Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lost, Found & Returned??!!

Remember this picture?:

Well, seconds after I took this picture...Brady's UConn hat flew off during our Matterhorn experience. It was all I could do to help hold back Brady's tears.

When we exited the ride - I was confessing my error to Bryan...when the ride operator told us to tell the good folks at the Town Hall. Apparently, each night after closing, the cast will walk through all rides and pick up all lost valuables for Lost & Found.

So...we did just that. Before exiting the park later that evening, we made a trip to the Town Hall. They had us fill out a Lost & Found form with information about the hat.

Guess what showed up today?

Needless to say, Brady was beyond excited. was I. No more guilt - and now complete respect for Disneyland!

Thanks Disneyland!! We have no doubt we will continue our annual trip!


April said...

That is awesome that he got it back. I say that cause AJ had to have his hat on when we road the Screamer in CA Adventure but I told him to put it in the basket. We did and after getting off the ride we realized the Phx Suns hat was not with us. We did the same thing and went to Town Hall but Brady and the UCONN hat had a much better ending. YAY!!! :)

Karen said...

Brady was really lucky. The only thing that I ever lost in Disneyland that I got back was my son John and we found him late coloring at the guard station.

MLH said...

I can't believe they sent it back. I think that is just superb. I wonder if they found that $100 bill I lost.

Jacki said...

Wow, thats amazing!They also sent me a refund for ringing up my sweatpants twice! (the ones i had to buy after you left, because like an idiot i went on SplashMnt.)