Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Guess the Flu is Going Around...

This is my day today:

1. Wake up 5:15am and get ready for work
2. Work 6:30 - 8:30am
3. 8:30am get a call from Cori...Lily hurt her foot maybe needs xrays.
4. Bryan to keep an eye on her limp and call if it worsens.
5. 9:20am - Nurse Gina from Brady's school calls...fever, chills, sick.
6. 9:30am - Leave to pick up Brady from school - meet Bryan and Lil at home.
7. 10am - call doctor...what is wrong with Lil's foot???
8. Naps for all...but, me. Work computer not working...Help Desk Help.
9. Lunch time - soup for everyone.
10. Garage door breaks - won't open.
11. Doctor appt for Lil - just sore - keep an eye on.
12. Feel stupid.
13. Naps again for everyone...but, me.
14. Dinner for everyone - well, whoever would eat anyways.
15. Jammies and bed.
16. Clean.
17. Blog.
18. Relax.

Oh...and lots and lots of whining and crying and cuddles and temperature-taking and tylenol and love.

p.s. Lil's foot now seems fine, Brady still has a fever and of course...the Hottie is still sick.

Did I mention I love my life? Because I do. Even on days like this.


April said...

Oh wow, what a day!! Not fun. I think we have all had those and they do stink. Hayden had that same thing with his foot at about Lily's age and I got the same answer "keep your eye on it". I hope everyone is better before dad comes but you have a good week and 1/2. Love ya all :)

Karen said...

Yes the Flu must be going around. Aaron was home sick for 2 days as well.