immaturity 19) Robin was a breeze, and Dougie, I left with you mother for a week and when I came back she had him trained. Give it try. Let your mom do it.

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Hmmm...good idea Aunt Karen!