Friday, February 20, 2009

Isn't This ALWAYS How it Goes?

So yesterday, as I was nursing for all the sick ones at home - I had to run to the grocery...because the oldest sick one needed a Gatorade. (which I forgot - oops!!) Sorry...I digress. Hmm...but, thinking about it - isn't that also true? When you go to the grocery to pick up a few things - don't you always walk out forgetting at least one of those items?

I know - I really digress.

Anyways - upon my return from the grocery (gatorade-less) I push the ever-handy garage door button - and...huh it only went up 6 inches. I thought to myself - I must have hit it twice. So I hit it again and it goes down those 6 inches.

Once more - again...stops at 6 inches. I think - What is the matter? Oh...Bryan must have heard me coming and we are hitting the garage door button at the same time. Hee Hee...Funny.

So...I wait - NOTHING. Press it again. Goes back down those 6 inches. Just for S&G's I decide to hit it once more...JUST 6 INCHES.

Great. Another thing to add to the list. A broken garage door.

I call inside (isn't cell phone technology great and such an enabler to laziness?) to Bryan to come out and help. Yes...I know he is sick - but, I needed help.

Up 6 inches. Down 6 inches. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. He checks the track - all looks good. But what are we really looking for anyways?

We just had our garage door spring replaced in December 2007 - we find the service receipt. Call - make appointment for this morning between 8-10am.

Guess what happened when they just arrived????



Needless to say - I now have a super lubed up garage door with a small adjustment to the spring...What-ever... I'm sure he was just feeling bad and told me he did something to justify the $79.00 service fee.

p.s. Lil's foot is totally fine this 2 year olds know how to play pretend? ALL. DAY. LONG?


Karen said...

Don't you just hate that? It has happened to me several times when I finally get someone to come and repair whatever either it starts working or stops making whatever sound I claimed I heard. I'm sure the service people think that I am crazy.

Frogger said...

"Up 6 inches. Down 6 inches. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat."
Dawn, this is supposed to be a family blog.