Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Is Cheerleading a Sport?

ok...so maybe this is an exaggeration - but isn't it cute?

All the excitement of the Super Bowl had me thinking of sports in general. Growing up...I played softball. My team...Brennan's Babes (yes, that was really our name) was pretty good I just might say. I played with the same team for 5 years.

Softball = Definitely a sport.

Cheerleading = Sport?? That is the question.

After softball - I became a cheerleader. Ahhh the skinny days.

What about that statement is weird? I'm perky, and happy, and loud, and coordinated, and fun...right? Well, that was me...little miss cheerleader - well, actually pommy...to be exact.

But, there is always a debate about whether cheerleading is a sport. Seems that some people (the hottie) think that cheerleading is easy. (I'd like to see him try) Well...I am here to verify that it is truly a sport.

The definition of "sport" is: a. Physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.

Cheerleading: definitely physical, rules = there are many rules the dictate what a cheerleader can and can't do in a routine - such as pyramids, spotters, etc., and competition = that's a given...I went to a National competition every year I participated in high school.

So...don't you think cheerleading is a sport? Cheerleaders are physical, they obey rules, and they often compete.

and...competitions are often broadcast on ESPN.

Need I say more?


Cori said...

I think we can argue this over and over again, but no guy will ever agree that cheerleading is a sport (unless of course they are a cheerleader). But YES I do think Cheerleading is a sport. It's a lot more straining then most sports out there.

emily said...

amen, i'm cheer alum too!!!!

bryan said...

You do make valid points. God Bless this blog for finally letting me see the light! After all it is the cheerleaders who are on the sidelines cheering on the “athletes” that people pay the good money to see, and pay the money to wear their jerseys. It’s also noted that Cheerleaders only cheer at Football and Basketball games, not baseball, soccer, golf, hockey, tennis, bowling, or even the Olympics...so really when you think about it, they are just an accessory to the game not the main event! Granted they do broadcast events on ESPN, but those are normally at 7am on a Sunday during the summer right before the National Hot Dog eating competition! Just my thoughts…….GO BRYAN…(see I can cheer)!

The Cuties' Mommy said...


Frogger said...

To be a sport there has to be a score. There are no points nor is it a timed event so how do you objectively determine a winner.
We can include in this category of "not a sport":
ice skating
halfpipe skating/skiboarding
syncronized swimming

The above (including cheerleading) I would classify as "hobbies" or "recreational activities".

The Cuties' Mommy said...

What do you mean there is no score? In a competition for all your listed "non-sports" there is a score given...so, sorry - your point fails...Thanks anyway Frogger!! But...congrats on the new job!

The Cuties' Mommy said...

I have to comment one more time on Bryan's post...football games, etc. are a cheerleaders practice for their competition.

Frogger said...

There is no objective score!!! I see 2 performances that are almost exactly the same. One person gets a 9.4 and the other person gets a 9.5. How? Where was the difference? A spectator, after watching the performance, should be able to know who won without someone else telling them. After a football player crosses the endzone, I don't have to look at the scoreboard and wait for an arbitrary number to appear- I know they just scored 6 points.
Enough said.
Good talk, Dawn.

The Cuties' Mommy said...

Frogger - wrong again. There is an objective score. You are awarded certain points for different skillsets. I think you just don't understand the scoring...but you are not athletically inclined in cheer. And...some things in football are just as confusing. For instance - why was Kurt Warners final pass considered a fumble and why was it not reviewed when it clearly should have been and in most other games would have been. I know the 2 minute rule - but the officiated can review - it's their discretion...what deems it review or not review?

bryan said...

If I might add a few more comments.....would Marching Band be a sport....umm no! Cheerleading can be compared to the marching band. They have competitions, they get scored, they have rules, it requires physical ability...after all making a giant GO DEVIS across 100 yards is not easy, but it’s not a sport. It goes back to my original point. Cheerleaders and the Band are just accessories to the main event in which people come to see! GO BRYAN!

Karen said...


I hate to admit it but I have to go along with the guys. Cheerleading, although fun to watch, is not a sport.